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  1. I've had this install for a while and copied it from my other PC. However now instead of the game working properly, There are errors such as no audio in game, crashes after spending a short moment in game, and weird black borders on the top and bottom of the screen. I have 0 idea what is causing this error and any help would be appreciated.
  2. u an opp if you dont like the PS2 port of TDU fr
    FInally, a mod for the PS2 Demake! Also mod is very fun and challenging, its like a hard mode for PS2.
    Amazing mod, I'm using the lite version and it completely transforms the game! Textures are WAAAAAAAAAAY better than before but it does not list what else it changes but I cant really find anything from this mod except it changes a bunch of textures to better looking ones. It makes the game look way better and it works with platinum. fun mod definitely recommend.
  3. what took people so long to see this
    it works perfectly but the sound quality on these songs is not HQ and they are not stereo
  4. there is a tool that can convert offline accounts to online as of june 6 2023. but i cant find the link. it should be on here...
  5. honestly the only reason i dont play the ps2 version as much as the PC modded version is because nobody has made private servers for it yet and because of the lack of cars
  6. ive always had this problem and ive havent found a fix, reinstalled multiple times and on different computers what the fuck is going on? (sorry for profanity)
    Havent tried yet but very excited thanks so much for this Edit: works perfectly! Havent heard no issues and no glitches at all!!!!
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