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iLLusion: Island Paradise v0.9.5 + Autumn and Winter Add-On


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You got your dream car and you're driving on the island with a breathtaking sceneries. Driving on Oahu should be all about making you feel special. But wait... washed out, low quality textures somehow manage to ruin that whole paradise experience? Or you are just plain bored with TDU after spending countless hours driving from one end of the island to another? No more!


Expect a complete overhaul of TDU world... Island Paradise will breathe a new life into (y)our TDU!


Find out why we call it the ultimate environment mod for TDU!


Starting from v0.9, due to the community feedback, IP is going to be ''divided'' into two separate installations - Full Edition and Lite Edition.


While Lite Edition ''only'' got environment overhaul that should satisfy most of the crowd out there and give them countless hours of fun, Full Edition aims a bit higher. In short, added features like TDU2 GPS map, new GPS hud, IP TDU menu, IP car plate... will give this 4 year old game breath of fresh air. General overhaul will most likely keep you entertained long enough till the real deal, TDU2 come out in few months. And that's not all, as we continue to go toward v1.0, Full Edition will get even more features! So stay tuned!





Click on thumbnail(s) to see full picture(s)


2hfqlck_th.jpg 29vkt8m_th.jpg 2n7hhv_th.jpg 55s5kk_th.jpg


+ Autumn Add-On


2e67lvs_th.jpg 11h5374_th.jpg 2s6qyqu_th.jpg o70ooy_th.jpg


+ Winter Add-On


2v93b53_th.jpg 29nbklt_th.jpg 10nhyj8_th.jpg nbp08g_th.jpg


Island Paradise v0.9.5 Introduction [1080p] by GWTBialy






DOWNLOAD iLLusion: Island Paradise v0.9.5.rar + Add-ons





Feel free to share/modify as you wish. I'm only asking you to credit me as original author. Thanks!


Don't forget to read included info file for more informations.


For up2date news about our projects, check out our blog @ http://llpowah.blog.com/


You can contact/add me on Xfire: onlyillusion158




Release history


12.12.2010. - v0.9.5

14.11.2010. - v0.9.4

30.10.2010. - v0.9.3

12.10.2010. - v0.9.2

10.10.2010. - v0.9.1

29.09.2010. - v0.9

31.08.2010. - v0.8.9

21.08.2010. - v0.8.8

17.08.2010. - v0.8.7

15.08.2010. - v0.8.6

10.08.2010. - v0.8.5

02.08.2010. - v0.8a

28.07.2010. - v0.8

12.06.2010. - v0.6

15.05.2010. - v0.1


Huuuge thanks goes to:

- Djey for his AWESOME tools and his help,

- patch for guidelines on how to make scripts for autoinstaller,

- edwin for Ensete Ventricosum "Maurelii", Bismarckia Nobilis,Tropical birds, butterflies and newspapers, his help with making Groups for autoinstaller and additional help with the mod,

- TurboLag for Reflection Enhancer v0.9,

- inteLLigence and iLLegal for their help with bug testing,

- killalldude, edwin, patch, Rubie38, ScoobSTi, wagnerpsc, powerslave, Mr. Bean, jorge, Kevin1994, Crimson-7, IDProfile, gkwiatkowski817 for the help with testing,

- TheDuck38,Ozzmcom,Viltsua,M@ster,Narwhal,Malakai for their help with some early testing,

- and ofcourse to the TDU community for their continuous support!

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I was thinking about something similar to include with this release. Idea for new road textures, new weather... and maybe new shops + billboards still exists, but retexturing and replacing hundrends of files is time consuming... and time is something I won't have in next few weeks/months cause of my other projects, aswell as focusing to (finally) finish exams at my university.


I don't want to promise all of those new goodies, and then shortly after that ''disappear'', abandoning the project.


Short answer would be, you can expect ''only'' new flora. Should be enough, cause it will change look&feel of Oahu considerably. I've only replaced 3-4 textures (30+ to go), and impact it had on the world was astonishing. Can't wait to finish retexturing the rest of files and can't wait to see the end result. It will going to be whole another game, there's no doubt about it. :D

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So far, I've managed to modify 26 textures. I'm far from finishing this project, cause I have to modify around 20-25 more (don't ask how additional ones showed up on my to do list). XD


On brighter note, one type of palm tree is finished.






Not sure, but 2-3 palms left to go.

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Hvala, hvala. :D

Thanks, thanks. :D



It should work like a charm. Chances are, if you can run vanilla game on a decent framerate, you will run this mod also with no biggie.


I've started this mod with HQ textures, but soon my game started to freeze randomly as more and more textures were replaced. That's why I've decided to resize them back to default dimensions. Sure, it doesn't looks that good, but let's be honest, do we really want to see one leaf in ultra quality? Before you say, yes we do, I'm sure that 99% of the time we will just past by it fast and won't notice any difference at all. :D



I'll do my best to finish it until the 15th of June. If not, I'll provide a playable ''test'' version for the community, cause I know that a lot of guys are getting impatient to get their hands on this baby. :D Beta version should keep you good, and should give you a taste of a new TDU world... until the real stuff comes out.

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Sorry for the lack of new updates, I still didn't continued my work on replacing old textures. For the past few days, I was busy with the numerous bugs that were reported by beta testers. Most of them are solved, and most of them are... well, they are still waiting to be solved.


I don't want to bother you with my typing anymore, so I'll conclude this short report with a screenshot.




Cya soon.

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