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iLLusion: Island Paradise v0.9.5 + Autumn and Winter Add-On

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i'm the only one with the black landscape far away problem? =/


edit: if i use the hd patch maybe the problem stops?


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That question is asked, and answered btw., like hundred times already. :p It's already very well explained in IP info file. :) Uninstall Full Edition and install Lite. ;)


Lovely video! Thanks. ;)


Here's the solution thx ;)

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hola. my tdu still in the 1.66A version that is original, only I have the magik map, if I install this mod the game may bear?

or need to update my. tdu?

Answer me quick I want to install it.:thumbsup:



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and I have not installed any other version of paradise island.

really proved necessary to install all versions? or I can install only the v0.9.5

(my first mod)

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This mod looks very good, i want to try it, but i can't download. If i click to the download link, the website turn to the mediafire, but the mediafire can't find the file, so i can't download. Somebody update the link, please.

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I tried the original download link and it worked for me but I can understand it may not work for others. In reading the original post you can see that iLL actually encourages people to share and even modify this content as long as proper Credit is given.


Feel free to share/modify as you wish. I'm only asking you to credit me as original author. Thanks!

So I have put the link back in the post and will also add it as a mirror to the original post too. :)


If iLLusion has an issue with this then he can simply PM me on here or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forum.



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