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Found 85 results

  1. -------------------- 2017 Porsche Panamera 4S Vehicle replaced: Ruf RT-12 Converted by: Irina Raevskaya ( vk.com/tdu2mods ) Credits: Forza , CSR2 -------------------- -------------------- Features: - HQ model - highpoly interior - raindrops on windows - working doors - working lights - working windows - working GPS - dirt, paintable, stickerable - own rims -------------------- Download My mods : Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ] [RU] Размещение данного мода на других сайтах и форумах запрещено! /// [ENG] Placement of this mod on other sites and forums is prohibited!
  2. Been thinking about this for a while so decided to make it. Post your gaming videos so people can watch them. Who knows what will happen? Rules: - Only Post Videos Created And Uploaded By You - Only Post 2 Video's Per Post - Keep Within All Other TDUC Rules - Must be game related ----------------------------------- Here are 2 of mine at the moment GT Legends - FIA TC-65 Ford Mustang - Cadwell Park @ Night Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Jet Truck Drag Race
  3. Porsche unleashed their most powerful 911 ever on the infamous Ring and came out with the new sports car record with a time of 6 minutes 47.3 seconds. That's a smidgen under 10 seconds faster than Porsche's own flagship 918 Spyder hybrid.
  4. In this series of threads, I'm listing and giving tutorials on how to improve your game-play. These are not instructions, or officially related to Atari in any way. They are tutorials created by me, for the sole purpose of giving you the chance to improve your gameplay. I take no responsibility in your game going corupt or damaged. I cannot be help responsible for damages to game files or profiles. However this is highly unlikely to happen ;) Make sure you back up everything, unless you want to have to reinstall TDU when you decide the car body modifications doesn't look as good. -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- [import Vehicle Mods Tutorial] [swapping Car Body Shell Tutorial] [swapping Car Rim Tutorial] [Colouring Car Rim Video Tutorial] [Painting Unpaintable Cars (Swapping In-Game Car Colours)] [Create YOUR OWN Textures Tutorial] [Create your own Number Plates] [Modify Ty/ire Sidewalls / Seatbelts / Neons] [Create and Import YOUR OWN car body mods to TDU]
  5. -------------------- Porsche 911 Carrera S 991 II Vehicle replaced: Aston Martin V8 Vantage Converted by: Irina Raevskaya ( vk.com/tdu2mods ) Credits: GTA SA and other. -------------------- -------------------- Features: - HQ model - highpoly interior - raindrops on windows - working doors - working lights - working windows - dirt, paintable, stickerable - own rims -------------------- Download My mods : Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ] / TDU-WORLD.COM DONAT FOR THE AUTHOR OF THE CONVERT OF IRINA - PAYPAL : [email protected]
  6. Hi! Can anyone make or send some sound mods from TDU Central? They had "back in the day" good sound mods, until the website die "pathetical" like these ones for example. If anyone has them or atleast make them sound proper mad! Everyone will be appreciated P.S markomat666 if you're reading this. Reupload those files, they're good sound mods!
  7. Hey guys i'm back! Ive recently installed some Porsche car mods (cause why not) despite me being a JDM fan i would like to enjoy some German Speciality. But anyway does anyone have this sound mod laying around their PC? it's an old video but here's the link! ive clicked the mod file itself and apparently that site has been down since 2010 so IF anyone has any kind of Porsche sound mods for TDU. Please send them down in the comments! Thank you for reading and have a good day! Nick1999
  8. Project CARS 2 - Porsche Legends Pack The ‘Porsche Legends Pack’ for Project CARS 2 has been announced for an “early March” release by Slightly Mad Studios. Timed nicely to celebrate the German automaker’s 70th anniversary, the pack is set to contain nine of Porsche’s finest that have been hand-picked from its impressive seventy-year history since the iconic Porsche 356 first arrived back in 1948, together with a new “FIA-certified” track to conquer – one, that is “intimately associated” with Porsche no less, and where its inclusion will be a “first in any simulated racing game”. (Hmmm?) A couple of those legends are already confirmed in the official release. The latest 2017 911 RSR GT-racer – that appears to be making its way into almost every circuit racing game – is naturally in, along with the absolutely insane (1200bhp!!) 1972 917/10, which enthusiasts may also know as, the "Can-Am Killer". Other content includes 20 liveries, nine community events and five new careers that have been crafted towards the Porsche experience. [via Slightly Mad Studios]
  9. Gran Turismo Sport – Porsche Trailer #2 An extended version of the trailer that announced that Porsche and Gran Turismo were finally going to officially meet, has been released. And this time we get the red car’s version of events of that fateful meeting on the Nordschleife. Lasting just over 3 minutes and devoid of any music to interfere, this new cut shows even more footage from the interior view of the car as it hounds the other, and displays why the replays of Gran Turismo are so highly regarded. Watching the car work as it is shown between being planted on the tarmac and slicing through the corners, to fighting to keep control as it reaches the limits of adhesion where the tail then wants to break out, is made that much better when it looks as good as this. As mentioned previously, this trailer has no soundtrack other than the engine noise and exhaust note and it might just be a placebo effect, but this sounds better compared to the one from about a fortnight ago in my opinion. One area where I feel I notice a difference is the interior engine sound, it appears more muted. And the part that really makes me think this, is at the moment where they enter the Karussell. This new video doesn’t seem to have that waspy sound I tend to compare to. Again this might be just me hearing things that aren’t there, but I love good sound in racing games, and I think, there is a difference between them. Captured in 4K at 60fps, the trailer is a treat for the eyes and there is plenty on show here for everyone to make up their mind on. I am really hoping Gran Turismo Sport will raise the bar for GT games from now on, as competition is fierce in this area and as we have seen elsewhere, a name can only go so far until people realise that there is better out there. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="seven-post-image" ids="6888,6889,6890,6891] Gran Turismo Sport is still set for a 2017 release and will be available on PS4 and PS4 Pro.
  10. Gran Turismo Sport Porsche Footage Polyphony Digital have released the first official gameplay footage of Porsche in Gran Turismo Sport, and as you would expect, it looks unbelievably good. It is crazy to think that despite the series being almost 20 years old, this is the very first time Porsche has properly been seen in an official capacity in a GT game. The footage is made up of a pair of 991-gen Porsche 911 GT3 RS chasing one another around the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and is taken from what appears to be the game's illustrious replay mode. It begins with us having a look at the car selection screen, where it can be seen that scrolling through the available body colours, also changes the wheel colour. Next, it’s out onto the track and sitting behind the wheel of the car itself, as a brief stint in the cockpit view takes up the first part of the on-track action. In this segment we get a good look at the high detail of the interiors. It wouldn’t be GT without those incredible replay angles that can be easily mistaken for real life at times, and this first showing of Porsche delivers in that aspect with some short, but truly stunning scenes! You get a sense that we are meant to be checking out the sound of these cars too throughout this, and even though strides have been made in this area, there is still that waspy computerised sound gnawing at your ears in the higher rev ranges in my opinion. (I like authentic sound in my games!) For many this won’t matter which is a shame actually, as if more people cared about it, maybe we would see GT excel in this department to the level that they do in the visuals. Maybe in GT7 huh?
  11. Porsche Expansion Pack Price CRASH The Forza series continues to deal out the feel goods when it comes to Porsche, as for a very limited time only, the Forza Motorsport 6 Porsche Expansion gets a monstrous price cut! Reduced by a massive 75% for Xbox Live Gold members, the pack can be had for very little money ($5/£4/€5) and contains over 20 Porsche models, a new campaign, new multiplayer events and a new track – Virginia International Raceway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUvIzRiMnf0 The cream of the crop of the iconic brand are in, both racing and road-going. So no matter what generation you may be of, there will be a Porsche for you, and because of the genre defining sound expertise that Turn 10 have in their team, these cars can all be fully enjoyed, not just in looks, but in sound too. Therefore, if you held off from buying before but still enjoy a stint on Forza 6 now and again, then here is the perfect time to grab yourself this expansion and enjoy it even more! Forza Motorsport 6: Porsche Expansion Pack – Vehicles 1955 Porsche 550A Spyder 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster 1960 Porsche 718 RS 60 1970 Porsche 914/6 1982 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 1987 Porsche #17 Racing Porsche AG 962c 1987 Porsche 959 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo 1998 Porsche #26 Porsche AG 911 GT1 98 2003 Porsche Carrera GT 2004 Porsche 911 GT3 2008 Porsche #7 Penske Racing RS Spyder Evo 2011 Porsche #45 Flying Lizard 911 GT3 RSR 2012 Porsche 911 GT2 RS 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 (997) 2012 Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder 2015 Porsche #19 Porsche Team 919 Hybrid 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo Be quick mind, as this is only for a VERY LIMITED time!
  12. Forza Horizon 3 Porsche Pack The good news continues to spread out across the racing sphere in regards to Porsche availability, as it has just been announced that Porsche and Turn 10 have struck an “in-depth six-year partnership” together... and it kicks off immediately with the release of the ‘Porsche Car Pack’ for Forza Horizon 3. From the catalogue of Porsche comes seven models, ranging from the classic to the modern. Fans of the marque should be more than happy with what is on offer too, with standouts such as the 911 (993) GT2 and 1973 911 Carrera RS being my personal picks of the list. FH3: Porsche Car Pack 1955 Porsche 550A Spyder 1960 Porsche 718 RS 60 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 1995 Porsche 911 GT2 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo With the epic selection that Assetto Corsa brought to their game, we hope that Turn 10 take some inspiration from that and look to bring some of the models that are not so well known to their current release and future iterations. I also reaaaallly hope that the days of exclusive Porsche – or any premier marque for that matter – licensing is dead and buried, and is something we will no longer have to put up with. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="small-post-image" ids="6744,6745,6746,6751,6747,6748,6749,6752,6750] Porsche #Forzathon Perhaps this is a requirement of acquiring the Porsche license now, as it is not often you see a Forza game give something as good as a Porsche away for free, but that’s what is going to happen in upcoming #Forzathon events in the next few weeks. And wow, there isn’t a single SUV in sight! ;) Event #1 Basket of Goodies 14th – 17th April Win the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 and more! Event #2 Show Us What You’re Working With 21st – 24th April Take home the Porsche 959 and more! Event #3 Horizon Secret Service 28th April – 1st May Compete and win the Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 and more! One-Day Event Putting on a show April 18th Win the Porsche 918 Spyder and more! The ‘Porsche Car Pack’ is available now to download for Xbox One and Windows 10 on their respective stores. [via Forzamotorsport.net]
  13. Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2012 Vehicle replaced: Spyker D8 Converted by: StarGT (All rights belong to a site tdu-com.ru ) Tested by: Arga Credits: Forza4 Porsche expansion pack Features: -paintable body -calipers -working gauges -turning wheels -transparent glasses -smoke precisely from an exhaust Exterior Gauges obligatory to install DOWNLOAD Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2012 !!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod and read the included README file if there is one!! Terms of use: ------------- - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners
  14. Porsche Cayenne turbo S 2009 Vehicle replaced:Spyker D8 Peking to paris Converted by: StarGT (All rights belong to a site tdu-online.net.ru ) Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior - Forza 3 Features: -NEW dirt on glass -stickerable body - working GPS - working gauges (normal work) -own exterior gauges -working Mirror - incredible quality -own rims -working Night driving lights -dirt & Scratches -bumpers can hang off DOWNLOAD Porsche Cayenne turbo S 2009 !!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod and read the included README file if there is one!! Terms of use: ------------- - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners
  15. 2008 Porsche GT2 Vehicle replaced: Ruf RT12 Converted And Edited by: Reventon09 Original Model From: Turn10/FM3 Textures: Turn10/FM3 & Atari/TDU2 Thanks To Djey for TDUMT II Thanks to EmKill for the photos Thanks to EmKill and Spaico for the Beta-Test Make sure you are running TDU2 Unpacked Features: Working Mirror [Very bad] Working Interior Gauges Highpoly Model Highpoly Interior (+ Door Paneels) Accurate Detail BODY_LR BODY_MR COCK_LR Custom Rims High Poly Exterior High Poly rims High Poly Interior Original Interior Working Indicators on the cockpit Working Night driving lights Dirt & Scratches Bumpers can hang off Stock Brake Disks 3D Parts Working indicators inside the cockpit Bugs: None Photos: -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- Download: Download Terms of use: - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners - If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via e-mail: [email protected] - If you wish to put this modification on another website then please contact me via e-mail: [email protected]
  16. See What’s In Porsche Pack Vol. 3 With hardly any time at all to go until PC players get to grips with Assetto Corsa Porsche Pack Volume 3, a whole batch of new images have appeared, giving us a view at all the models. Marco Massarutto was posting some of them up on his own page as he likes to do, but it looks like another team member went a step further and put even more of the set, up on Steam. This the final of the three packs, has seven fantastic cars from the House of Porsche waiting for them, and yet again the selection on offer is astonishing! Comprising of even more legends from the marque’s racing heritage and of those that are at home on the road as well as on the track, the collection contains a great set of classic and modern Porsche machinery for players to try and get a small feeling of what it must be like to actually pilot these things. As was announced a few days ago, there is a change to the originally communicated contents of Porsche Pack Vol. 3 in that the 911 RSR 2017 has been removed and the 911 Turbo S brought in to take over its place. The reason for this is that Kunos Simulazioni feel they need more time to reproduce the first mid-engined 911 as best they can and would prefer to deliver it later rather than release it an incomplete or poor representative state to the actual. Assetto Corsa – Porsche Pack Volume 3 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S Porsche 911 GT3 R 2015 Porsche 919 Hybrid 2016 Porsche 908 LH Porsche 917 K Porsche 911 R Not forgetting that the Porsche Macan, the last of the three Porsches to be given away free to everyone, will be a part of the accompanying update to the release of the main pack, just like the Panamera and Cayenne before. Console players on PS4 and Xbox One will need to wait until the new year to see more Porsche on their copies of AC and it’s anyone’s guess as to when they will see this one. Despite that, it is excellent how Kunos is supporting this game and communicating to all factions of their community. Cannot wait to see what exciting and new prospects await the title and its players in 2017. The PC version of Porsche Pack Vol. 3 DLC for Assetto Corsa is out on December 20th through Steam. It can be pre-purchased now or bought on the day at the dedicated Steam page or will be included for those who have pursched the Porsche Season Pass. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="small-post-image" ids="6365,6366,6367,6368,6369,6370,6371,6372,6373,6374,6375,6376,6377,6378,6379,6380] [via Steam]
  17. Porsche License To Be Set Free Hallelujah and it’s about damn time! Porsche is no longer going to be stuck to EA!! Okay that isn’t entirely fair as the license has been seen on other titles via sub-licensing and other side agreements, but, it is a fact that for tooo bloody long if you’ve wanted to enjoy a Porsche in your racing game, then that game would more than likely need to be a Need for Speed. Thankfully we had RUF to take up the empty space that Porsche would have sat in within many a racing game like Gran Turismo, PGR and others. But, it always seemed insane to me how underused and almost forgotten Porsche was in every EA title that used it. Sure in the earlier days you had gems like NFS Porsche Unleashed but after that it seemed to be more about only including a select few from the famous marque in their future releases and mobile games, even to the point where it essentially felt like they were lauding the fact they had it over others. Now though, Porsche has seen the light. (or the person making the decision decided after putting down their controller in disgust many moons ago, to make it their ambition to get the relevant qualifications, join Porsche, become the person in charge of branding and close the door on the exclusive deal once and for all!) As through an interview on german site Speedmaniacs where at a recent event they met up with people from both Assetto Corsa developers Kunos Simulazioni and Porsche, we learn that Porsche are ready to seek roads new as they will end the exclusive agreement with EA by letting it run out at the end of this year. >“According to Sebastian: The license with EA runs out this year, because one has come to the realization that the current situation is no longer desirable for both sides.” Has the partnership with Assetto Corsa made them see that their brand is worth something in the virtual space? After all, players today could be owners tomorrow and there is a huge amount of people out there who cannot afford the real thing but would still very much like to drive a Porsche in their games. You could also imagine that the whole ‘Holy Trinity’ of hypercars ideal, with the LaFerrari, P1 and Porsche’s own 918 Spyder might have shown that there is something to giving people the ability to recreate what they have seen on TV, YouTube and such. Many folk after all, will jump on their favourite game after a race or try to recreate that scene they just watched, and with the immediacy of social media and virals, it makes sense to take complete advantage of that. Nowadays it’s more about viewability than anything else, and so having your brand out there for many to see and experience is better than being enclosed into something that actually can lay detriment because of how it is used. Exclusivity is a horrible thing, I hate them all. Only console warriors or PC masters would appreciate having something the others don’t but what is the point in that really? I cannot wait to see Porsche in more titles along with more from the Porsche stable. Not just the usual sort but the lesser known and the still equally incredible; Assetto Corsa is already doing this and it is great to see. It is time to let the garage doors open and to flood the virtual track and streets with all that have sported a Porsche badge! [via Speedmaniacs] (German) :: [image credit: The Car Spy]
  18. Porsche Pack Volume III As the end of 2016 approaches at dizzying speeds, it will also bring the end of the known Porsche Packs to Assetto Corsa, as the third and final one of Porsche Pack Volume 3 will release for PC on December 20th. We have known about what will be in these packs since their details appeared on Steam way back in October, in a way spoiling the surprise of the teasing that Kunos Simulazioni are so very good at. Nonetheless, the images that do get posted showing the in-game examples out on the tracks and road layouts within the game are always great to see, and are usually taken in an exciting and non-boring manner. This latest batch has a couple of pics that are of no exception to that. With a top-down helicopter-esque view of a 911 GT3 Cup 2017 or the awesome view as a 908 LH carries so much speed over a crest that it catches some sweet air. Porsche Pack Volume 3 - Contents 911 GT3 Cup 2017 911 GT3 RSR 2017 911 GT3 R 2015 919 Hybrid 2016 908 LH 917 K 911 R As with the other two previous packs, it will be time for another free Porsche. The Porsche Macan will be the final of the trio that was promised for the game and will join the Porsche Panamera G2 and Porsche Cayenne that came before it at no cost. PS4 players have only recently gotten their taste of Porsche Pack Volume 1, while those on Xbox One are still waiting for theirs, and yet here is the PC about to get the last of the three packs. Cwazy! Regardless, the coming of more Porsche is something that many an Assetto Corsa fan will be eager to sample and as the old saying goes: ‘’good things come to those who wait”. Now if only we could get Porsche out there and into more games, that would be a nice present for many racing fans. Porsche Pack Volume 3 is out on December 20th on Steam for PC and will be out for PS4 and Xbox One probably some time in 2017.
  19. Porsche coming to Assetto Corsa Two DLC packs for both PC and consoles coming Fall 2016. More info here And here's a trailer
  20. Porsche Packed It is of no wonder that Kunos seem to be enjoying teasing their community with the frequent release of new media and comments in regards to the Assetto Corsa Porsche pack. Over the past few weeks they have dropped images showing what is known as the ‘Holy Trinity’’ – consisting of the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder. This super treble of hypercars is seen as the peak of automotive excellence today. There have also been images of the 991 Carrera S, the rear light of a Boxster 718 and a real world example shown of the 935/78 'Moby Dick' along with an exciting sharing of Porsche Motorsport’s tweet about the new 911 GT3 Cup car. In all there is looking to be a total of 24 Porsches to come over the two three packs, which is a fine amount and will also see some of the lesser known examples hitting the virtual tarmac for the first in a long time or for the first time ever in an official capacity. Being that Assetto Corsa was noticed by Porsche and then asked to create an environment in which to showcase their vehicles virtually, it is a massive gold star to the team and sets up a perfect pairing for sim-racing fans. For once players on all current platforms will be able to partake in the joy of a simulation racer that contains the best that Porsche offered in the past and does so today. Let's just hope the cost of it is reasonable.
  21. Porsche Coming to Assetto Corsa More and more games are starting to pry Porsche away from the cold grip of EAs hands and the next game to do so will be Assetto Corsa, renowned for its incredible simulation. Two Porsche packs are expected before the end of the year across PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and it will be the first time that Porsche have been officially included in a simulation racing game for over 12 years. Judging by the video we can expect to see Porsches from all eras across from road going cars, to GT racing and the ultimate LMP machines that will again be showcased at this weekends upcoming Le Mans 24H. We'll keep you updated when we hear more about these upcoming packs.
  22. Forza 6: Porsche Expansion and New Track We all knew this one was coming, sooner or later. But thankfully it was sooner rather than later and it even has me quite tempted to buy it, my first Porsche expansion in the Forza series. And as an added bonus, they're also thrown in a new racetrack, Virginia International Raceway in Virginia. Here's a full list of cars included in the pack and it really has got something for everyone. If you're a Porsche fan that is. 2015 Porsche #19 Porsche Team 919 Hybrid 1960 Porsche 718 RS 60 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster 1998 Porsche #26 Porsche AG 911 GT1 98 2004 Porsche 911 GT3 1987 Porsche #17 Racing Porsche AG 962c 1955 Porsche 550A Spyder 2011 Porsche #45 Flying Lizard 911 GT3 RSR 2008 Porsche #7 Penske Racing RS Spyder Evo 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo 1982 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 1970 Porsche 914/6 2012 Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo 1987 Porsche 959 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS 2012 Porsche 911 GT2 RS 2003 Porsche Carrera GT 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 (997) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE6ynmEnLFg Virginia International Raceway is a 17 turn, 3.27 mile long ribbon of bumpy, joyous tarmac (or grass and tyre walls for those of you who struggle with roads) ready to catch you out every time you blink or have a minor lapse in concentration. So what are you waiting for? It's out now for £15.99/$19.99! [gallery link=file" columns="5" ids="4278,4279,4280,4281,4282,4283,4284,4285,4286,4287,4288,4289,4290,4291,4292,4293,4294,4295,4296,4297,4298,4299" orderby="rand]
  23. Thank You For The Leak Hello Friends, today I bring tidings with Forza Motorsport 6 DLC-Expansion Pack-Release/Update-News-Goodness! Amazon.com, lovely company when it comes to video games - they sell at discounts, they give good shipping and customer service.. and now they've accidentally (purposely?) leaked the information for the upcoming Forza Motorsport 6 Porsche DLC pack. Details from the Amazon site have changed slightly since the page showed up, so here is what was on the original posting: The Forza 6 Porsche Expansion includes : Explore the past, present, and future of Porsche in an all-new guided Porsche Anthology campaign experience, featuring 48 new events across all of the Porsche models featured in the expansion. Collect, race, and customize 20 of Porsche’s most famous cars, including nine models brand new to Xbox One. From groundbreaking early innovators like the 1957 356A Speedster to bleeding-edge engineering marvels like the 2015 #19 Porsche Team 919 Hybrid, the legacy of Porsche is on full display. Virginia International Raceway makes its Forza Motorsport debut as a new track in Forza Motorsport 6. Tackle this classic American race track across seven distinct ribbons, all featuring night and wet configurations, and all running at glorious 1080p and 60 frames per second. Collect Porsche-exclusive Mods and Badges, and earn 250 Gamerscore worth of Xbox Live achievement and Compete in new Porsche-themed multiplayer Leagues, Hoppers, and Rivals events. So not only do we get TWENTY Porsches (which is nearly double the amount released for Horizon 2) - for the first time ever in Forza history, a new track will debut alongside. Virginia International Raceway (one of America's less famous, most famous tracks) will be joining the some-odd 20 cars in the game. The one thing we lack is a release date, but many people seem to think this pack will be announced in February and will be available for download in March. So, new track, new cars, new achievements.. Sounds good to me! How about you? Tell us what you think over at the forums!
  24. 2011 Porsche GT2RS Vehicle replaced: RUF RT12 Converted And Edited by: Reventon09 Original Model From: Turn10/FM4 Textures: Turn10/FM4 & Atari/TDU2 & EaGames/Shift2 Thanks to Tomo, Wroom & EmKill for the photos Thanks to Tomo, Wroom & FranckRibery for the beta-test Make sure you are running TDU2 Unpacked Features: Working Mirror Working Interior Gauges Very Highpoly Model Very Highpoly Interior Accurate Detail BODY_MR COCK_LR Custom Rims High Poly Exterior High Poly rims High Poly Interior Original Interior Highpoly rims Working Night driving lights Dirt & Scratches Stock Brake Disks 3D Parts Working Windows Working Doors photos: -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -------------------------------------- Mod History: V1.0: Released V2.0 Fixed windshield reflections Added reflections on the glass lights Improved lights Added illumination for the bottons in the interior Fixed interior mirror Fixed HUD illumination Fixed chrome material Improved hands movement on the steering wheel Fixed avatar seating position Improved interior textures Added missing lights -------------------------------------- Download: Download Terms of use: - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners - If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via e-mail: [email protected] - If you wish to put this modification on another website then please contact me via e-mail: [email protected]
  25. Sup, another screenshots thread by me, with some cars that I converted for NFS Most Wanted(over 100). Not sure if this is the place to post this thread, if it's any problem, please, an admin, move it to the correct place. RUF RT12R http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/NFSMW%20RUF%20Rt12R/speed2013-08-0914-20-55-16_zps798dd22e.jpg~original Maserati GranTurismo S http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/MaseratiGTS/speed2013-10-1820-54-19-04_zps29f401fc.png~original Subaru Impreza WRX STi http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/NFSMWSubaruImprezaWRXSTi/speed2013-07-2514-36-40-35_zps19b0d824.jpg~original Vauxhall Lotus Carlton http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/Lotus%20Carlton/speed2014-01-0419-00-19-39_zpsd1c94825.png~original Fiat Abarth 131 Stradale http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/NFSMW%20Fiat%20Abarth%20131/speed2013-08-1214-56-56-74_zps616d74bf.png~original Renault Alpine A110 http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/Alpine%20A110/speed2013-11-0818-15-49-76_zps4f3345e4.png~original Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/Spyder%20Performante/speed2014-01-0118-24-35-79_zpse54746de.png~original Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Custom http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/CamaroZ28Custom/speed2013-11-1718-57-43-83_zps8b3a40aa.png~original Ford Mustang Boss 302 Mk. V http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/Boss%20302%20v2/speed2013-12-0714-02-30-64_zpsae2aa8dc.png~original RUF CTR3 http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/RUF%20CTR3/speed2013-10-0516-39-53-60_zps69ae0f33.png BMW M5 E34 http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/BMW%20M5%20E34%201995/speed2013-08-3014-46-56-77_zps107e4453.png~original
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