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New Free to Play Porsche game in development (AutoManiax)

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Now this looks exactly like pCARS, but Thomas from Fanatec said it isn't - it's that free game that Automaniax is making with Porsche. (http://www.virtualr.net/automaniax-porsche-online-new-title-coming)


So now SMS must be involved with Porsche, since it looks like they are providing the game engine, and hopefully that means pCARS will get Porsche's soon, which would be brilliant.



But if you recall 3 weeks ago, Ian from SMS said that they were going to restructure and "become part of something bigger and better", but this partner wasn't going to be a publisher (i.e. EA). So perhaps Porsche is providing the rest of the pCARS funding?


We're still in negotiations chaps. Things will take a little longer to resolve.


Which is interesting considering how we saw that video yesterday of Suzi from SMS talking up their relationship with Ferrari and somewhat lamenting over how pedantic they are. :)

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Gotta love a good ol' loophole. Was BMW part of that deal as well? It seems like only EA games had BMW's.


Ask Diablo about that, he has claimed several times the BMW license exprited, now perhaps 4 months ago already.


@repy :p : perhaps they managed to bring enough bags of money with them for EA to soften a bit on the contract.

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Automaniax now has a trailer + a signup page and competition:





It's using the pCARS engine (although if you click the Feedback link top-right some people think it's illegally used for some reason :confused:)




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Actually there might be something to this:


Quotes from pCARS forum:






You don't look happy, Andy. :a05:


Wow..just wow.


Seems like somebody is either a) very angry that his gaming engine got nicked or b) very grumpy because the trailer leaked a day early! :a21:


Either way, this is all very confusing now atm, I gotta say. So SMS licensed the madness engine and the tracks to them and the rest is done by automaniax? Or are you developping 2 games in WIP state simultaneously now? I m glad I ll be away all weekend and hopefully have a bit of clarity until Tuesday, when I ll be back.


PS: Christopher brings up a good point as well.I really hope this doesnt end up playing against SMS in the long term.


It's not b).


I'm away for two weeks from tomorrow, I hope for clarity on my return as well.


Whoa... then there is probably only one person that can shed some light on this. :a23:


It's absolutely not clear that we are involved.


I'm saying no more in this thread guys, mostly for legal proceeding reasons. Although it is true that my initial anger at what I've seen from AX has now been added to by WMD members calling me a liar.


Perhaps Automaniax licensed the madness engine for their game but have used pCARS assets without permission?


Hopefully the Devs can at least give us a clue as to what is happening here as this is going to potentially upset quite a few people that have put big money into pCARS.


Give it a rest. We haven't licensed the engine to anyone.


Regardless, it is our engine, we've been working on it for 7 years and no one has been duped. We could license it to half the world if we wanted to. If that doesn't sit well with you then leave.


Again, we could license our engine to anyone, WMD members don't own it, we do. But we haven't.


I'll make a short statement here for now.


This company is using our engine and assets without our permission and without a contract with SMS. We're pursuing things via the normal legal channels.


We were in negotiations with Automaniax and the head of Porsche marketing some time back with a view to us creating a product for them. We delivered some work to them. The contracts were not signed, the agreed funds were not received and we stopped the work.


We're stunned here to see our work appear there.



pCARS left | AM right


-- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --



Automaniax Porsche Online in Legal Trouble? Sim Racing News


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Here's a webpage for pCARS and Shift 2 developer Darren White showing some of his work:


Darren White // Art Director // Reel 2011




Now let's play spot the difference:







So they've also ripped off Shift 2 content. :fp:

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Makes me curious if they actually are working together with Porsche or not x)



Still though, they can calmly release this game, NFS5 still stands lonely at the top after 12 years and will continue to do so. YAY FOR NFS5!

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Makes me curious if they actually are working together with Porsche or not x)


They do say that Porsche is one of their partners. Don't know if it's an active partnership, or just a licence.


OT: Looks interesting. Might even sign up if I get bored with my other games :p

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There are now hints that Automaniax are playing dirty and using their lawyers to target other established rFactor modders using Porsches.


Right now the sim community in general really doesn't like Automaniax right now, plus after they ripped of SMS content. Doubt they will have many playing their sim even if it is free.











Dear Automaniax, you are a laughing stock amongst the sim racing community and no amount of legal threats to mod teams is going to change that.


WAT? Did we miss something?


No this is where i meant to post it, just wanted to get a rant off my chest after the news i received this evening.


What news? Spill the beans!


Well, just take a look at his sig ;) The first picture you'll see is a couple of Porsches.


Could someone be that bad? Steal a mod, use it for a commercial project and sue the people who made it? I mean stealing something in the first place is a really bad thing but this really goes off the scale!


They used SMS's footage to promote their game, and screwed them over thousands of dollars, would that really surprise you?


No, actually it wouldn't. That's the sad part. It's getting worse and worse though and I can't believe they still have the Porsche license.


Oh dear, I have a hunch of what this might be about, I hope I'm wrong.


I am guessing they don't want a rival Porsche Series mod being released about the same time as theirs so they have sent the mod team a message, maybe even got Porsche's lawyers involved. Dirty tactics and I hope I am wrong.


Well i gotta say i would choose the En******** mods over this any day of the week...Do they really think they are going to get simracers to actually try their product carrying on like this attacking longstanding modders/members of the community.

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