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Calster's "Fleet"

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best to update this I guess?


- Civic: Still in my possession, and still not got an MOT. :lol:


- Cappo: Providing much love and driving thrills but potential work is annyoing me.


- "Renault Sport Clio NBR edition" : Sadly, she got sold last September. But Is still alive and apparently awaiting a Clio 182 engine swap...


New to the 'fleet'


- Lexus LS400 aka "The Lexbus", "Lexembourg" or "HMS Lex-Bardge" : Sure most of you guys know of this one already.

It's a year 2000 lexus LS400 (UFC20) with the VVTI 4.0 1UZ V8. in this spec it pumps out 290 Hp & 300Lb Ft and weighs in the same region of the average medium commercial aircraft. it has leather everything and genuine wood inserts in the dash, and electric everything. Also has a Sat-nav built in as standard. Back new it would have cost the equivalent of £60,000 - 65,000 in today money and cost's around the same to fuel it for 2 hours...

Has been used as everything Lexus never intended it to be used from...from 'hooning' it on twisty mountain roads, drag racing and used as a tent for camping. Expect a trackday to be ticked off the box soon... :cool:




Kia Rio "Ice": I've mentioned this car a few times. It has 4 wheels, 4 brakes (you would't think it), a roof and allegedly has an engine but honestly think I've been walking the entire time I've had to drive it. Does have working air-con though!



And that's it for now. :lol:

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Update time....


Civic 'Wolf'

Still not got it's MOT, a year and 3 months after i fail it...had done 250 miles since Oct 2014 though. :lol:

Currently under the status of "Open for offers" though. :(


Cappuccino "LilCoffee"

Been off the road since October 2015, in a state of "find the rust" and will be up for sale soon.

Yup, I've given up and thrown the towel in on this. Honestly the best drivers car I've owned but trying to keep the rust under control is unreal. And I'm on about structural rust! Lesson learnt...I should have just gotten a good one rather than take a risk one and fix her up.

She will be missed.


Lexus LS400

As of yesterday, she has been in my ownership a year. Still doing things Lexus never designed it to do.

Latest to that list include using it as an actual boat during heavy flooding (only damage is the heatshield on the O/S/R is now loose, and some lacquer peeling off on a part it was alreday) and getting airborne while doing a speed that may or may not have been above legal limit's. :lol: A trackday is due this year after the brakes, service and timing have been done.


And that's it, the Kia got scrapped due to structural rust, bought for £200 and scrapped for £100. Not bad considering how much it got thrashed....

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R.I.P. Kia. *puts on funeral suit* I'd have expected you to give it some sort of viking funeral. :p


You sure you shouldn't wait to do all the work on the LExus until after the track day? :cheeky:


As tempting & funny as it would have been, I had fun with her so could't do it. Least this way another one can hopefully live a little longer!


I could wait till after the trackday, but the last service was carried out 16,000 miles ago so is long over due, as well as the serpentine belt looking like it's the original and seems' like it'll snap any moment. And then there's the timing...which I don't have any reason or proof to think it's been done other than the Lexus stamp in the log book for 60,000 miles so want to play it safe. (People have reported getting over 200,000 miles on the original timing belt though...). :lol:


I've my eyes on a few things (as always) Camel, don't you worry! chances are it'll be something you guys love, loathe or have no opinion of it! :cheeky:

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So "Something new" actually has 2 meanings this time...


It's a new car to me & it's an actual new car.

Bet you wernt expecting that. :nuts:


So, she's an Abarth 595, the 'basic' Abarth with 140hp and has the optional 17" wheels. Managed to get a fantastic deal on finance thanks to it being a pre-reg car and also ex-demo car, so had 350 miles on the clock. On a 4 year deal so expect to see alot on her over that time.

Thoughts so far? The hanging is perfect and the engine is punchy, with the size being perfect for zipping about the place in the same style as the Cappo. The sound is fantastic both inside & out, honestly would't think it's the factory exhaust or it's a 1.4! Downside? The ride is very harsh, would be fine if it was't for the state of the UK's roads.


Can't wait for it to be fully run in and taker her for a good run! :D

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Can I get a free haircut with that car? xD jk jk :cheeky: very nice car mate, something different from your 'usual' taste ;)


Actually the first person to make a hairdresser joke. (I can book you on this tueday? :lol: ) All but 1 person has been surprised by this and even then he was surprised that i actually got one! (He's known for years i like the car).


And you ask for more Photo's...







Me took these last night while I took it for a spin of the city. That involved getting airborne at one point. :lol:


Honestly Can't get enough of it, just so fun to drive and feels' so 'chuckable' and it's a nippy thing! Can't wait for the weather to get better and have a blast up Cairngorm way and such on the back roads!

Have a few things on order so hoping to have them fitted by next weekend. :)

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