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The Grand Tour - It's showtime for Season 2!

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TopGear hasn't quite tanked as badly as everyone expected, yes some of the episodes have been hilariously awful and the drama behind the scenes should be made into a soap daytime TV drama but all in all, it's not that bad.

I imagine these three are feeling the stress because of that. If this is just ridiculously scripted, not at all car related and not interesting to actual car fans then jesus they're going to be slaughtered by the media. Getting a bit nervous about this as it gets closer to airing, I do hope it's brilliant though, they've had a fair amount of time.

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Media Tweets by Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) on Twitter


Not seen any other journalists put pics of the DB11 in their hands just yet (lots of videos of journalists driving a camouflaged pre-production vehicle were released about 2-3 months ago), has the star power of the trio gotten them an exclusive or whatever do you think? :hmmm: If not exclusive, in that they might not show the film before the media embargo is lifted, I still think they're one of the first to get one.

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