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E3 2018 [megathread]

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It's (almost) that time of the year again folks. E3 Games Expo 2018 begins with conferences starting on Saturday, June 9th, then opens to the public on Tuesday, June 12th. Here's what we've got to look forward to:

Saturday 9th June

Electronic Arts [11am PT | 2pm ET | 7pm BST]

Kicking off E3 with the EA conference, we can expect to see the latest instalment of their EA Sports franchises such as FIFA, Madden, NHL, etc, as well as a new

, and the addition of some new IPs such as Anthem from BioWare.


Sunday 10th June

Microsoft [1pm PT | 4pm ET | 9pm BST]

Next up we have the Microsoft conference, which will be held next door to E3 because it's damn popular to fit in the LA Convention Center.. seriously. We can expect, as usual, a new Forza announced, Halo, Gears of War, and possibly a return of the Fable franchise if the rumours are true.


Bethesda [6:30pm PT | 9:30pm ET | 2:30am BST]

It looks like we can expect to see a new AAA title from Bethesda, a return of Elder Scrolls or more likely an expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, and some new DLC content for existing games. Oh.. and a NEW FALLOUT



Monday 11th June

Square Enix [10am PT | 1pm ET | 6pm BST]

After the rousing success of Tomb Raider, it looks like we'll be getting a preview of the sequel, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Final Fantasy fans can also look forward to seeing the remade FF7.


Ubisoft [1pm PT | 4pm ET | 9pm BST]

Ubisoft will continue to kick a dead horse build upon its legacy with additions to their long running franchises Assasin's Creed and Tom Clancy (The Division 2) and returning Beyond Good & Evil which is almost as old as I am. Maybe some more footage of The Crew 2?



Sony [6pm PT | 9pm ET | 2am BST]

Don't expect to see the PlayStation 5 just yet, the PS4 has got a few years left in it yet, but there will be plenty to look forward to such as Marvel's Spiderman and The Last of Us Part 2.


Tuesday 12th June

Nintendo [9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm BST]

Finishing off the conferences will be Nintedo's video presentation highlighting the upcoming Smash Bros for the Switch and a few other titles coming to the Switch such as Pokemon (we hope), new Kirby and Yoshi games, and perhaps a new Animal Crossing.


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Where Can I Watch?

E3 YouTube

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Playstation Stream

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Live stream here:


You can find alternatives in the OP.


I'm excited to see what's next for Forza.. as always, and utterly bewildered that there's going to be a new Fallout. Can't wait. It's gonna' be a good E3.

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