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Ahhh sorry for dissapointing you, but currently I am failing really hard at the LF-A, as I don't get the interior bright enough.. It's like you are driving in a black box with a few holes which are the windows and a bright, bright glowing LCD-HUD. Long story, short sence - it looks like crap and I don't like it lol. Minime was so friendly to help me out with this, if he will not find a solution aswell, I will make something different, as it's not even fun to drive with a sound which stops at 6500 rpm :( Jorge. your sound is amazing, but too short..


But I also can look at my latest unpublished mods.. Just drove 200km Zonda F through Hawaii :D Maybe there's a future in this mod, we'll see..



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well i remember that was a bnk problem ... the problem is i dont like to "fix" a very old sound


i would have to make a whole new sound as i dont feel complete "fixing" what i dont consider good you know what i mean ? (well put it this way .. its like you having to fix a very old mod of yours.... you aint do it because you know its better to make new...aplying all the new knowledge you collected all this time)


Cheers mate i will see what i can do as i dont have the time like i wish to

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> 1.12.2012 16:56:18 - Running instruction #10 from group 'Required': CustomCameraWievs*...

> 1.12.2012 16:56:19 - Exception spotted: Délka nemůže být menší než nula.

Název parametru: length

> 1.12.2012 16:56:19 - Instruction #10 ended with error.

> 1.12.2012 16:56:19 - Patch halted because of an error.


I can't install it.



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