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Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]


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I just wanted to say: Great mother****ing job man. It feels just like old times.


By the way: I can say that it works great with my digital downloaded copy of the game except for the fuel mode. It crashes when I run out of gas. But whatever, I just turned it off.


I do have a question: Are there future updates planned? I suppose now we can add cars, mods and roads for everyone to see, right?


Anyway, keep the good work up! TDU's alive!!!

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Hi! Thanks for this online patch - it work!

Was have fun just see online player and speack whis them - it is already enouch, but if you can do more - thank you!


From me little "upgrade" for better visibility:

- For AMD Videocard user (for Invidia it is same just finde it)

1) open AMD Catalist CC, then go to Games here press Add + or something like thet (im using diferent lang. not English);

2) after thet finde (TestDriveUnlimited.exe) file and then put here Anisothropic Filtering to 16x;

3) press save and thets all.

P.S. Sorry for my bad Englsh.

So Thank You for game!

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Hey hey just joined to say BIG THANKS for bringing back online TDU! Was great to see other players cruising again -good times! ^^ Hashwell mentioned he's able to see a player count. Where can I find this info? Clicking "players" used to show red areas back in the day. Nothing showed up when I tried tonight. Are we able to bookmark online players or is it random sessions?

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Welcome to TDUCK synflux

after u got ur first house and did the first race, its always good to restart the game so the MP map loads quicker


Here u can see the player count



Im not 100% sure if possible to add other ppl to the friends list yet, bec that use to work over that gamespy messinger, i think it was called GameSpy Arcade

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i see only the info server are offline : (

in the start menu i see the version from the mod and the gamespy info (nick not available) first time, i change nothing amd click ok...

i make the tutorial but after... hm. it is not a offline profil but see not online.


upnp file:

Game started at: 04/28/15 22:59:29 Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit

upnpDiscover() found UPnP devices on network

valid gateway device found

port 8889 successfully opened, no manual action needed


firewall say, he tried connect to:

is this ip from the mod server?


Have DVD version, install last patch 1.66A and copy the mod files in the main folder from tdu.


is the server off at the moment or have i make what wrong?

can anyone help plz?

thanks :)


Edit: FAIL!! omh lol, it is woooorks :DDD

After create new profile (test...) and info coming the nick is not.... must again click on the gamespy window, this i dont have make at first profil -.-


great work, yeah thx for server up!!!!!!

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Guest .:TestDriver:.

A weird glitch is found for this mod, everybody freezes in the game! all ports are open,apparently. Please watch the video clip below and also I hope you like the musics in it.



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The wrapper version of DSS is too old error.


I want play TDU paradise. check up The wrapper version of DSS is too old error.

I'm very tired by very hard trial and error.

I get conclusion. securom ver is old.

My PC is windows8.1 64bit now.


My client is Gamefly DL ver. Downloaded direct2drive.

I used 1.66A update. and get error.

I use Diagnostics Tool(in securom site) for TDU1.

You can securom update.

next manually activation.


I don't get key.

I get serial error.

I waiting manually support.


Thanks for reading :)


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hi all,

a friend have problem, he have router and 2 pc.

without port forwarding i see the 2 with lag.

with port forwarding i see pc 1 from him right but pc 2 lag.

when eh make the port forwarding to pc 2 i see pc 1 with lag...

he can´t make a port forwarding 8889 to pc 1 and pc 2.

what can he do?

we try port 8888 for the other pc on the router but not help...

anyone idea?

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With latest launcher you dont need command lines.

You can just select what you want via laucher, and there are options you might want, like bignks for new mods, but thats your choice mate.

Also port forward 8889 port in your router settings.

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hello, there ive been wanting to play TDU again..so sad atari screwd us ...i had the game -i had 2 Cd keys , entered and seems it is leggit, i had 1.66a patch done, dearchived the fiels i nthe game dir..opened the launcher ,chose soem settings..went game.. started the beginning missions... adn then when its tiem of online ..it only shows TDU avaliable..bot no other players ? what did i do wrong or im the only one playing..fro mtime to time it appears a message TDU server is unavaliable..but it doesnt trow me out ... strange...waht did i do wrong help..wanna plat whit other ppl

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