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TDU2 : AutoPack ver. 1.73 "Serenity Pack" (07/09/2016) - 8 new cars !!!

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Hey Star, The 911 GT3 Track Version is a really easy conversion to do for AutoPack v1.7.1. The 911 GT3 Road Version and 911 GT3 Track Version replace the same vehicle so they need no modification there. The gauges will not need to be calibrated on the 911 GT3 Track Edition, but you will need to add the "911 GT3" license plate onto the 911 GT3 Track Edition.


But other than the plate chance, it's basically ready to be made into a "AutoPack Alternate Vehicle."




You don't even need to add the gauges for the 911 GT3 Track Edition. You can just add the 3D models for the "Alternate Vehicle."

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Not that tempted tbh, my db_data file is too modified to start all over again. Besides, apart from the RX-7, all those cars are in my game anyway.


Can anyone tell me the vehicle replacement for the RX-7, Vanquish and MC12? That way I can install them myself.

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Loving this pack! I really appreciate the work put into it and the quality it brings to the game alongside the Unofficial Patch :)


Hate to bug report but here is a pic of one bug I have found in game on the 458 Spider:




Other than that, I have only noticed bugs on vanilla cars added by the Unofficial Patch. Would be great if in the next update if these bugs could be fixed and new cars added.


First bug is the pink Audi R8 V8 engine bay:




Second bug is the interior view of the 370Z Nismo changing colour when you approach it:





Here are my requests for next update:

- Fix Audi R8 V8 pink engine bay texture

- Fix 370Z Nismo interior view changing colour

- Improve LaFerrari textures on dials and rev counter on steering wheel.

- Add Audi R8 Spider to Audi garage (as Spyker Aileron has already been added)

- Add all club cars to garages

- Add more of the brilliant cars created by StarGT, such as the 2010 BMW M6 and 2013 BMW M6, Mercedes-Benz S-Class S65 2012, 2014 Range Rover Vogue, Marussia B2, Mercedes-Benz W222 Brabus 850 etc...

- Add this latest car to pack: Released - Kuznetsova: 2017 Audi R8 Plus V10 | turboduck forum with proper LED lights :P

- If possible, I would love to see mods by VRS Design improved by StarGT and for those cars to be added to the game. An improved Mercedes AMG GT, Mercedes GLE, Jaguar F-Type, Maserati Ghilbi, 2012 Mercedes SLK 55, Mercedes CLS, Mercedes GL63 AMG, etc...

- General improvements to quality of models if applicable/needed


Please implement all this in the next patch, it would really make this game brilliant! Keep up the good work :)

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50% of cars' date=' hm[/color']


Well not all the cars will have mapping issues, I might have exaggerated the number a bit as well, it's probably around 25% - 30%


Why I cant chenge the sound of the MC12?


The sound is named wrong, find the "vehicles" folder (under: Euro\Bnk\sound\vehicles). Then find the file named "mc12_corsa_high" and rename it to "mas_mc12_high". The engine sound should work after that.




Huggy94, stop basically telling what cars should be in AutoPack, you can easily turn your Audi R8 4.2 into the 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus and also fix the missing engine bay textures.

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Michael, I'm not "telling" what cars should be added, I am only suggesting/requesting.


Maybe you should stop constantly criticising/nit-picking all of StarGT's and VRS Design's work. I see a post in nearly every thread by you going on about how a mod "isn't right". Its sad really, considering these modders work for free.

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Huggy94, it's not criticizing at all. I am just letting them know about the issues... If there are issues with a mod it should be fixed, and the mod makers will not know about the issues if nobody says anything about them. It's called Constructive criticism, it lets mod makers know what they need to work on and thus improve their work.

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Sorry to butt in here guys, but I was wondering if this patch makes anything replayable and if not, how is the best way to make money without glitching, casino, or cheat engine?


Im really struggling here.


Also want to report a bug since the last autopack release, the BMW rally car is B class, but has the offroad speed limit.

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