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Screenshot Contest #1 Announcement


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Hi fellows! I wanted to make an announcement yesterday but was a little bit busy. Anyways, I'm happy to announce that the screenshot contests are back!

Here's the plan. I will announce the winner and the theme for the next contest in Mondays. You will have a week to prepare your best shots and send them to me via DM here or in Discord (find me in TDuck Discord server, Rigel#6747). On Monday I'll publish the pics here in gallery and make a poll, the voting will start, and will last one week. And again, on Monday I'll announce the winner and the theme for the next contest.

1) The screenshots should belong to the specified game and theme if there are any.
2) Showing your screenshots to ANYONE before the end of the contest is strictly prohibited. Send them only to me via DM as I said above. If you post them here or in TDuck Discord server you will be disqualified immediately. This will prevent people from cheating and getting (or vice versa) some extra votes.
3) Heavily editing the photos is prohibited. Minor tweaks like upscaling, fixing the artifacts, and adding motion blur/DOF are okay though.
4) You are allowed to use any mods you like, both graphics and car mods.
5) Stealing others' screenshots will give you a ban from participation to the further contests.

I think that's it. Any kind of feedback is welcome! 
Theme for this contest: anything.
Game: Test Drive Unlimited 1 & 2.
Deadline: 28th of July. 

Waiting for your awesome shots!


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Hello friends, I'm announcing the voting for the screenshot contest!
Go through this link and vote for the picture that you like.
You can also take closer look at the pics here.
Deadline: 4th of August
Let the competition begin!
P.S. my bad, mistyped the deadline "4th of October" instead of "August". Sorry about that.

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On 9/28/2019 at 4:45 AM, Leonctrindade said:

Here is my contribution



First, the contest is over. Whenever we decide to organize another one - we'll make another thread.

And what's more important - I wrote in the second rule, that any screenshots that were shown in the forum, this thread or TDuck Discord will be disqualified. Take your time to read the rules next time, okay? 🙂

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