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  1. quick question to everyone still playing TDU1 since atm I can't test this myself: is it with the RECENT Win10-Version (May2019-Update or newer) still possible to play TDU1? I lost my TDU1-DVD, however I still have my DVD-case (Metal-box), the manual and most importantly my Keys. I know it was possible to run TDU1 in Win10 V1803 aka Redstone4 (see my guide-excerpt below) Excerpt from my Super-Guide for TDU1 7.2 (I'm back at working on this guide since 9-2019; due to personal issues I paused from 3-2019 to 9-2019) -install and play TDU1 in Windows10 (last tested with Windows 10 Version 1803 aka Redstone 4): in Windows Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Manage Optional Features disable the support for IE11 (Internet Explorer 11) as well as disabling DPI-Scaling in the shortcut to the main-exe from TDU1 (\TestDriveUnlimited.exe) in the register-card Compatibility (in recent Windows10-Versions named „Disable full-screen optimisations“ or „Change high DPI settings“ (unclear)); these 2 configuration-settings should be enough, however i also installed the CommunityPatch 2.00a from www.Turboduck.net which i.a. overhauls the TDU-Graphics (PackHD in Mode HDU) and includes a new dinput8.dll whith which you can (better?) use the Logitech G27 in TDU1 and only play TDU with the MS Xbox One Gamepad, which is connected to my Computer via USB-Cable → despite that or possible precisely due to these additional things my copy of TDU1 runs slightly instable under Windows 10 with Nvidia Geforce 1060 6gb as GPU and Intel Core i5 8600k as CPU and quite often crashes during loading of new areas in the main map, which by default is to open with „m“ (so not when you drive (includes racing)), and sometimes the traffic vanishes in the missions.
  2. Hello totalnuts, I've just made a (rather shitty) tribute-video to the TDU1-racer totalnuts, which I remember for his racing on the MP-track "grand tantalus" in the Chrysler ME 4-12 without driving aids back in 2009. Are you that guy?
    This is my tribute (atm it's still uploading and processing):


    1. totalnuts


      can be, drove the Chrysler ME 4-12  a lot, had 33k km on it, car was awesome in coners, favorite tracks was in the mountains

      to bad the game doesn´t work wel in offline mode, police cars driving there I just don´t see them, but keep crasing in them though, which is annoying and results in chases which I don´t want

  3. wow that was quick So if I understand you correctly, nothing was deleted, but there maybe permissions required? I try to find and update all the link targets anyways since it would be kinda stupid not to do since this is quite possibly the last ever version of my guide and I still have to update it's table of content
  4. Where is all the content? I'm looking for the TDU1 PC thread "Complete Tutorials" which included a post of mine containing my Uber-Guide for TDU1 - in it's current developing version 7.1 renamed to Super-Guide for TDU1 - as attachment. I wanted to make a reference to this post in my Super-Guide for TDU1 v7.1 which I'm about to publish to DLH.net Now i have to find and update all the Links etc.
  5. Hello all, I back with TDU1 and might even restart on my Performance/Uber-Guide. I managed to make TDU1 run under Win10 using my MS Xbox One Gamepad. Anyways: is it possible to install ProjectParadise when you have the (old?) CommunityPatch 2.00a and the included graphics mods installed? Even with just the TDUCP and it's graphics tweaks installed, TDU1 is slightly instable - at least using Windows10 and a Geforce 1060 6Gb with recent drivers. I'm worried about butchering my installation.
  6. Guide about ~everything in TDU (e.g. true vehicle-Performance, how+what is unlockable, Race/Event-Overview, TDU1 in Win10x64 etc,) Some may have seen may name, since I was in the Top-Section of the leaderboards (non-cheated) from ~End of 2007 until ~10-2009 as The_Seeker82 (my old primary online-account in TDU1). Starting in 3-2008 I created over ~1 year the so called Performance Guide for TDU1. But it never became truely complete. After a huge break in doing anything TDU-related I fixed this during in the last 2-3 months. Its now hugely expanded, updated, and should include just about everything worth mentioning. Since I included quite a bit of not performance-related stuff I also changed the title twice - version 7.0 was called Uber-Guide for TDU1, version 7.1 and 7.2 are called Super-Guide for TDU <version number>. English / Deutsch For example I included a new guide how to properly use the Logitech G27 incl. the pedals in Windows 8.x x64 (which both are unsupported in TDU1), or how to fix the Online-Lobby-Bug. Brief overview of my Guide-Content: true Vehicle-Performane, attributes (self evaluated + some based on official ones), car/bike behavior + traits and hints and guides for better racing + Race-Event-Overview incl. personal best + unlockables + tuning-bugs and multiplayer-bugs I will write the changelog from the previous version 6.0b (released back in 12-2008!) to the new 7.0 as soon as I have completed the english translation, which will probably take at least another 4 weeks. (edit: or more like 4 years ) I also have my Guide in a Public Dropbox.com Folder which everyone can access even without an own dropbox-account: Dropbox.com - Games - TDU1 (JavaScript for dropbox.com has to be enabled to see content of folders, folder will always be the most recent version) Besides the guide itself it also includes Screenshots of my PB-times for every track and my previous version of the Super-Guide until the English translation of 7.0 is done. Changelog version 6.0b to 7.0 final - short version: -new TestTrack-times for ~12cars -changed written comments regarding sensitivity to bumps, grip to topspeed-ratio to numeric values -new scale division for values A + b + c (vehicle-mangementability + vehicle behavior (understeer to oversteer) + grip to topspeed-ratio) -for every class wrote <vehicle> best ratio of performance, handling and grip -actualised links where Super-Guide is being published (this forum, public dropbox-folder, and in the future also DKH.net) -added effect of driving-aids-settings and Steering wheel incl. pedals vs. Gamepad -added unlockable cars, houses, etc. and how to unlock these -added track-overview for every SP and MP-track according to player-level (amateur to champion), allowed vehicles, incl. goal for gold, personal best incl. vehicle -various small improvements in numberous sections (better written, changed headings, changed position of sections, spelling-errors corrected...) -added direct links to sections in table of contents and updated the table of contents Changelog version 7.0 to 7.1 (German only): -Version-History adjusted -Disclaimer/Copyright minimally changed -§7.2 (Online-Events heavily reworked -§5.3 (Troubleshooting-Hints) reworked and expanded (esp. installing and playing of TDU1 under recent Windows 10 x64 as well as Onlinemode after shut down of official TDU1-Server) -renamed Uber-Guide in Super-Guide for TDU1 -in §7.1 (Singleplayer-Races where only manufacturer-specific cars are allowed) completed vehicle-names -created §6.6 (Guide for shaking off police resp. spare fines - Strategies for lowering the persecution level etc.) -completely updated the table of contents Changelog version 7.1 to 7.2 (English+German version status as of 18.3.2019): -minimal changes (mostly improved spelling and grammar, also substituted car with vehicle in various places) -changed group-color assignment for all vehicles to name in up-to-date version of OpenOffice with actual color) -cleaned up release-history (remains from development-phase of Version 7.0) -in §4.1 (Vehicles which on Stage 3 are not its fastest and reasons why) unmerged cells in order to get columns for vehicle-name and vehicle-class -in vehicle-Overview in comments included valies with self-determined numeric values (esp. for manageability) -in §7.1 (Singleplayer-Tracks) changed/optimized columns for/to event-Level and Event-ID incl. Event-Type + Reward & Reference for Gold -§5.3 (Effects of driving-aids + steering-wheel vs Gamepad + using Logitech G27 in TDU1 without unofficial patch etc.) slightly improved -updated Release of Super-Guide for TDZ1 due to lack of response of DLH-Team
  7. Cant really tell since I bought Shift2 as 10€Budjet Version in 8-2012 and didn't exactly play it much until just recently. Things I can tell: UCP is still being developed, and CMod seems to be stuck since a few months
  8. Small update that probably no one reads: Until either ProjectCars or The Crew is released I'm playing/simming Shift2 which is with some Mods actually quite good playable. Though atm I'm mostly active in nogripracing.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=148 since there is an active Shift2-specific forum which also includes the most important mods (UnofficialCommunityPatch aka UCP and Career-Mod aka cmod) @Margebadze: you should update your title, or do you wait for TDU2 to shut down, too?
  9. atm I'm retring Shift2 with the community mod: I race in an medium-tuned Lotus Exige S and it feels like I'm moving an US Family-Wagon from the early 90s - I almost constantly have to countersteer to stay at least near the racing-line; precise racing-line racing basically impossible :-x Does anyone have a decent race setup for the Exige? (driven with G27 at 400°, steering-lock at 25° -> steering ratio at 1:8) MAYbe it drives awful because of the setup..
  10. http://imageshack.us/a/img78/95/gleichstandmanaluabayxj8.jpg TDU1 MP - anyone care to calculate the odds this happening ;) Screenshot was made waaay back in 4-2007 (where I guess I just started doing Multiplayer)
  11. McLaren F1 LM driven to the max in TDU1 This is my 2nd to last TDU1-Video I made for my Guide, driven with an Fanatec GT3RS-Wheel. I quite miss these times, since nowadays I can't even drive offline (missing ForceFeedback on my current G27 when patched, patch neeeded/integrated in car/bonus/megapack) this is a TDU-Video of the track "Kart Race" in the Corvette Z06 - a small twisty mountain track youtube.com/watch?v=eTDgRTHEA-w&list=PLCBD9C1BDF99D57C2&index=3 Last Vid: King of Orientation in a Corvette Z06; video from back in 5-2009; several times I got called cheater on this and another by a guy (imo it was NikForester) who didn't looked in my Guide despite me telling him how it was possible (racing-line; best starting-gear, seamless shifting etc); had some great racer the the guys from the (sadly former) CTDD-Club and over extreme fast players
  12. PC-only gamer since 1990/91, so it I guess this list will get quite long :D - as long as i remember and find all old games ;) Games which only run in DOS/Win3.x to Windows98SE (not necessarily written for Win9x or Dos; independent if virtualized/vm, emulator, or native): 3D-Tetris Anno 1602 Atomix Battle Isle 1 Battlechess Billiard-Game (exact name forgotten) Brainbox (bunch of sort of learning games) Carmageddon1 with AddOn (Splat Pack) Carmageddon2 Castle of the Winds (full version; Win3.1 only) Captain Comic Civilisation 1 Colin McRae2 Rally Trophy (forgotten gem; realistic/sim-like rally cars from the 60s to early 70s ) Command&Conquer 1 SVGA-Edition Command&Conquer 2 inkl both AddOns Cyrstals the Cycles (MotorBike-GrandPrix from Accolade in ~1988) DukeNukem 3D Digger Dune1 (unique RPG/Strategy-Mix) Dune2 F1 Racing Championship (so badly programmed AND unsupported I consider it as scam and avoided the developer for many years; bug even mentioned in wikipedia; e.g. after WinXP SP1 or SP2 it wouldn't even start at all) FlightROM (imo bunch of shareware games there you fly something) Flies (swatting flies in puzzle-like rooms) Gesetzgebung (game displaying how laws in Germany get made) GrandPrix Cirquit (Accolade; F1 game from ~1988) Golf-game (forgot title and lost game; proper golf not minigolf) History Line 1914-1918 Indiana Jones 3 (Adventure) Indiana Jones 4 (Adventure; imo the Fate of Atlantis) Keen-Series (Keen1-Keen6 inkl Keen Dreams) Klotzki (no idea what that was) Kniffle (sort of learning/intelligence game) Knobelkiste (bunch of puzzle-games; e.g. shifting boxes in a labyrinth-like room to a certain postition) The Lemmings Lode Runner (from 1982 !; even on the very first PC (Intel 386-SX with 25Mhz when Turbo activated, 8Mb EDO-RAM) I used I had to strongly slow it down by disabling the CPU-caches in the bios) Monky Island 1 Monky Island 2 Monky Island 3 NFS 1 NFS 2 SE NFS 3 NFS 4 Mines (BuildIn Windows) Monopoly (yes I'm serious, Monopoly against AI of ~1992; though maybe it was the 1995game by Westwood) MS Flight Simulator 4 MS Flight Simulator 5,1 MS Flight Simulator 98 Panic (Puzzle-game based on the shapes of certain molecules) PC Globe 4 (World Map with political and demographic data; ~1992) Epic Pinball MS Entertainment Pack for Windows3.x (bunch of small games, some of them actually really good) Pipeline Populus2 (imo the first strategy-game ever) Rally Racing 97 Red Baron1 Reno (awful game by a shoe-company) Robin (?) Sam&Max 1 Screamer 2 (German Bleifuß 2) Seek & Destroy Seven Kingdoms 2 Solar Winds 1 (sort of Space-Adventure/RPG) Star Wars Tie-fighter The Summoning Settlers2 (Die Siedler2 Sim City 1 Sim City 2000 Sim Tower (Win3.x only) Skyworker ("game" to learn how to get a job..) Sokoban (one more puzzle/box-moving game) StarTrek 25th Anniversary Stunt Driver Stunts aka 4D-Stunt Driving Solitaire (BuildIn Windows) Syndicate (total classic) Toppler (jumping with frog on size-changing isles) Tyrian Tyrian2000 (best 2D-Space-shooter ever) VGA-Minen (like Minesweaper from the builtIn-Windows games; ) Warcraft 1 Warcraft 2 Battlenet Edition WingCommander 1 WingCommander 2 WingCommander 3 Winter Challenge (Winter-olympics game) some simple games I totally forgot for Win3.x Games which run in WindowsXP to Win7 (not necessarily written for WinXP/Win7; independent if virtualized/vm, emulator, or native): RPGs+ActionRPG: Arx Fatalis Diablo1 with AddOn Diablo2 with AddOn Hexen 2 Dungeon Siege (most boring ActionRPG ever...) Temple of Elemental Evil (forgotten bugfest) TES 3 (Morrowind) TES 4 (Oblivion; blender) TES 5 (Skyrim, imo just a testgound for a already planned TES-based MMORPG since so short quests) Thief1 Thief2 Neverwinter Nights1 with all AddOns Neverwinter Nights2 with all AddOns Vanguard (Saga of Heroes; pay-to-win-MMORPG) The Witcher1 Infinity Engine-games (Baldurs Gate & Co; round-based RPG to ActionRPG): Baldurs Gate1 with AddOn (to some years to finish) Baldurs Gate2 with AddOn (took even more years - almost 12years to finish...) Icewind Dale 1 with AddOn Icewind Dale 2 with AddOn Planescape Torment (Book with some interactive parts ;) ) Racing Games: Carmageddon 3 - TDR2000 Dirt 3 GrandPrix 3 +AddOn GrandPrix 4 GrandPrix Legends (GPL) Grid1 Nascar 4 Nascar 2000 Season Nascar 2003 Season NFS 5 (Porsche Unleashed; count it as NFS Shift 0,5 with Porsche-only) NFS Underground 2 NFS Shift1 NFS Shift2 NFS World (tried in 12-2012, meh) Race07 + AddOns (GTR Evolution + RaceOn) Richard Burns Rally TestDrive Unlimited 1 (TDU1; great gameplay when it worked, but also an unsupported bugfest) Strategy (round-based + real time) Alpha Centauri with AddOn (imo better than civ1-3) Civilisation 2 Civilisation 3 with AddOns Civilisation 4 with AddOns Dune 2000 MechCommander 2 MechWarrior 4 + all AddOns Starcraft1 + AddOn Warcraft3 + AddOn FPS+Space-shooter Bioshock1 Bioshock2 Bioshock3 (Infinity) Chaser DeusEx1 DeusEx3 (Human Revolution) Freelancer HalfLife 1 Operation Flashpoint Tachyon (imo forgotten Gem) UnrealTournament 1 UnrealTournament 3 UnrealTournament 2003 Adventure Games (forgot my various Adv-Games; most of the by the german developer Daedalic; have to guess english names): Deponia2 (Chaos on Deponia) Edna bricht aus (Edna's outbrake?) Harvey's New Eyes The Night of the Rabbit Runaway1 (A Road Adventure) Special Edition Sam&Max 2 (Save the World aka Season1) remaining genre-mixes: GTA 1 GTA 2 (yes the 2D-ones) MS Flight Simulator X Portal 2
  13. Yes I know hard combination, sometimes race/sim-reviews even reads as if the one with the most setup-options = most realistic. Anyway, I already have Shift2 the the Community Patch v1,0,99e from the 30,5,2012 installed. But it still feels nothing like Race07 or its AddOns, even with the Lotus Exige. In Race07 (to be concrete, the AddOn GTR Evolution) I could steer and accelerate+brake very precise and could feel really small grip-differences. But it's instable in Win6.x (Vista respectively Server2008 and newer) and it's graphics look reeeally outdated But it's been a whole since I last gave Shift2 a shot - though I remember to adjust the steering-angle/ratio - which I consider essential since I want on each car and track the same - I have to use the advanced/full setup.. :oook:
  14. right now listen to (Ronnie James) DIO - Magica (Deluxe) recently I bought/ordered quite a lot of Albums, most of them by DIO - mostly possible the best (Melodic/Power)Metal-Singer whos ever lived - great voice even at ~65 (just listen to "Live from Radio City Hall" 2007 from Heaven&Hell (Black Sabbath with R.J. Dio as singer))
  15. I'm looking for a for a realistic/sim-like game, but which includes as little as possible setup-options. Basically i'm willing to invest a LOT of hours of training in difficult car/track-combinations, but I'm not willing to fiddle around with the setup to no end to get an proper driving car in the first place. Lets say I'm willing to setup over/understeer (yes I know in real life a lot of stuff has to do with what), steering-angle (to adjust the steering ratio to my liking) , gearchanges and tyre-type (dry/intermediate/wet; soft/hard). Is there some game like that in existence? I already tried NFS Shift1+2, but the controls and/or physics of that feel mushy/floaty - even with mods. Besides Shift also had a full setup (diffs, height etc) so I was at a disadvantage anyway. Besides the restrictions, it can't be ancient, since it has to work stable under Win7x64, and shortly in Win8.1x64 as well. Steering wheel is Logitech G27
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