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TDU Community PATCH 1.68B

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Awsome mod, many thanks


Hey 2CV, just wanted to say a big Thank You to you and everyone else who helped with this update. It works great, finally i actually see the logo's for all the cars i have rather then them all being blank. I didn't have any problems with the install or when it came to run the game, everything worked great first time.


The only problem i have, is one that everyone will probably experience, but i know technically its nothing to do with your mod, its to do with the fact that we modify the game.. The " unidentified " car issue with the police radio. I know its to do with the fact we have added new car makes/models but there are no police radio samples to match those car makes/models so they have an " unidentified car " sample in case that happens. Which is something i wanted to talk to you about......


( for example ) we have a Mini we can add to the game but the game does not have a police sample for the word Mini, so when they announce it over the radio they say " unidentified car." I really have no idea how tdu looks at its audio samples for the police radio, but if you think its possible to add samples for some of the new car makes/models to the game, i would be interested or at least willing to have a go a recording some new police radio samples. If you ( or if any other of the big modders ) think its possible and you are interested in something like this, drop me a PM and we can talk about it.


Again Many thanks for this update, works like a dream :excited: +rep

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I think, I found a problem with "police identifications". In original DB file all car manufacturers looks like [ASTON], [CHEVY], [LAMBO], but after applying this patch they becomes [Aston Martin], [Chevrolet], [Lamborghini]. For game engine it's not the same... ;) It's cause that you can't be a "Car collector" when you start a new game also. The counter of cars stay always on zero.


To solve it you should manually change DB Resources in "Modding tools". Put all values by ####8337 ID range in "Brands" topic from your original game DB into corresponding ID in patched file. It works for me - police again can identify my standard cars. :)


PS. Don't forget to make a BACK-UP.

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I've hesitated installing this patch for a long time cus im afraid it will break force feedback support with my g27 (im currently running 1.45, but have 1.66 exe and purchased the megapack), is the force feedback working in 1.68 or should i just stay 1.45?

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Thanks for improving TDU and all the work involved, it's appreciated. :dance:


Here's some observations and feedback:


I can confirm what others have also mentioned, regarding all cars being referred to as "unidentified car" during pursuits.


Also some car brands are not registering in the "car collector achivements".

Ferrari and Ford : Working

Aston Martin and Lamborghini : Not Working


But what prompted my feedback is that (I'm) was experiencing crashes.

Specifically regarding 2 Courier missions.

They occur only on the map screen when the cursor is just about to snap unto the courier mission map icon.

While I were about to post this, I decided to be a bit more helpful and see if I couldn't find more or possibly all locations causing CTD.

And so I found a third one. The crash again occurred on the map screen when the cursor was about to lock on to the icon. So I tried driving up to the place instead.

No crash - then I tried the other 2 places and found that they were all "Vehicle Specific" courier missions.


Wich would seem to indicate that all of the above are actually part of the same problem. And that's good news :lol:


EDIT: (Above narrative preserved for nostalgic reasons)

Finally, when I were, again, about to post this, I remembered that I had the "Porsche Mod V2" installed - and upon checking found that, my Porsche was still a Porsche not a RUF.

Also the Edonis was still called "Edonis Edonis"


The Porsche Mod replaces the "DB_US.bnk" file, while patch 1.68a replaces "DB.bnk" and updates "DB_US.bnk".

So a heads-up to everyone who has the Porsche mod installed!

Fortunately I had a backup of the DB_US.bnk wich I restored and then patched to 1.68a again.


This fixed the crashes, hooray :bananajump:

Strangely, my DB_US.bnk file is now 1KB smaller (649KB) than the other language database files (650KB). :confused: No crashes though.


But, the aforementioned Courier missions just say "Vehicle Restrictions" and no mention of the car required.

The "Vehicle Specific" Top Model Missions work and display correctly and were not a problem before either - only the "Vehicle Specific" Courier Missions.


I rammed a few sunday drivers (who honestly had it coming if you ask me) and bought a new Aston Martin - to test the other above issues again -

and both the "unidentified car" and "car collector achivement" issues persist.

Also the Edonis is still called Edonis Edonis.


Hope this is mildly helpful and a heads-up to everyone who has the Porsche Mod installed or possibly altered "DB_US.bnk" manually.


Thanks again, not least for letting us tune the F40 :thumbsup:

Would it be possible to pull the same trick for the Mercedes CLK DTM. :bananadance3: nudge nudge!

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About the traffic cars, I saw not only one kind of truck running on the road - so far I've seen 3 different kinds of trucks on my island, maybe there's more that I've not seen. There are some taxis, too, but the police seems not willing to approve their new patrol cars, they're still driving stock TDU-PD police cars.


Although TDU runs normally now, all 3 versions of Ferrari GTB/4 has wrong rims and headlight models were all black. When I entered the showroom, they show up with original Saleen rims without tire sidewalls.

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I can not for the life of me get this to work.

I have TDU+MegaPack+1.66+Magic Map

I extract onto Desktop and run 1.68A.exe

When it opens, I change the directory to where it is installed.

I click "Next" and the progress bar starts going.

About half way across, it stops and gets an error:

"Current Patch Can Not Be Installed:

Patch was not applied as a critical error occured.

Please contact Modding Tools support."


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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