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Interested to know what happened next tbh, it looked like you were about to lose it :p

What happened next is I pressed record, and quit the race :) I'm a n00b in Xbox stuff so my recordings seem to be 30 seconds at max. So this was the max I could get.


This was only because I knew that the S800 could do this.

The race before it, I made a custom blueprint championship. This contained nothing but cars added in the car packs, so I called it Wallet Warriors Unite. Popular car among the elite were Titan Warriors; tough nuts to crack with, for instance, my AWD Honda Type-R.

For some reason, the deadly launch on the S800 devastated all the Titans at the very start, surprising me harder than those Titans, I guess. It weighs nothing but has a lot of power.

The rest of the race was very straight forward, I stood in pole the entire race, however I had racing tires and the Titans had rally's. So I was slipping through the hairpins and take the Titans on the after-corner-launch, but beat them.


Idk how to record all this :P On a very corner-y track, the S800 devastates cars you wouldn't believe.

This particular clip however, I was only serious in the launch; the rest couldn't bother me ;)

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