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Post One Random Automotive Video Per Day

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the title says it,   the video can be made by you or somebody else   one video is allowed :) please don't quote video's :rtr:     this thread is the same as the other thread only this tim

This thing puts out 1800 HP... insanity  

He's on normal sized rear tires, no grip. Proper tires=grip. What's that point of anything RWD that has over 600hp? It slides at full throttle on normal tires... so.. it's pointless? I'm guessing the point is speed lol.


Personally I'd rather have AWD, like the Fensport Celica GT4-X.

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You can't have as much fun with a AWD then with a RWD, must be so fun controlling the car when you floor it, well in TDU it's fun and on youtube it does too :lol:


Oh and check out this guy, if you don't already know him, he does awesome videos and they are in great quality :D


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Yeah, AWD is boring as hell...





FWD is fun - ie mini, nothing better than throwing a mini through the corners. RWD - slidey slidey! AWD - sort of a balance of the two I guess.. xD Not to mention you get to piss off all the people in RWD cars that can't keep up in the corners :D

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