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  2. Use a VPN the first time you create an online profile. I find connecting to a European country such as the Netherlands works well.
  3. hi so i have a buddy in the AU who's trying to play and did everything right, but stuck in the loading game screen and freezes. how do we fix that?
  4. Hello Guys, I needed Some Help Some Days Earlier I had a File Mod Called Multiple Prize Cars I installed it in my Tdu Platinum, It was a db.bnk file. After I opened the game it crashed and crashed and crashed. As bad things started to happen my computer (which is from stone age) Didn't receive any internet nor direct ethernet connection. Now I have this crappy phone which can only download files that are 1gb or so If Anyone is generous plz give me their db.bnk file which is in the database folder. Thank you
  5. I'm running it on 60hz at 60fps. I tried lower video settings and even windowed mode but nothing worked. I'm not sure if this is some problem with the game itself or the mod.
  6. Hey I am new here and just downloaded the game TDU platinum but it gets stuck at "loading please wait".I also did whatever the youtube guys did but was unable to solve the issue.Please help me in this issue Note:I have not installed the latest patch only the game files so does installing the latest patch(1.21) help in solving the"loading screen"?
  7. Sure, but are you running it below or above 60fps? V-sync just makes the game match your screen settings, if you have a good enough computer, to run it above 144fps, with a 144hz monitor, v-sync will make it match the monitor hz.
  8. I'm using manual shifting. Most of the times, i have to press the pedal shifters multiple times in TDU platinum to gear up or down. I've turned on big bnk and vsync and also have d3d9 in my game folder but i'm still facing this issue
  9. hi guys, great job with platinium mod, but i have question, is there any mod which can repair shifting gears in base game? In platinium mod it works perfectly fine, but i just want to comeback to base game, I've tried to force vsync on my amd drivers program but it doesnt help
  10. Why is 'test drive' button not working? It was the same with community patch, ended up buying horribly loud alfa-romeo %| Edit: nvm, that seems to only apply to first car you buy.
  11. @LamboV10 how did you get such good graphics?i wonder will there be better car sounds and better geaohics in the new tdu platinum version...
  12. yeah i discovered my findings throught the millionares challenge which, like yours, became dodge the traffic XD
  13. That's the thing, I'm not so sure if that's the case. That's why I was asking for an opinion of someone who has poked around the game's codes. I was playing the game around five o'clock today, and when I tried out the time challenge "the Big Challenge", that became a game of "dodge the traffic", instead. A few months ago, I played the game "totally" offline this one time, and the traffic AI went batshit crazy back then. After that, I was unable to recreate what happened. Maybe something in the game broke, because I don't remember higher AI traffic volume before that weird thing.
  14. nah i have never seen anything like this i say its a fixed cycle that isnt dependent on time irl or in game since the traffic density would be same during day or night. i d say it depends on a randomizer and it gets a new value after every respawn this is what i have observed
  15. Hi. Is anyone here who has messed around with the base code of the game, confirm for me if the time IRL affects the amount of AI traffic I encounter while roaming around the map? Because I swear, I've seen more AI traffic cars when I play the game during the daytime. In the late evenings, (which is when I usually play) the roads are mostly deserted.
  16. How do I add a custom car to TDU Platinum? I understand that there are placeholder cars that look like Audi sedans that are replaced when you add custom vehicle(s). How do I add my own vehicles? Please explain step by step - I don't want to risk breaking my game. PS...where can I download car mods?
  17. Great to have you here. Hardcore mode still unlocks when you reach reach 'Champion' level (around 45% completion). There are mods available that let you partake in single-player races in Hardcore mode, something not originally possible in game.
  18. Hello all, I am new here. This is the first time i've tried modding a game, and holy cow did I strike gold here! What an absolutely amazing effort to the author! Seriously impressive, I hope you are going from strength to strength career-wise. Just wondering, does Platinum include the Hardcore mode? Do I have to 100% it to unlock it?
  19. hey milli can the sf90 be added in 2.0 with the map in the gauge cluster? hey i cant see the clouds or the weather. is there any fix for this?
  20. the only car i want to see in tdu platinum v 2.0 is the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio GTA

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