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  1. I did the Ring of Speed race yesterday, it's a B class race but I found out that the AI is driving A class cars... I still won but it's not how it should be I think?
  2. I installed it and I think its pretty good actually! The Platinum rims still work, had to tweak the interior camera a tiny amount and now its perfect! Very high quality interior with the same colours as the original one
  3. I saw that some of the original cars of the game still are low quality, why not replace them with high poly models so everything looks as good? Now I don’t want to buy an XJ220 because the quality of the model is very low. There is a high poly model available though: https://hf-garage.ru/files/mody_dlja_test_drive_unlimited/jaguar/1992_jaguar_xj220/100-1-0-1600
  4. Hey guys, I'm having some problem with a friend of mine. We can't see each other, we can see other players though so the online part works... Any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. Is there some sort of complete car list somewhere? Because I understand that some models will actually chance when upgraded. For instance: you have to upgrade the Porsche 991.2 Carrera S to obtain the GT2 RS (991.2). Is there any complete list showing what model needs to be bought first before upgrading it to the desired model?
  6. I've had an issue today when the game randomly crashes when opening the map. I only experienced this when driving my Maserati Ghilbi as of now, my other cars are cars from the stock game.
  7. Also, is there any way to 'lock' the weather in the game? I want it to be sunny only
  8. Installed TDU Platinum today and gave this mod another shot after that, it works! Also chose the HDU version this time, that could've been the issue as well. Maybe there's a fault in the Stock version of your mod? Btw, how do you access photomode in TDU? I can't find it...
  9. Hey kristiannn, I managed to narrow it down too these files: From the FX folder: all the .bnk files. As soon as I change one of these the game crashes. All the other files work just fine! From the Level folder: only CommonWorldDiv2.bnk causes a crash I have no idea what is causing this, the .bnk files are mostly textures, right? EDIT: FYI, I am using the Big .bnk option and I'm using the Normal Draw Distance since this would narrow down the crashing the most since it's closest to stock.
  10. Game starts just fine without the mod. I'm running TDU1 1.66A with Project Paradise 0.03. I followed the instructions you gave, extracting the files to my TDU1 directory. The game crashes at the first splash screen (so with all the copyright info etc.), it doesn't get to the main menu... also no error when closing, just dissappears. I do have some Nvidia Control Panel settings turned on for Vsync and Anisotropic filtering x16. But that shouldn't make a difference I think? My specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 2600, GTX 1060, 16GB RAM on Windows 10 Pro.
  11. Hey, I tried to install your mod but it crashes the game when loading the main menu. Tried the textures and weather apart from each other, but they both crash. I'm using Project Paradise.
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