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Djey : TDU Modding Tools II [Release]

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TDU1/TDU2 should be detected automatically.


Ok I will fix it later and reupload it.


Please continue using beta 1 if you need to mod ;)


@All : please send or attach Logs files here to help me with investigating !



My PC freezes, when I try to load a bnk file :\ ( System.OutOfMemoryException )


Logs here:

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Texture issue after repacked confirmed. Some bnks cant unpack - eg hawai commonworld.bnk, but repack seems work (before extract quickbm with bnkextract script) just some texture have error (still very low resolution).


Here is my new level, disabling collision per object type:




Yes, the cheat factor is very high but climb on the mountains never been so easy.

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But why do you need TDU MT for this kind of mod? You can make it with a simple Hex edit. :D


Simple, Im tested Beta2 and these physics files contains in some problematic bnk. And yes, eventually became a hex editor, because the un/re packaging did not work... :(


indeed that has nothing to do with TDUMT2, in addition the tool was not made for this kind of mods :)


I understand, but although this is at least as good as a khmm... A7 Ferrari Enzo? :twisted:

C'mon guys, no offense pls. Only test was nothing more...

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Wow, I have had many nice TDU2 good surprises these times ! I quit for 2 months and when I get back, what do I see : first the "small" update about physics ingame for PC (no changelog as usual) making freerides a bit more pleasant (and making me feel that TDU2 has not been BINNED by Eden at least :P ), and Djey and all other modding tools getting in contact with a promising game (still is !). How cool !


As a not modding guy but having ideas, I'd like to ask : would there be a way to activate/ deactivate the HUD-GPS in free ride with theses tools ??

+rep for Djey and some more here !!!

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