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  2. Pretty much good design overall, if the guide is in PDF format, the fonts will adjust by themselves through zooming anyway. Contrast colors are good, pretty much readable all throughout. Maybe sample images from game files in folder can help visualize the guide more.
  3. Guys, been working on a modding guide, and i would appreciate a feedback on the layout. Bigger font? More contrast? What you guys think?
  4. Oh yea, I got a Rocket Bunny FD3S RX-7, just didn't use that much, but I did noticed a bit during the race.
  5. Rocket Bunny FD3S uses it. Since it has a 26B rotary engine. Lol
  6. I need mazda 787b sound on my rx-7, that would be freaking awesome!
  7. An early access (Club Exclusive, lmao) of the sound update, untill i gather more stuff to release update v1.08. This only changes the sound files of the SLR Mclaren and the R8 V10 Plus. Mini_SoundUpdate_EarlyAccess.zip
  8. Raced the Clio against Milli...... she knows Ford Island.. lol.
  9. Milli, curious question I wanna ask you: How did you edit the events in the game? Because I'd love to replace one of the weaker (IMO) time events in the game with that of a timed lap around the Oahu Raceway track. Something like this for example:
  10. Original 2db is from the game files, right? In what way how could I use the original 2db when converting my new dds files to 2db?
  11. That's because you did them wrong. Lol While converting your DDS to 2db, you must use the original 2db as a source/guide.
  12. Hello guys, I got some minor issue, I try to change radio logos but they turn out to be like this (plain brown), any how to fix this?
  13. Sounds good - feel free to use the Let's Play club
  14. Hey Milli, loving platinum! you have clearly put a lot of care into this mod and it shows! i was just wondering if you could identify what vehicle the Focus RS is listed under in the Audio files, I've been through the list back and forth and i can only see the Focus SVT, I only wanted to replace it with the audio used for the Audi Quattro (the 5cyl engine sounds fantastic in this and sounds a lot more accurate to the real life MK2 Focus RS ) other than that im loving this awesome mod, thanks and hope to see you in Hawaii
  15. Thinking about organize a meet in-game. What you guys think?
  16. Got it, cut the Platinum related stuff. For now I'll wait and see if ppl repeatedly ask those. Don't want to bloat up the page. Also, earlier someone said setting multi-core cpu affinity to single core fixes frame drops, but I haven't tested it myself nor have I heard back from anyone else on that. But I added it anyway for now, since I saw it was included as a solution in the official readme included with the game, lol.
  17. if it's platinum related, add it to platinum wiki, not TDU
  18. Added stuff to the FAQ.. lmk if anythings wrong. Check it out here.

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