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Change Camera FOV using TDUF

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So, I tryed using TDUF to change the FOV in TDU. This is an abit that I developed in the sim racing community, trying to use a realistic FOV for better immersion and driving.

Starting from this guide (https://github.com/djey47/tdu-cp/wiki/TDUF-Database-Editor-Cameras), I was able to determine that "binoculars" is the actual value that controls the FOV.

Using just small changes to te last two digits, I was able to alter the ingame FOV. 

Here are some results obtained with the "Ferrari LaFerrari" from TDU Platinum MOD.


Here's with the default value of 16697:



And this is with a value of 16675:



@Djey also added some interesting details in another thread:

36 minutes ago, Djey said:


Interesting! Imo that's why when reverse-engineering, I had to guess in Cameras.bin how many bits are used for this or that (and whether they're signed or not...); since most of cameras settings are 16bit encoded, I assumed that would be the same for Binoculars (0..65535, or -32768..32767).

According tou your findings, it seems that only last 8bits are relevant.


(16b decimal) => binary

16697    0100 0001 0011 1001 DEFAULT
16675    ‭0100 0001 0010 0011‬ + ZOOM

16650    ‭0100 0001 0000 1010‬
10000    ‭0010 0111 0001 0000‬


and now, if we'd only keep relevant, last 8bits:

(binary => 8b decimal unsigned)

0011 1001 => 57
0010 0011‬ => 35

0000 1010‬ => 10
0001 0000‬ => 16.

So, first 8bits must have effect on another view setting... hard to guess...


Anyway, this conversation may be continued in TDUF thread or new dedicated topic about Cameras.bin research. 🤓

So, if anyone is interested in changing the FOV for TDU, I could use some help in actually relating those values to the actual FOV degrees values.

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Here is current state of cameras bin structure, see attachment.

Interesting part below:

  "name": "binoculars",
    "type": "INTEGER",
      "size": 2

Currently, binoculars information is read after 2 bytes data. It seems that only 1 byte is sufficient. That would explain why setting is cyclic.

To validate this assumption, may someone test these values?

- 16640 => should be maximum FOV (min zoom)

- 16768 => should be medium FOV

- 16895 => should be narrowest FOV (max zoom).




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