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Any interest in handling mods?

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something like Tdupe for TDU2 would be amazing. No interest in online races, just for doing the career with realistic handling. Any news on that??

Handling modding is possible via HEX editor only yet. TDU1 needed 2 years before the first handling mods were possible. Now, 8 years later we are able to modify TDU1 untill the game engine - the skeleton of the game. TDU2 will definitly not need 8 years, but still a very long time. So it's just a matter of time untill some new information will be here. Of course only if modders will be still interested in the game.

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Hi someone can tell me where is the cars handling (phisics) at what file is it? And somebody fix the unreal Ferrari FXX Evolutione because is very slow - this car is reached over 420 km/h top speed and get 0-300km/h at 9 sec, but in TDU2 The FXX is slower than A2 Class cars thats inposibble...and 1 more thing where is the cars names i want to rename my changed cars

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Thanks mitkop that is useful, i could edit in Physics.cpr some things but nothing was too relevant.


Maybe there is people in this forum that know how to edit the file, for example this guys were making a TDU2 Hardcore mod, editing the physics of each car:

WIP TDU2 Hardcore | turboduck forum


But i don't have a clue of how they were doing so...

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Been playing TDU 1 after a long time, in hardcore mode.


Handling is much better than I was expecting, then I went to TDU 2 ("if it's better than I remember") After 10 minutes I was searching how to set up DFGT, no luck, still sucks. Then, searching a handling mod, found this thread.


But no any good released handling mods yet?


For me, main problem is the brakes and second is the grip.


When I'm pressing brakes ~10 - 20% it already locks (or it sounds like it) and when that happens it a corner, everyone knows...


Any clear fix for that?


I really hope there is :)




Edit: Found brake fix from here, now I can brake a bit more without locking or spinning in normal cruising speed.

(can't link because "must have at least 20 posts in order to post links.") "TDU2 Brakes fix v0.9"


Anyways, still looking for good handling mod..


Edit 2: enough, back to other games ->

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