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cis4care's Gran Turismo photos or whatever.

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Hi all!

I recently bought a new reason to procrastinate, and it's, as you might have already guessed, Gran Turismo 5. I'm happy with the game, even though my grade-point average has sunk drastically. :)


I love taking photos in the game, as dumb/blind people are unable to tell them from real photos, and i can just go ahead and lie an fill their heads with bs like i'm an exotic car photographer haha


I'll just start off with these:









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Bridge Scud shot is win, great stuff!


Your avatar is win.



Thanks guys. The Scuderia looks different now, though, i had to add a spoiler and some lightweight wheels (crapped the car with these, didn't see the stupid chrome lip from the side>.<).

I'll have some California ones up soon, but for now:



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Thanks for the kind comments all!

Here a little update - my black on black on black on black Gallardo. The only way to show you how black it really is, is taking the photos in black and white. Anyone know a track that doesn't overexpose the cars?








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