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  1. What's new in this club
  2. No, because they make the game heavier, and not everyone has a good enough computer to handle it.
  3. Will TDU Platinum have new traffic cars? They kinda look boring to be honest. And all Traffic Cars Mods were deleted (a classic really)
  4. Milli

    Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex URAS

    It's a new variation. I managed to remove the black stripes. Lol The color is custom made in the shop.
  5. Here's something off-topic: Funny story.. I haven't been playing much cause I've been busy, but I just remembered I had a dream last night where I found a new secret car that was hidden deep under tunes of tunes, and I was driving it for real hahaha All I remember is that it had a blue and white stripe paint job, and kind of like the old GT40 but it was a roadster with sharper modern curves I think. So, something between a Ford GT and the GT40, but a roadster, LOL.
  6. TDU Iceman

    Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex URAS

    Nice, club perks. Also, is that a new paint option? Looks good.
  7. Milli

    Exclusive Club Images

    Images that will only be posted in the club.
  8. Same way you did to add a color to the W12, add 2 of the same color for the MC12.
  9. ehm..yes i can't repaint back to it's original color (White/Blue)
  10. You mean revert it back to the original color?
  11. After using your mod *which works fantasticly* ive noticed i cannot repaint my MC12 which current color is Red/Red (the whole car is red) so no paintjob shops doesn't work. Do you know why?
  12. IT WORKS! THANK you so much!
  13. Check it and tell me if it worked. DB.bnk Edit: Lol, just something funny, original TDU DB.bnk has 610kb of size, TDU Platinum's DB.bnk is already at 3880kb. I guess i've made it quite larger than original.
  14. oh crap didn't knew thanks! Here's the file DB.bnk
  15. You know that you can attach files up to 5mb in the messages here, right? DB.bnk is usually smaller than that. Lol
  16. yeah sure! How can i contact you? a Gmail or a PM? here's mine; [email protected]
  17. Hard to say, because it depends on how much free time i get. But it will be released eventually. But if you're waiting it to be released, only to get the released cars to be bought a thousand times, you can send me your DB.bnk and i can do it for you. But remember, this only will work on your game.
  18. my bad...when is it gonna be released? Late 2019?
  19. Nobody. Nick, i said i will upload it here AFTER i release TDU Platinum. Not before. Lol
  20. Who has a link to get a modified database to get reward cars?
  21. Soon new images will be posted in the main thread. As soon as i finish the work going on the Subaru.
  22. Well, yes, but how often do new forums get added? I believe it's better this way untill we find a better solution for it. Because as you said, you see clubs as a mini-forum, forum inception, it's a good thing to keep the discussion inside them outside the main forum, where the real important stuff happens. Imo.
  23. the only downside for above approach is when new forum is added, we have to update and select it the system is very customizable, lot of interesting ways you can use it in my opinion club is designed like standalone mini forum for topics are not covered in main site (and anyone can start their own club
  24. That's what i did. It had a ticked box, saying to display "all". I unticked it, and selected the whole forum. Club topics won't be displayed there anymore, it seems.