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  1. I'll be following this since TDU2 uses the same tire files. Interested to see if it can be done I'll also ask for some help decrypting it
  2. Ah okay, if it's an original car it won't have the physical camber I was talking about. It's a trend with some modders so I thought that was the case here as well. I can also see on the picture that the wheel hub (pivots) aren't rotated. Physics wise I can't really help you, I'm not very familair with TDU1.
  3. This is most likely done by the person who made the mod. You'd have to open the car file in Zmodeler and rotate the FORKs until they're straight again.
  4. I'm not sure camber itself can be changed, but your best bet on changing the cars handling to your favor is through TDUF:
  5. I've already started on this recently, adding all car mods as Downloads to TurboDuck instead of them being topics. I'm keeping track of all mods with a Google Sheet, I'm happy to give you access to it so we can work together. Working as a team always motivates more than doing something alone. I check all topics for working download links and images and then add them as a download file to TD. Then the original topic gets linked to the file page. Rinse and repeat. If you could collect the files and images and log the mods in the Google Sheets file, I can set up the download pages for t
  6. 1.73 works fine, 1.8 also as far as I've heard, but I haven't used that one.
  7. I could show you show to do it if you want. Biggest problem is that, before it will work properly, all tires would need to be swapped. As you can see all tire sizes get corrupted apart from the one I replaced. I probably won’t touch it in the near future since I’m working on car mods as well.
  8. Good to hear TDU World is coming along nicely, though there isn't much to announce yet. We're currently doing a lot of research on how the multiplayer part of the game worked exactly. This is done so we better understand what the game needs to have a well working server. We're also making a modpack on the side, that's coming along nicely as well. We might give a sneak peek in the near future. I often post about the modpack progress in our Discord channel, you can join if you want: https://discord.gg/TX2QDB6
  9. Not sure what's causing that, I don't have any issues like that. If I have to take a guess, the textures might be corrupted. Try reinstalling the game, that's your best bet.
  10. To get the DLC content in the game, download and copy-paste this patch of the latest version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CSGTirP4BRwM9O1nBY1YJdk0qLCfQxTs/view The official update servers are down, so it has to be done manually. Install it on a stock game, that isn't unpacked or anything mod related. You can mod again after the update is installed.
  11. My guess is that the game does a size check before loading the files. As long as the size stays the same, it might work. If TDU for PS works the same as PC, car models (.3DG) can be opened with Zmodeler 2 through the import function.
  12. So the brand logo is missing from the dealership, is that what you are saying? It can really only be one thing, a corrupted texture... What version of AutoPack are you running? If it's 1.85, I would suggest removing it. It's flawed by bugs: cars are missing color options, some are using the wrong rims etc.
  13. I don't think it is possible to fix this, sadly. Editing savegames isn't a thing for TDU2 yet...
  14. Add me on Discord if you want, you can send me questions there. My name is Aquarious#9138 You can also PM me here if you want.
  15. If you want to learn TDU2 car modding, I can learn you if you want. Since you already know your way in Zmod it wouldn't be too hard. Like MagicV8 said, the TurboDuck YT has some great tutorials also.
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