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Hello people.

I think I treated this topic before in Platinum mod article yet I found no solution, so I will try with a thread. I was trying to look for some sort of a fix or extension (.ASI script or something) to improve the controller/gamepad support. I have my own XBOX 360 Controller for Windows (wired) and it's the only way I could enjoy this game unlike with a keyboard (besides I can't afford a wheel right now).

"Why this, if vanilla XInput is functional enough?" Uhm, I don't think so, and will explain why:

I came from other games (some of them newer than this) with full-fledged XInput, like Juiced 2, Driver San Francisco, Blur, Need for Speed SHIFT saga (although both titles don't count on dedicated prompts) and even tried the Test Drive Unlimited 2 itself, which DOES have it full-fledged! So, if in Platinum mod this can't be archieved integrating it on game's code (which seems to be harder, so I'd get you if so), I wouldn't mind at all about an .ASI script if this game allows its use (maybe it won't, otherwise I should've seen several of them in here and out there...).

What I am seeking from this "enhancement", is at very least...


- Independent mapping from Controls settings (in case of an .ASI script, could simply be on an .INI file), so we'll not have to overwrite keyboard bindings.

- Deadzone, Saturation and/or Sensitivity settings, in case of drifting on axes (those using gamepads surely know how this is).

*Optional: (Not necessary but pretty cool additions)

- Gamepad GUI prompts (these can just be imported from 360 version; wouldn't mind if they're in form of .TPK files).

- Vibration system (if disabled or directly not included by default; could be imported from 360 version as well; I don't know).

If there's possibly something like this already out there, I would appreciate it. Otherwise... Yes! This is mostly a mod request; beg you pardon if not allowed or if didn't remarked it as that. I'd be pleased to do this all by my own, if I only had the expertise of high-rank modders or experienced (excuse redundancy) developers. By now I'm just learning Python, yet am not sure at all if it works to create .ASI scripts.

I guess that's it for now. Have a nice day, everyone!

Edited by Antonio Proiectio
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