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    ZoM reacted to Ztryka531 in TDU Platinum Weekly Challenge Series #2, Race #1   
    Event Duration: All Events are from Monday, April 19, 2021 at 4:00 AM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) Until Monday, April 26, 2021 at 4:00 AM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
    Race #1
    "The Branchu Loop" (No Class Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Amateur)
    - Any Mid/Central-Engine, Rear Wheel Drive cars from any car classes with a maximum limit of 550 BHP (Brake Horsepower), any tuning upgrade is included in that BHP limit (any car with more than 550 BHP is prohibited) are allowed for this race challenge.
        - To know your car if it has a correct layout and bhp, you can check the Chassis and Maximum Power from the data information of your car choice similar to the sample screenshot below (the car must have Central Engine Position and Rear Wheel Drive Engine Position and a Maximum Power BHP below 550, any tuning upgrade is included in the mentioned BHP limit.):
    - To make a submission accepted for posting below, we need to have all participants mention their BHP of the car they used when submitting a screenshot run.
    - In Normal Mode, winning a Gold Cup (First Place) is a requirement to be accepted for submission.
        - Winning a Gold Cup (First Place) in Hardcore Mode is optional.
    - In Normal Mode, the time must be free from penalties (requires a perfect run) to be accepted for submission.
        - In Hardcore Mode, penalty runs are allowed.
    - Traffic must be turned Off in your Game. (You can do this by renaming/deleting/moving the Traffic folder from your installed Test Drive Unlimited Main Folder > Euro > Bnk > Vehicules.)
    - Normal and Hardcore Mode Times are split and each have their own category of time submissions.
    - Any Driving Aids, Gearbox and Camera View settings will be allowed to use.
    Participant Notes:
    - Participating Players with the Submission of their Best Time will be posted down below, and will be consistently updated.
    - You can submit as many submissions through screenshots of every attempt provided that the screenshot follows the rules above.
    - Video uploads of the submission runs are optional.
    - By the end of the challenge event, the final results will be posted from a link from Turboduck website across all four (4) Test Drive Unlimited Discord servers (TDU World Community, Test Drive Unlimited Official, Alex VII’s Official Discord, and Turboduck Gaming).
    Submission Post Format (to post on TDU 1 channels of TDU Discord servers):
    Normal Mode/Hardcore Mode Submission
    Time: M’SS’’MS (Minute(s)’Second(s)’’Millisecond(s)) (3’18’’74, for example)
    Car: Name of Car (Honda Spoon Integra Type-R (DC2), for example) with "Number of Brake Horsepower (BHP) produced on the Car Used in the Challenge" (378 BHP, for example)
    Tuning: 1-Step/2-Step Level (1/2/3) Tuning Upgrade from “Name of Tuner Category” (Spoon Motorsports, for example)
    Camera View: Far/Close/Dynamic Close/Cockpit/Hood/Bumper
    Driving Aid: Driving Aid (Full Assistance)/Sport/HyperSport/Off (Hardcore Driving Aid)
    Gearbox: Automatic/Manual, Sequential/H-Shifter with Automatic/Manual Clutch
    (Sample of Screenshot below, please do not type this, just upload the screenshot along with the text post above.)
    Misc. Notes:
    1-Step Tuning = Upgrade Car only.
    2-Step Tuning = Car Conversion and Upgrade Car (can also be considered in 2 Level Step-by-step Upgrades).
    Terminology Equivalents of Driving Aids/Assistance Settings Between Test Drive Unlimited 1 and Test Drive Unlimited 2 for participating players from TDU 2:
    TDU 1 – TDU 2
    Driving Aid – Full Assistance
    Sport – Sport
    HyperSport – N/A
    Off – Hardcore
    Enjoy the Community Challenge Week and may the best racer win!
    - Ztryka (Discord: @Ztryka6271)

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    ZoM reacted to Adm-RAL in TDU2 Game Configurator   
    Packaged or unpacked game - it doesn't matter! Game files that are changed / replaced by the configurator are always located in the root folder of the game. For the configurator to work, its folder must be located in the root folder of the game.
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    ZoM reacted to Adm-RAL in TDU2 Game Configurator   
    View File TDU2 Game Configurator
    This configurator allows you to change and configure the game settings that are in the game files and are not available in the menu.
    The configurator and the accompanying programs are suitable for the latest official build of the TDU2 game, as well as any amateur build on this version of the game.
    In addition to the ability to configure base game files, the configurator contains some additions to the game, such as:
    - Camera Hack - allows you to adjust the position of the camera in the game online.
    - SweetFX 2.0 - customizer for some aspects of the game graphics.
    - ReShade 4.3.0 - a more powerful (and resource-intensive) customizer for some aspects of the game's graphics.
    - 4Gb Patch - Allows the game to use more RAM.
    - CPU Control - allows the game to run on all or only selected processor cores.
    Read more in the readme in the configurator archive!
    Configurator installation:
    1. Unpack the archive and put the "! TDU2-RS Game Configurator" folder in the root folder of the game.
    2. Readme MANDATORY! All the configurator's features are described there. So far, readme is only in Russian. If there is anyone who wants to translate the readme into English, then I will only gladly accept your help!
    3. Later, I will create a topic in which I will show everything in the video tutorials.
    Google translator
    Submitter Adm-RAL Submitted 11/26/2020 Category Tools / Others  
    I ask the administration to appoint me the curator of this topic.
    Readme content (configurator description):
    In Russian:
    In English (Google Translate😞
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    ZoM reacted to Milli in [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum   
    Well, from where do i even start? I guess the beggining.  So, i will adress a few things, so you can understand it better. 

    Back in 2016, i learned how to modify my own TDU game, learned how to add new cars, without replace an existing one. Replacing existing cars has been the way to moify TDU since 2008 if not earlier. But around 2015 people started to figure out a way to add a new entry. So, there was me, happilly adding new cars, untill i've come across a problem, while playing multiplayer, other people couldn't see my cars. That is when i decided to make a "car pack", which then became to be Ultra Community Pack.  TDU Platinum is basically Ultra Community Pack update v1.05. 

    So, to clarify, TDU Platinum doesn't have a team of people, it is basically a 1-person's work. I would be selfish to take full credit, because the mods i used were all mae by other people, for years and uploaded for public download. I did a few things myself, as i know how to edit textures, weather and the game database. But cars, sounds... that's not under my knowledge abilities. Everything was downloaded and added into the game in the best way i could find.  With that in mind, let's start to address the points/suggestions you made. 

    1.1 - The vehicle tachometer and speedometer, the 3D one, is set up in a software, called zmodeler. The modder who makes the car mod is responsible for such setup. The only way to fix this issue, is unlock the mod file, using HEX Editor (Keep in mind that this is not really well seen by TDU Modding Community) and edit it. All this, of course, if you know how to properlly set a tachometer/speedometer in a TDU car mod.

    1.2 - Like i said, everything was downloaded. 99% of car mods don't have a sound mod, or a gauge mod for them, because to make them, it is required different skills. Usually, a car modder can't make a sound mod or a gauge mod, and a sound modder can't make a car, you get the point. So, unless they talk with each other to release a "full mod kit", that contains car, gauge and sound, you're pretty much on your own.  I actually know how to make gauge mods, but if i make them for every car, TDU Platinum would take not 3 years, but at least double the time. Because it ain't as easy as it sounds. 

    1.3 - Same issue with the Tachometer and speedometer. That is set on zmodeler, in the car mod file. To fix it, you need to unlock the file.

    1.4 - Same as 1.3. Zmodeler limited. The position of the driver is set on zmodeler. 
    1.4 (2) - Not every car is on zeperfs, plus, some cars have ficticious power and acceleration, because they are upgraded versions that i added for better gameplay, such as D-Class Supra upgrades. TDU doesn't have a drag strip so i could measure 1/4 mile times of all the 880 vehicles. Plus, you're the first one to actually mention the need of accurate 1/4 times, specially because they have no influence on how a car performs in-game at all. It's just a data value to be displayed.

    1.5 and 1.6 - TDU Platinum physics were devoleped in Hardcore mode. For some unknown reason, some cars do not perform the same when in normal mode. So, for any judging on how a car performs, please play on hardcore mode.  But a further explanation. TDU doesn't really work well. You have a "general" grip value, a general acceleration value. Some RWD cars, like the LaFerrari, have a higher acceleration value to match it's 0-60 time. I could increase the grip value, and it would have basically the same result, although, the car would have blistering performance on the corners, due the huge grip.  It's an old arcade game, compromises have to be made. 

    1.7 - I know the sound is a very important aspect of the pleasure of a driving game! But again, as said, these are mods, that require people to make them. I would love to have every single car sounding perfectly accurate, sadly, modders can't go and record real car samples. In fact, only a few modders actually still make TDU sound mods, because guess what? It ain't that easy. 

    1.8 - I didn't allowed the 3 "top cars" (P1, LaFerrari and 918) to be tuned because they are too good already. And cars that can reach over 400km/h in stock form also can't be tuned. But whatever. Maybe i will change that.

    1.9 - I would like that too, unfortunatelly, it's impossible at the moment. Game was never meant to have such feature. 

    1.10 - I kinda disagree, but feel free to change it yourself. I provided the tool you need to edit it. It's called TDUF. 

    1.11 - Again, TDU Platinum was made in Hardcore mode, to really experience it's physics, please do drive there, and at least have some sort of throttle control, so, i don't recommend keyboard playing. And again, personal taste, i tried to make the cars as they are, not to fit a person's preference. 

    1.12 - It's literally impossible to have the "smoke" anywhere else but on start-up. That's how the game was coded.  And about the car RPM dropping slowly, keep in mind these cars are all mods, done by different people. So, compromises have to be made in order to get them at least driving well. 

    1.13 - Zmodeler issue. To fix it, you need to unlock the mod files aswell. Can't be done.

    1.14 - That's because the sound mod requires it. It takes longer because it has a longer start up sound. 

    1.15 - Impossible to have such feature, as game never meant to have it. 

    1.16 - 880 is not enough? 

    1.17 - Sadly, bike mods are a rare thing in TDU. The ones that there is, are kinda low quality and not worth adding. 

    2 -->
    2.1 - I kept the original traffic, because traffic mods are a huge factor in FPS drop. Since i wanted the game to run as light as possible, no traffic mods. 

    2.2 - Nobody so far managed to successfully add a new traffic car, because how they are coded.

    2.3 - Impossible to have such feature, as traffic control is encrypted af and nobody really understands how they work.

    2.4 - Frequency can sort of be controlled, but again, not in-game, since the file is encrypted, you gotta edit it via notepad, with the game closed. 

    2.5 - Impossible to change how the traffic behaves. Their path is encoded in the game core. But if you drive behind them, usually they leave their lane if they can. (they won't leave if they are overtaking or being overtaken)

    3.1 - I would like to see that too, but TDU map modding has just started with BEight. Nobody before him could really mod TDU map like that. And i already asked him about making the Airport as asphalt, and he told me that's not possible, because how the sectors work. 

    3.2 - Same reason of the Airport. You can't increase the amount of asphalt on a given sector. You can change it's place, but to create something new, you gotta remove from somewhere else.

    3.3 - Sadly, that can't be changed either. As it's coded into the game.

    4.1 - Impossible to do that, as i don't think the game really measures it, plus, chronopack is a feature hard coded in the game. 

    4.2 - Impossible to do that aswell, same reason as 4.1

    4.3 - You can actually change the songs. Press R, and then the button you assigned for left-right in the menus. Tap once, and it changes the radio, tap twice, and it changes the song. 
    More radios is not possible, but you can create 4 new radios per profile. They are the User radio. 
    TDU has a limit of songs per radio, hard coded limit. And there isn't a way to make them work different as they already do.

    4.4 - Impossible to have such thing. Plus, TDU is about driving, go explore and memorize. It won't take that long. 

    4.5 - Why not? Maybe because it's also impossible to have it?

    4.6 - Also impossible to do such thing.

    5.1 - I don't think so. I did that on porpouse. I want people to go play, explore and find the cars themselves. TDU itself never listed the 350Z Nismo, neither the Saleen S281. So, i want to preserve the "surprise effect" of the game. So, forget about it.

    5.2 - Sadly, people will modify it regardless. Plus, i want modders to be able to work on the game aswell, so they can work on new projects and what-not. So, tools are required. 
    About Project Paradise, nothing can be done. Speeder and Lean are nowhere to be found, and only them can actually work on TDU servers.  But Frank Maestre, TDU's lead guy on multiplayer already said, many features require a separated server to run, which he is not willing to give the code, like he gave the free roam server code to Speeder and Lean. So, Project Paradise will remain as it is.
    Turboduck is an old forum, that has changed platform quite a lot. Modders erased their download links, or they simply expired. We are a small team of 4 or so people that have a lot to do with our lives, and check every single topic will demand a lot of time. 

    But, now, to finish it up, i will say what i think. I think you were quite pedantic on your post. I know, good intention, but the fact that you haven't even considered that if it was possible, it would have been done kinda upsets me. TDU Platinum is a mod that took me 3 years to make, i did what i could, and you paid nothing for, yet, you come here and post a really long list of wishes and desires without even consider the possibility of something not being possible to be done, otherwise it would have been made.  Feels ungrateful, despite of what you said at the beggining.
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    ZoM reacted to Milli in [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum   
    Buy a CLK GTR Street Version. You will be able to upgrade it to the Convertible or the Race spec (big wing). Also upgrade it to the Super Sport variant, with the 7.2l engine. 
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    ZoM reacted to postcd in Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]   
    Here is the island map with stations. More images here. You can also open file C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\YOURUSERNAME\bookmark\bookmark.txt and paste following block to the new line, before the last line containing single quote ('). Then you should be able to use bookmarks tab ingame and teleport to the stations.
    "Wahiawa" 0 25012.59 264.77 26393.41 -0.915 -0.001 0.403 427897213 "Sand Island" 1 41935.16 1.89 47188.08 -0.858 0.003 -0.513 431313016 "Pearl Harbor" 2 34724.78 1.77 41195.74 -0.687 0.002 0.726 427918516 "Kapalama" 3 43968.45 43.50 44829.95 -0.653 0.021 -0.757 427927939 "Kaimuki" 4 48671.30 29.59 49335.75 -0.921 -0.055 -0.387 427935640 "Kuliouou" 5 57301.94 1.84 48773.56 0.040 0.000 -0.999 434922890 "Waimanalo" 6 57405.21 12.80 42719.71 -0.921 0.008 0.390 427921704 "Heeia" 7 47349.82 10.28 33397.70 0.516 0.015 -0.856 434920627
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    ZoM reacted to Pr1nceHapi in TDU World :: March 2020 Update!   
    Hoe hoe hoeehhhhhh :D
    That's awesome !
    Hopefully TDU2 Online will be back soon ! Can't absolutely not wait !!!
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    ZoM reacted to Aquarious in TDU World :: March 2020 Update!   
    Hello everyone!
    After a while of absence, we are back with a new update with some exciting news.
    Coronavirus COVID-19
    As most of you know by now, there is a new virus going around the world right now, called COVID-19. Because of this, a big part of our team has been forced to stay at home because of the quarantine measures.
    While this virus is one of the most terrible things to happen this century, it did give us time to work on TDU World. Some big steps are being made and we are able to show the first part in this update!
    We wish the best to our community and their families who are being hit by this pandemic.
    The TDU World Launcher
    After being in the works for a while, we were finally able to finish the official launcher for TDU World. It is currently in testing stages and the first version will be released soon.
    Funtionality will be to launch the game in online mode (of course) as well as offline mode. For the first release, the launcher will only be able to launch the game in offline mode while the servers are in development. The launcher also has a news section where the TDU World Twitter feed is shown. This way, everyone can see if there's a new update when starting TDU2. There is also an update feature, but this will be disabled for now.
    What does it look like I hear you ask? Well, take a look!

    Personally, we are extremely happy with how the launcher is turning out. Like said earlier, you can expect a release in the near future. For now we are still working on fixing and optimizing certain features.
    That's all the news we can share right now. Stay tuned for more in the future!
    Best regards
    TDU World Team

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    ZoM reacted to Eudemon in [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum   
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    ZoM got a reaction from Eudemon in [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum   
    Yo thanks man
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    ZoM reacted to Eudemon in TurboDuck Content Update   
    Continuing on from our previously announced site changes and merger with TDU World, we have more updates to TurboDuck.net to announce:
    Layout Change
    Overhaul of the default light theme

      The Dark theme is currently unavailable while we work on compatibility issues with the latest site update, along with a new light / dark switcher toggle work in progress. Please stay tuned and wear your sunglasses while using the site if needed.

      The forum home page now lists threads from all areas in a single Fluid list so that members can easily see all forum activity.  A filter block appears to the side and allows you to select individual areas to filter threads/topics by.
      The traditional forum table view is still available as an option if you prefer the previous layout.
    Varieties of section and block adjustments  
    Topic Layout Overhaul
    New sidebar block auto added for popular topics with condensed information about the thread

      Style change for popular post / topic header
      Icons appear on moderator and newly joined etc posts
      Posts made to the same thread / area within 12 hours by the same user will automatically be merged unless another user replies first.
      Simplified button layout
      Style change for question & answer (Q&A) post type, with the ability to mark the topic as solved and provide related notifications
      All mod support forums are now using this new Q&A format
      Miscellaneous Updates
    Overall user interface improvements
      Overhaul of available notification settings
    Club owners are now able to create pages within their own clubs
      Added an "Information" block to club home that allows a club owner to add rich text
      Added "Read Only" club type
    Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Users need to be invited by a leader to join
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    ZoM reacted to Asgaldh1978 in Why TDU2 Is Mega Overrated?   
    I want to give my humble opinion, and I think both games had their good and bad things.

    I think that the ease of being able to modify the TDU1 was the reason that the Modifiers insisted more on making MODS for it, and left TDU2 a little forgotten.
    This can be seen in the rendering quality that was done for the vehicles added in TDU1 that are more stylized than in TDU2.
    I also understand that TDU2 only allows having a database of less than 230 vehicles (including traffic vehicles) against the more than 800 that TDU1 allows, however there is a Japanese version that modified the last Autopack 1.85 and added 16 more vehicles than They still had space to enter the Database and they rearranged these within the Concessionaires. Which implies that it can still be personalized.
    Even so today we have Modders friends like StarGT and Ramon1991cobra that continue to release vehicles and MODS, even Ramon1991cobra plans to release a MOD for changing seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), which shows that there is still potential to continue doing MODS .
    Personally, I have played the 2 games since they were released and I have played them with Steering Wheel Control and I can say that it is easier to play TDU2 and TDU1 it is too difficult to carry that it is almost impossible for me to escape from the police and they burn me more money from what I earn. For which in particular I prefer more TDU2. I suppose that TDU2 opted for the Arcade control that for the simulation that TDU1 tried to do
    I am infinitely grateful to all the people who have made these MODS a revival of something that was already dead. And for this reason I invite anyone who has knowledge to also join to continue making this a wonderful dream.
    Many people do not have a computer equipment to be able to run a Forza Horizon 4 in realistic detail, but we do have to be able to run these games at the highest quality and enjoy them.
    I invite the Modders to put a little effort into TDU2 and for my part I am trying to isolate the new cars from the Japanese version to be able to make a complement Autopack to share with you.
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    ZoM reacted to Hermano_Nintendo in Why TDU2 Is Mega Overrated?   
    TDU2, overrated?
    If anything, it's underrated, and this thread shows
    I'm finally decided to play the first TDU and honestly, i don't see how its physics are better than TDU2's (If anything, they are worse, cars seem to lack any weight whatsoever, and the handling feels very mechanic. I'm enjoying the game because it's still a TDU game and it shows, but i'm having a hard time getting used to it), the game was also very criticised at launch and TDU hardcore fans proved to be an insufferable bunch in the official forums, if you ask me.
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    ZoM reacted to Romanio0089 in TDU World :: March 2020 Update!   
    I'm sure the community will find a way to run TDU World with cracked copies ! By the way, great job on making TDU2 live again. I really love this game but unfortunately I only started playing when the servers were permanently down. I'm really excited of the first release. If in any way you guys need some staff for moderation purposes in-game, I am interested. It would be great if there is some kind of staff recruitment form.
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    ZoM got a reaction from pranav in [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum   
    I did everything i was told to do and it still crashes before even the title screen shows up. Does the mod not like running on Windows 10 or did i somehow miss something? The game itself runs perfect but as soon as i installed and ran the mod the game seizes to even get to the title screen. 
    For reference I have an All-In-One HP desktop running Windows 10. I have Test Drive Unlimited Gold edition. 
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