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Famitsu reveal Subaru Impreza, 2011 Mustang + more in TDU2

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His hint was related to the Lancia Delta, which was unveiled not long after :)


I've never seen a literal confirmation like ''yes, it was the Delta'', so I can always speculate if it was Delta or Impreza. Fact he removed his sig after it was guessed says nothing to me because he also didn't change the other sigs, and I'm quite sure there have been several times he had to do so because the car was guessed quickly (like that long number which was the Dodge Challenger MSRP price, or Red Sow which leaves no doubts anytime).

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IS NICE! :bunny:


The Impreza is one of the cars that made me a car mad guy! Seeing it blast over a crest at 100mph+ in the middle of a forest is one of them moments i always remember...even if it was on the TV! Have since seen Imprezas rallying for real...and even had a 'near miss' where one overshot a corner and came flying towards me, and if it wernt for a tree and the fact i was 1 meter to the right i'd of had a Impreza for legs! But i still love them! I've even driven one 20 miles(albit a 2L non-turbo) and its one of the best cars i've driven out of the 7 i have(not bad for a 17, and the best so far is our MR2 btw)


Sorry for random woundering off there! I personally though they would of opped for the New Impreza Hatch/Saloon rather than the old 'Hawk-Eye' model, but most people do see it as the last 'real' impreza! Eather way I think i'll have 2 in-game......one in Rally Colours and the other with a simple stripe job!

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