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  1. Hello everyone, For my TDU World custom car mods, I'm looking for people who can create custom sounds for them. For now there is one mod that's done and that needs a sound for it. It's the 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. since there's no V12 sound quite like it I want to have a custom sound for it. If you know how to create sound mods and want to help our project, help would be greatly appreciated! Here's a sample of the DBS Superleggeras exhaust note:
  2. Progress is being made behind the scenes. We hope to bring an update soon!
  3. Hey DJoyTinnio, great to hear! If you are going the update the links to the mods, instead please upload the mods to the Downloads section of TDuck. That way more people will see the mods and download them. We can link the original thread to the download page after you uploaded them.
  4. I like the look of this, definitely going to try it out!
  5. Funny thing is: there's nothing wrong with ShareMods. No low download speed limit and no waiting time either, also no issues with AdBlocker.
  6. Well, first success! I gave it a shot to replace one size tire with a higher poly one, and it actually worked. Only downside is that the rest of the tires get corrupted, materials don't get exported correctly in my situation, need to look for a fix for that. But, here's the result: Before editing: After: This is what happens with the stock tires, they either vanish completely or they get a material/texture issue. Easy to fix I think: Update: Tried it with a better Michelin tire now. 8018 polygons instead of the 338 of the stock TDU2
  7. Well I found the way for this. It turns out the mesh file for the tires is located in common_car.bnk. It includes separate meshes for every single tire size and type in the game. Changing it is pretty straight forward, but will take some time. This also unlocks the posibility to add side wall texturing, you have to assign a texture to the sides of the tire and you're done. If I have enough time on my hands I might give changing the mesh a go, since the low poly tires can ruin the look of a car a bit.
  8. Not sure if I follow you here. Isn't it a database thing, assigning and naming the available color options in the dealerships? If not, how can I assign them through Zmodeler?
  9. Thank you! So this feature is in TDU2VPE already, adding completely new colors? I thought it was only possible to change the selection of existing colors, but not create any new ones.
  10. Interesting! Sadly your video is private, could you change it to unlisted?
  11. That's pretty awesome Djey, nice work! Hopefully one day something like this is possible in TDU2.
  12. Bit of a late answer, but here are some tutorials for you:
  13. Guess I'll show myself as well then, here's me in my natural habitat, driving a Saab
  14. Interesting, that shouldn't happen. Can you try uploading it again? File size limit is higher now.
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