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    Here's what you've got : 4 new shifter sounds, new horn sounds for the bots and TDU vehicules (Cucaracha horn, Il Sorpasso horn, Dixie horn, Tequila horn, Kwai River horn, Marseillaise horn, Godfather horn, Vamos a La Playa horn, Dalton horn, Martin horn, italian bus horn, cavalery charge horn, ooh-gah horn, new police siren (not sure it works), trans-siberian horn, new firetruck siren) and a new turbo sound. I've included the wav files in a separate folder so you can customize the install if you like, maybe you don't want that cucaracha horn on your SLR ! (TDU audio system uses a dozen of horns for all the cars) NOTE: I've not tested it at 100% for now, so watch out for a potential update in few days, thanks (if you notice some issues please tell me). I'll post soon a preview link. DOWNLOAD:TDU beta alternative sounds (horns, shifters and turbo) by Doctor G.zip
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    Source : Preview : [/b] DOWNLOAD : Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren TDU sound mod by Doctor G.zip Thanks for comments.
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    I'm definately up for some JDM Wangan stuff. Probably in a K20 swapped Civic for teh lulz.
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    Only 11,998 more to go!
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    Pagani Zonda F by - Icy J -, on Flickr Nissan GT-R R35 by - Icy J -, on Flickr Mercedes CLK DTM Convertible by - Icy J -, on Flickr Ferrari Daytona by - Icy J -, on Flickr Ferrari 512 by - Icy J -, on Flickr
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    Had a Good Day? Post Your Story Here!

    You could use up some of those words explaining what dissertation* means :lol: *(long essay)
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    Mclaren P1

    And basically every car maker in the universe. [/thread]
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    DGSotW Week 9: Games older than 2002

    I should have tried that, maybe it still works on my PC :hmmm:
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    To focus: Press square. The focus will be in what is in the middle of screen. If you want the focus in offset, put where you want the focus to be on in the middle, press square and then you move the camera to the position you want the photo. Moviment photos with the car stopped just rims spinning: Open the menu and select mode 3. (It comes as mode 1) Shutter speed: How long the camera will be open, lower the number, more time open, that means rims spinning and stuff. Higher the number, everything will be stopped, because the camera will open and close really fast. Exposure: Brightness. There is something that max number is 45. That is the background definition, higher the number, better quality, lower the number, more blur it will get. I set in the lowest to find where i want the focus and then adjust the rest. Hope i helped. Lol
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    Show us your vehicle

    Mellors might be interested to hear that with some $900 software I've fixed all the 7spd twin dry clutch DSG idiosyncrasies and it's all behaving wonderfully now.
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    Now wait till the R32 is released and we can make TDUCk Wangan Mid Night Club with plenty of modified Supra's and R32's. :D


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