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Hey! The S3 was my dream car. Get your own!



Probably not going to buy one now (unless I happen to to be tempted by the 2nd hand market). Going to be boring and grown up put savings towards a mortgage. :(


The funny thing is that it looks great in photos, videos, and is very capable, but when I sat inside one and drove it quickly (both on twisty bumpy roads and on a race track) it just didn't feel as special as i was expecting. Switches on the interior felt rather cheap in the way they clicked noisily, rather than having an expected soft premium feel. (i.e. somewhat like my Golf).


Waiting to find out where I end up working next before deciding on the Street Triple.

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Knew you were gonna go with grey again. :p






Also did an F-Type S. Not really sure if silver is the right choice, but I wanted that awesome Camel leather, didn't want white, black colors and it doesn't go very well with red paint so silver it is then. :hmmm: Also has the Sport package with black trims. You can also now get a fixed rear wing which looks just awful.





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Just three pictures I also used for the price-announcement article on the Dutch mercforum, to illustrate what the S-Cabriolet cán look like. I really like this car, always loved the 2-door versions of the S-Class since the 00's. They are big cars so there's enough room for the design, unlike on a C-Class platform :/

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As you guys know, I'm not the worlds biggest fan of Ze German cars. But as you know Im a big fan of my barges, so I had a bit of a play around...


Audi S8 Plus...


Moonlight blue with Black/Black interior(Optional 'Perforated Natural leather' seats selected) with 'Audi exclusive inlays', so that's wooden trim. Optional dynamic pack for the 190Mhp top speed was a must. as well, and the Sunroof/Solar panel was ticked to boot.

Added the Ski/Luggage box and roof rails as well as 'Audi Wireless internet Access' for the EU.

Loving the OTR price of: £112,869.000


As all too tempting to make it Java Green but would have killed the idea of a nice, under the radar 2 tonn luxo barge feel. :lol:


Now to BMW and the M760Li...

Sadly, the M760Li is't out yet, or showing on BMW UK, so the 'lesser' 750I M Sport will do.

So it's in Singapore Grey with the optional 20" alloys (£1,100), with the Mocha Exclusive Nappa leather and Light Poplar wood interior trim. (£80 extra)

Admittedly that's all I had for this as BMW's configuration page is rubbish compared to Audi's.


OTR price of £81,150.00


And keeping the sporty luxo-barge theme going, Mercedes only had 1 option to pick...


The S65 AMG...


In Ruby Black metalic and sporting the 20" multi-spoke AMG alloys, black/black interior with walnut trim. Individual rear seats being the only other optional extra, as near enough everything is included as standard!

An eye watering price of £183,880.00


I'll stick to my 2000 LS400 that cost me £1,500 now I think of it... :lol:

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The S8 has always been a great sleeper vehicle, I mean, even in your picture no one would really guess it was as powerful as it actually is, but even so, those rims and a few of the other Audi stuff makes it less of a sleeper and more of a LOOK AT ME car.

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