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The Drifter

Porsche Carrera GT Sound Mod By The Drifter

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Hi Guys i'm back with a new Sound Mod its for the Porsche Carrera GT i've coverted it from NFS Shift. But i'm not sure if some of you will approve of this but i did my best so i hope you guys will like it :)


The Sound Mod is limited to ( 8000 rpm )


And a special thanks to Dubstep_prod for supplying me with the samples


And always remember to BACKUP files!!!!!!


Here's the preview

In this preview i used the Enzo cause i don't have a Porsche Carrera GT for a preview



And here's the download link


Sound Mod


Have Fun Guys :D and feel free to comment

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Oh my gooooood...




It's every day Christmas !!!




Thx, dear sound dealer...


Its a pleasure Slylecoco :D


Well Christmas is around the corner so i decided to release some of my sound mods before i start with the TDU2 project ;)


---------- Post added at 02:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:04 AM ----------


I'm not sure. Those backfire sounds remind me Urban's Gallardo sound mod. Dunno, I don't like it.


But keep it up. :)


Thanks Apu :) i'm trying to keep TDU alive as long as possible with new sound mods.


And yes i agree with you after you mention it about the backfire sounds it does remind me of a sound mod that i used to have, i will see if i can improve it a little bit but not now i'm busy with a new project so maybe after words ;)


And thanks for your honesty every bit helps for future mods :D

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Hell yeah, One hell of a sound plz continue what u do atm getting better and better sound like ur the new sound mod star here

i hope maby soon we can do a project together ;)


It will be an honor to do a project with you Combat just send me a PM if you have something on your mind ;).


And thanks for the comment ( the new sound mod star ) i like that :D.

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