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Nice. I keep getting tempted to buy one of those myself, but other things keep getting in the way at the moment, maybe around Christmas if there are some decent deals on one.


Only interesting thing I've 'bought' recently is a Samsung Galaxy S9. After what must be seven or eight years I decided enough was enough with overpriced Apple phones with (in my opinion) tech that's behind the times or at best matches phones with a much cheaper price tag. I stayed with them until now because I liked the familiarity of iOS, but I decided it'll be interesting to get to grips with Android all of the customisation so apart from an iPod Classic 80GB which I will never replace (I genuinely love the thing, had it 10 years now and it still works faultlessly), I'm slowly ridding myself of Apple products. I have an iPad 2 as well, but that's become dog slow so it'll be getting replaced by an Amazon Fire HD10 or something in the future because I only need something with a decent size screen that I can watch YouTube/Twitch in bed with that doesn't take five years to load everything.

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Bought a few things over the Black Friday weekend:


My first pair of active noise cancelling headphones - the Sony WX-1000 XM3 - these review on par or better than the latest Bose ones, and I must say they sound amazing and have some great extra features. I'm impressed that I can't hear myself typing this on the noisy mechanical keyboard that I have. :cool:





2x 10TB NAS HDDs as one of my NAS volumes has run out of space. Fortunately, with RAID 1 it can rebuild itself one disk at a time without me manually juggling files around.





Also grabbed a bunch of new PC parts :whistle:


And some flowers for my wife :tup:


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Hopefully should be getting the keys to my first house (one on the left) in the next week or two.


Nothing special, but I'm forever single and with my income it's the best I can do for now. Two parking spaces for the car to leak differential oil on to though, so that's nice.

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