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I got the joke, but for those who didn't :

It's a virtual texture of a real moonpicture i fotographed, being ingame.

I have a sharper one too, but i didn't decide if the one in picture is maybe more realistic, yet.

You can tell if you like it better, here it is :





Yesterday i got an idea of how to get stars into the game also, without using the dome textures,

wich seem to be unconvertable in a clean functional way, after changing their texture.

And even if, they are way to small little stripes building up the whole sky,

so if stars where put in, it would look repetitive.

Wish me luck for my idea working good.


--- Post Updated ---


I look where is too yellow light and slighten it, maybe,

Maybe because, you know, changing one little thing in a concept, meens adjusting nearly all other stuff again.

At the moment i focus on doing the romantic moon night.


Btw, don't you have to study for your school projects and exams :-) ?

I mean you told me that, as reason why you can't make my gt2 spoiler for the f430,

as a thank you for me helping you with your mclaren p1 sound, what saved you a lot of time ;-).


Any chance removing this very yellow light and make it neutral, like in normal TDU? I personally am not a fan of this yellow tbh.

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Ok, thanks for the critic.

I now explain, why i had to put this yellow light in.

It simply was because i wanted to make the green of the grass and the trees to be a more juicy green,

not like the original blueish one, but without having to change their texture colour.

I know now what to to.

I just got it by looking at the pictures.

I only have to adjust the saturation in general while keeping the contrast and everything like it is.

It is too much colour in there, what makes it look unrealistic. Right ?


--- Post Updated ---


Edit :


I looked at the pictures in first post again.

It's not all parts where it is too much colour, but for those where it is,

i'm going to change it.

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Car looking very good in moonlight. ?





Stars (inside, i took cloud texture for it. but they move allthough windspeed and winddirection is 0)







progress so far, ( I'd say release date is 13.06.2014 ) :



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YES, textureproblems are away.

Yet included in the testversion , YES, MOOOOOON :-) .


New 4 day and night version with moon integrated, in first post.

A lot of fun, people :-) .


picture one normal, picture two high resolution :





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I guess it could've something to do with the default weather setting,

the one that declines lighting, if you for example go to the paint job.

There are allways the same weather conditions,

no matter what weather it was before entering, or leaving it.

This setting is used for other things too, like traffic or pc cars.

I solved this problem once for the normal resolution night time mode.

In high definition, like in your picture, this effect comes out stronger.

Seems like it want's to lighten nearly EVERYTHING up because hey look here,

i'm high definition and resolution , look at me.

The thing is, darker or lighter got NOTHING to do with resolution or definition.

In fact, there is hd in this game, for both, normal and hdr mode, it is the same,

no matter what screen you use.

But hdr mode comes with some aniosotrophic filters,

also called glow effect, or smooth vision,

for the the people who don't know about graphics thinking, wow it glows, must be hd.


I've got to find the setting for default weather in hdr mode, that solves this little problem.

Are those rims there in the picture originally from the vanilla game ?



Check this image! FYI :: The rims are black chrome, but look white, idk why


--- Post Updated ---


This effect comes when changing the weather only, too.

Not reasonably the FX.

It is some default setting that peaks out, when making everything arround it darker.

I guess it is the default specularcolour, wich is lighting up the grills armatures and exhausts

in the corresponding light, in wich also the road is reflecting its shining.

It seems to only effect cars, so maybe it is only the default carspecularfactor setting.

Whatever, i look into it.

By the way, is the you disturbing yellowish tone gone enough, or only a bit better ?

Left to say, i kept it for foreday and afternoon,

because the sunlight is kind of sun''orange'', sun''yellow'', and sun''golden'' there.

For midday i changed it being really close to be completely white sunlight,

and i changed the road colour,

wich is also changing the dirt, grass, and treecolour at the same time,

being less yellowish at midday.

Woops, i just checked, that i forgot to set the sundiffusecolour to be close to white at midday.

Ok, at 22.06.2014 in the complete version release it is ok then.


It are the meterial reflection settings of the model, I hardly doubt you can avoid this with FX mods installed.

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Dj what do you mean vanilla game? HDR is on @ 1920x1080 .

Rims came with the car from :: http://hf-garage.ru/load/mody_dlja_test_drive_unlimited/drugie/2013_shelby_gt500/26-1-0-1114


PS:: In New York City, we dont have such heavy saturation from the sun to the ground. IDK how hawaii really is, but this is still an abundance of color, (my honest humble opinion)






EDIT :: Your days look nice to me! Check it out.

This is the first day i presume


Day 2


Day 3


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Hmm, i've got to check the hdr mode again, when i see this too much colour there, on the roads and clouds.

My first thought was, maybe the roadmod you use, is darker or brighter in general.

This could cause too much orange.

I adjusted this weather with roads sharper in texture, but with exactly the same colour and brightness, like in the vanilla game.

Vanilla does meen, game without any mod.

I send pictures, as i'm progressing.


Moon in hdr, second and next picture black rims are black,






daytime picture, in hdr




rainy day, in hdr




some afternoon & evening pictures, in hdr
















You see, yes it is much colour,

but never as much as like your roads are glowing.

Yes, i'm sure, it is your road mod.

Look at the daytime,

your stripes in the middle of the road are orange yet,

while mine are yellow, like it should be.

If then the orange sunlight comes in the afternoon,

my road looks ok, yours doesn't.

Nothing i want to do about it.

But the clouds, yes maybe i reduce their colour a bit, maybe i won't .

Thank you for showing some pictures, how the weather turnes out to be for you.

I allways like having a look on the result at your place.

And now we know, that some road mods reflect the specularcolour too much.

Show pictures, if you solved the problem ok ? To then... .

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Yep i see it.

It's not the specularcolour, like i thought.

Yes the lip of the rim is yellow, but very much reflecting light from the ground,

wich is not in my setting.

It must come from some general setting, wich was never supposed to be darker,

because no night mode was planned or let's say, completed.

I guess they did the hdr mode after the normal mode,

and at that time it must have been clear allready that no night time is to be done.

If you take a look at the game, alltogether, you clearly can see,

they must've had great pressure by the publisher.

If they'd have had more time it would've been an even greater game.


Yesterday i preferred running in the park over editing & releasing something.

My releasedates are more to be taken orientationally :-) .

And at first i want to find the setting for our little problem here.


So, it is evening.

I didn't find it yet, but something else, very nice.


I don't know how your water is looking, but my water is looking like THIS :-) :










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You get a good comparison, if you look at picture 4 and the one below. 4 is non hdr, the other hdr.

I have a question, did you ever come across the thought, that if you are using the fx of illusions water mod,

that this MIGHT have a strange effect on the result of my weather mod in your game ?

I mean, there is a reason, why i did 4 different glow mode packages, and put an fx in every one of it.

It is because it is 4 different fx files, and the weather adjusted differently too,

because when i adjusted the no glow weather for being good for the star glow fx,

i reduced the brightness for example, because star glow lightens everything up.

You asked me, if you could use the star fx with the moon mod.

Firstly answer, you can, but it'll be too bright, at least the rest of the weather.

The moon including weather is done with the normal glow fx.

If you are using another fx to keep, for example, a water mod, then it is no wonder why you're

experiencing unexpected results, like, let's say, too much orange roadlines,

wich brighter would be yellow, maybe ... . ?

It is really like, if you are changing one single setting,

it could influence everything or just one other important thing at the same time.

Don't mix it up.

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its funny how you said that DJ, because i just added it. So its very unlikely that effects the apparel of the environment. I understand everything counts lol. And i only changed the plague.2db file (NOT the Fx) . I just like his texture. Ill add pics this evening


Here we go HDR ((ON)) all your FX files ::









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Your first picture looks weird with the ocean glowing like that.

Look where we discuss the rims at night. Post 69 first pic.

There you see my ocean at night in hdr does not do that.

It looks beautiful, and with my new not yet released reflection change too.


In your picture 6 this is late evening, when sun almost gone, everything is lit in dark sunorange,

but i see the clouds are too shiny, and maybe too yellow.

Should be some orange or golden.

And the sky maybe a bit more blue.


Daytime looks like picture 4, in post 69. Not released yet.

Allthough it looked ok to me, i took a bit yellow out of the ground and road colour,

because several of you didn't like it, and i find it logically too for a bright daytime.


You should get rid of this plague.2db , then your ocean looks normal again at night.

In my next update then, you'll have a sparkling ocean without side effects.

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