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  1. Great to have you back here, Des  🙂

  2. What about one of the other Hawaiian islands? Lots of room for fictional roads I suppose (if needed).
  3. I had a VW Polo Coupe, but that's been scrapped. Then I drove my dads Impreza which my mom now drives and I bought this thing
  4. I might have bought a thing It's from South Africa (w8 wut? yea... But then it's right hand drive. Yea, some might want to welcome me to the right side of the car x) ) Built in 1988 and imported to the Netherlands in 1992. My Ford Laser Sport 1600i :D Basicly a Mazda 323.
  5. Some call it a man with a mustache and others a pumpkin, all we know is, it's a lensflare. Two more
  6. A couple of shots from my roadtrip last summer. These are all taken in Switzerland
  7. [ATTACH]29922[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29923[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29924[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29925[/ATTACH] First time on the Ring. It was so awesome.
  8. The Subaru suffered a major breakdown three weeks ago. But it's alive again. A wishbone and a spring broke and while at it the front brakes are completely renewed as well. Next up is a trip to the Eifel and the nurburgring and after that to Switzerland Photo from my test drive when it was back in shape [ATTACH]29592[/ATTACH]
  9. I used to drive this But too much work had to be done to it to keep it on the road. So now I drive this This was aa project of my dad and me. When we bought it, it had steel wheels and a crappy radio. Replaced those and also new non-fogged headlights and some other things. Sadly my dad couldn't enjoy it very long as he unexpectedly passed away last september. So we decided that I could drive it because my Polo wasnt roadworthy anymore and I've driven it with great sense of pride ever since.
  10. Just got round to installing this, works like a charm! Thanks very much! Started a new game, since my old profile is gone
  11. 25 codes will be available at 13:00 GMT+2 (in about 35 minutes) Right here https://www.facebook.com/UbisoftNL?fref=nf at the most recent post. Keep an eye on the comments! Edit:
  12. Anyone knows more about why my beta only says "The Crew.exe has stopped working" ?
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