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-=[(ELVIS])=- Traffic Pack


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5 hours ago, -=[(ELVIS)]=- said:



Traffic Pack v1.0



This is my first (and probably the last) Traffic pack after i've created some traffic cars for TDU some years ago.

I hate it all the time to see that is nobody created new traffic. No matter ... now it's done. ^^

...for more read the FAQ. 😉



-No Damage Model

-Working Shadow

-All Lights Working

-Midpoly & Highpoly BODY / BODY_LR / RIMS


Bus1                Grumman-Olson P-800 'Vandoorn Atlus 3.8L'
Compact1        2010 Ford Taurus SHO V6    
Compact2        2006 Chevrolet Impala Mk.IX
Compact3        2006 Dodge Charger SRT-8
Fullsize1           2010 Cadillac CTS-V
Limousine1      2010 Lincoln Town Car 'Limo'
Minivan1          2005 GMC Savana
Pick_Up1          2010 RAM 3500 Heavy Duty
Police1             2010 Ford Taurus SHO V6
Pompier1         Ford C-Series Firetruck
SUV1               2009 Dodge Grand Caravan
SUV2               2009 Hummer H3X                
SUV3               2001 Chevrolet Blazer Mk.II
SUV4               2007 Cadillac Escalade
SUV5               2008 Ford F-350
SUV6               2010 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew
Taxi1               2011 Chevrolet Volt
Truck3            GMC RTS Nova

Known Issues
- Bigger Cars pop up after they come closer (you will see this sometimes on the Bus, Firetruck or the delivery Van)
- Police Car has a black square in the distance when activated the siren light
  The original police car has this problem too
  I can only solve it when i remove the lightflares of the siren light
- Black Dark Shadow (transparent shadow don't works on modded Traffic car, i don't know why)
- Some Cars has a minimal clipping Bug

Tell me😄

Q: Are there come more Traffic?
A: Maybe...

Q: Can i request you for new Traffic cars?
A: No!

Q: Wich Cars did you replaced?
A: I replaced all the cars wich you can see in Stock TDU or TDU Platinum
   I replaced the cars with a nearly similar size (optical size) like the stock traffic.

Q: There are some hidden Traffic Cars you have not replaced. Do you plan it?
A: No! Because you need a different AIConfig.xml to unlock new traffic but this causes sync problems
   in multiplayer if some other guys use the stock AIConfig.xml

Q: Have your traffic cars new paint?
A: Nohh 😕 .... but i'm working on it. Some weeks ago i was testing it and it works but not proberly.
   If anyone knows more about it... tell me 😉 ......or.. do it by yourself, because i hate coding 😛

Q: I found a car with a weird Bug can you solve it?
A: I need a picture or a description of the Bug than i can decide it to fix.

Q: Sometime bigger Cars pop up after they come closer
A: Thats a Problem of the game and the collision file i can't solve it because
   i can't edit the collision file.

Q: Some Cars has clipping bugs. I can drive through sometimes at beginning and end of a car
A: Same Answer like the popping Up Vehicles, its a problem of the collision file.

Q: Can you activate light textures for Visibility in nights?
A: No because game has no properly working nights and all the necessary Textures are busy.

Q: Can you remove the Lightflares?
A: Yes but i'm won't. I let it in because it's better for the Traffic visibilty at the distance.
   If you want to remove them you can use my light_fx.2db texture to remove it.
   But Attention this remove the complete lightflares on every Car in the Game!!

Q: I have a problem my cars are looking like a Monstertruck when i crash into it.
A: Dont switch the traffic vehicles among themselves it causes optical problems wich i cant solve
   Maybe if there come more cars later, replace it only with traffic wich is scheduled!!

Q: Can i share your Traffic Pack on other sides?
A: Yes but use my Credits please.


Download (Mediafire)

Additional Download here on duck.

Terms of use:


-Author of the Models are Ubisoft Reflections Driver San Francisco, gtapintarg & Driftér

- The models, skins and other files are for private use only

- Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited

- All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners


- If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via PM:Here on TDUCK

- If you wish to put this modification on another website then please contact me via PM:Here on TDUCK

Sweet Mod... Thanks, just installed it and it looks sooooo much better...

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  • 3 months later...

Nice pack which makes the ride inside the game more pleasant!

Because the default traffic cars are ugly!

But it will be nice in the future, to have much more traffic cars (diversity), then, be able to control the "spawn frequency in %" of each, so we could use (with a low percent), a specific sport car (Porsche, Ferrari, etc.) to a traffic car, and make it not frequently visible (realism).

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6 hours ago, Homelander said:

But it will be nice in the future, to have much more traffic cars (diversity), then, be able to control the "spawn frequency in %" of each, so we could use (with a low percent), a specific sport car (Porsche, Ferrari, etc.) to a traffic car, and make it not frequently visible (realism).

That's unfortunately not possible with our current game knowledge, and I'm even afraid it's impossible at all. The only frequency which can be set for now is per Island area (e.g huge traffic in urban areas, less in the lands...)

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