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Assetto Corsa {DT} - General Discussion Thread

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The game supports map/location mods as well? This just might be our savior after all.


Not exactly if you speak about free roam map editor. The game give developpement tools wich are used by their dev to make cars and racetracks.


I'll try to create track made as an open road. 16kmx16km drivable surface but starting with one short simply and looped road then growing at each new update. There will be no line to follow, you ll' be free to choose wich way you go.


Totally different than azure coast and california highway from Pcars wich are just very nice non looped long track.





Don't expect too much for a full map cause it's a big amount of work. I just hope to show a way for other modders.

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Assetto Corsa Tech Preview is released now!


Assetto Corsa your racing simulator




Preview content a Lotus Elise SC on Magione track.





This is a gift for all NetKarPro owners who supported Kunos dev team by the past. You can still buy a NetKarPro licence (price is 5€ until the 1st march) and get access to the preview.


netKar-Pro version 1.3 Final

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