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  1. wooooooooooooow hey Milli,you did it,well done girl,congratulations!!!! Massive work,you did amazing job,a lot of your free time invested on this mode....thank you for all your work,TDU still lives,Platinum welcome!!!!
  2. omg....this old dog hurrying home right now to try this mode
  3. I will try it,I love to use different weather mods...thanks kristiannn
  4. hey Djey,do you still need Renault 11 and Laguna?
  5. very very old thread :)I will try to find it for you,maybe I have it on my old PC
  6. I can't make a decision,which part I like the most:driving,weather or that Platinum handling :)
  7. at least I can do is to give you my support, mate....I am amazed as you,about TDU life,few people,including you is responsible for TDU long life....and finally about this R34 sound,as I can see,nothing changed.....you prefer to drive at night or when is stormy,your tyres are light and bright and your sound mods are still unique!!! So,I like this one very much! Keep it up with good work...cheers mate :tup:
  8. I will try it....support for your work!!!Thanks Djoy ;)
  9. there are few Hot rods for TDU,this is the best...
  10. please delete this thread,it is useless!!!
  11. little update: people from Logitech finally contact me,and we are now trying to find solution for my problem. If I could not fix it,maybe they send me G29 or G920...My question to you is,what do you think about this product,does anybody have it or use it and most important,does it works with TDU1(aka best game in the universe:D) I appreciate any reply ;)
  12. very interesting video,but as you said,sound modders are very hard to find these days...and unfortunately,all modders for TDU....as I can see,only Milli and Djey still mess with TDU
  13. I am just gonna comment video for now:it is amazing,it remind me on videos from Rubie38 many years ago.... and for the patch,it is gonna be epic,I know 100% Greetings Milli :clap::clap::clap:
  14. Thanks for reply guys main reason why bothering people here is because I really need your impressions about Logitech support. I will go to service tomorow but I am 100% chure they wont fix it.I try to find other services they could have a look but nobody want to mess with it,so I think my only option and hope is to Logitech send me new one,or my racer PC career is over.
  15. according to their support,they give 3 years warranty and I own it 2 years and 4 months..I hope my wheel can and will be fix....if it can't be fixed,I hope Logitech can offer me to replace it....
  16. I was wondering: what is your impressions with Logitech support,does anybody had business with them.... Currently,I have problem with my G27 wheel,so I need yours appinions what to expect from them....I must take it to the service first,Loggitech official for my country,but I am not an optimist they could fix my problem, so only that I hope is to Logitech company offer me any help and any kind of offer if the service can not fix it.....
  17. [ATTACH]30587[/ATTACH] yeap,it is black ;)
  18. manufacturers have big plans this days,look at this beast :drool: what do you think Zoqqer??? :lol::lol::lol:
  19. believe me or not,but when I saw this car,my first impression was:so TduZoqqer....:lol::lol::lol:
  20. glad to see you mate,can't wait to use your mods....btw,I love your Civic :D [ATTACH]30366[/ATTACH]
  21. welcome mate....many modders worked on this game so you can choose whatever you like.....number of cars,weather mods,environments mods,roads and road signs....matter of preferance....cheers and have fun ;)
  22. mmm 206....nice one:drool::drool::drool:
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