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Yes Knyazev you have right

Now I tried to edit a texture of the 458 Italia and work :)

Now I go test the multiple conversion of the file .2DB and .DDS I'll tell you the result



so you said when modifying the 2DB file there is no issue ?


Please confirm with latest Mini Bnk Manager ( and the F430 Scuddy :).


Very, very weird guys, for now I don't know how to defiantly solve this without forcing a texture modification before repack.


Sorry for offtopic.

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Just thought i would say about mipmaps.


I use this for some textures but not all.

So does this tool know to convert a texture without mipmaps and for example a texture that has been saved with 10 should have 8.


Almost all programs i think save the dds with 2 more mipmaps than needed for TDU.



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Beta-testing #3 started! :)

Testing feature "View 2DB file" ...


I sent the invite to previous active beta-testers! He is one. :D


To participate in this beta-testing you need to write me a PM with subject "beta #3" :)

I'm send to you link to download this tool + instructions. :)

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Thanks for the testing! :)


But, I don't know, what the problem. :(


At me works fine!

Windows 7 Ultimate x86, .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5, 3.5 SP1, 4.0.

Don't installed Xna Framework!


Now I use the Microsoft.Xna.Framework library.


Very strange. I use "try / catch" methods.

These windows (with exceptions) should not open...


I'll continue to search the libraries (.NET) that can work with DDS files.

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Beta #4 soon...


Now I'm using C++ library for working with DDS file format.

and now, I renamed this tool to: TDU2: Texture Converter ( right name? Texture or Textures Converter? )


and I want to create sub-app into this converter, named as: Texture Viewer, but I'm see the same tool here (Texture Browser)

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Thank you. :)

Yes, I know this 3D-editor, I used it before (v1.07b, I converted some cars to NFS series), but I didn't know that there is, this module - Texture Browser. :D

My NFS cars here :D


I'll be create the Texture Viewer app, before beta-testing #4 of TDU2 Texture Converter :)


The beta #4 will be include:

TDU2 Texture Converter - for converting 2DB/DDS textures.

TDU2 Texture Viewer - for viewing only 2DB textures.

+ DDS (C++) library.


Name of this set of tools is - Texture Tools (the first idea by Djey) :D

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16 hours of hard work without rest :\

// from 15:00 pm (yesterday) until 7:00 am (today)


I did it :)


Test Drive Unlimited 2: Texture Tools ( shortly: TDU2: Texture Tools or TDU2: T. T. :D )


This set of tools contains:


1. DjeLib.dll - It's the merge libraries DjeFramework1.dll and TDUModdingLibrary.dll into one library (by Djey)

2. DDSlib.dll - small library for displaying DDS textures. (by Seriema)

3. TDU2_Texture_Converter.exe - tool for converting 2DB/DDS textures. [WiP, v0.4b]

4. TDU2_Texture_Viewer.exe - tool for viewing only 2DB files. [WiP, v0.1b]

5. Logs - folder with error logs.


TDU2: Texture Converter:



TDU2: Texture Viewer



The start of beta-testing #4 will be available today or tommorow :) I have a lot of work with this tools. :\


Checking the news in this topic :)


oO Very different font sizes in these tools. Maybe it's to fix? What are you think about it? :)

Where is the best font-size/font-type?


Thanks for attention :)


Best regards, very tired Knyazev. :D

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Beta #4 is canceled. Public version will be released soon... :)) ... ... sorry, not today... tools with ugly GUI in Windows XP :\

Now I'll be fix this issue.


New screens of Texture Viewer:

thumb-0049_4EC35444.jpg thumb-E000_4EC35444.jpg thumb-92A1_4EC35444.jpg thumb-3946_4EC35444.jpg thumb-D0CA_4EC35444.jpg


+ updated GUI of Texture Converter:

thumb-396F_4EC35AB8.jpg thumb-421E_4EC35AB8.jpg thumb-C08D_4EC35AB8.jpg thumb-0482_4EC355B8.jpg thumb-5D7B_4EC355B8.jpg

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