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  1. https://turboduck.net/guide/turboduck-guide-r1/#how-to-use-download-section have a read at this again if you submit a link, then modify the generated topic it is same as you create a thread with the said link plus you get added bonus of more exposure, auto linking your thread and download, letting other subscribe to your version update, and view who downloaded it etc...
  2. next time please just upload mods here, and make a comment about it, i will update author and link to this thread we are tying to grow the download section
  3. that's already an option, if you don't wish to host your mod files on our site that's fine, you can submit a direct download from elsewhere, but we don't want direct link to paywalled content see https://turboduck.net/guide/turboduck-guide-r1/#how-to-use-download-section
  4. can't restricted to 18, advertisers run away
  5. what you shared was a txt file that contains only link to a patreon, if it's literally free then either upload it or put a direct download link
  6. updated the file link to this post
  7. there was some database change that seemly disabled a core module which prevents your contact from being recorded. please avoid submitting download file of only txt containing link to pay walled content You're free to ask for donation on patreon but spamming them everywhere is considered advertising
  8. can you upload them here, i will update the post
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