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A Little Game With Pics - REAL LIFE Edition!!!

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If you were around here back when TDU1 was still thriving you'd at least remember the title of this game... I just had the idea that since then a lot more of us are now mobile with our own transport so we could try doing this again with real life photos instead of TDU1 screenshots.




One person picks a theme/challenge. Everyone else then has to get out there in the real world and take a photo that matches the theme but also features their car/bike/self in the photo.




* Photo must show/include your bike/motorbike/car. If you don't have either of these (seriously) and want to play along then you can feature one of tduck's cousins in the photo, or perhaps a large model car if you have one.

* Theme/challenge must be legal (not break road rules, etc) and not put anyone in danger.

* The person who posts the theme must be able to take the photo themselves.

* If a week passes with no entries, the theme chooser can pick a new theme if he has taken the photo, otherwise anyone can pick a new theme.

* New themes must be posted in Size 3 Bold font in this thread.


Choosing a Winner

This all depends on how popular this game is (how may people participate in getting photos). The way I see it there are 3 options:

1. Fast: First person who posts a matching photo automatically wins and immediately picks the new theme.

2. Classic: Person who chose the theme chooses the winner after X days.

3. Vote: Photo with the most Likes wins.


I'll start off with #2 and will re-evaluate after a couple of entries.



First easy theme to start us off:

Road bridge

Your car can be on the bridge, or the bridge can be in the background.


Old pics in your album are acceptable (new rule), but ideally the challenges here should inspire you to get out there in the real world and take new pics.

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This is actually a good idea, and I've though of a something much the same in the past! :)


Heres one I took last summer up in the town of Helmsdale, in the North of Scotland(Like, North of Inverness).




Took on my phone at around 6am. Was a great road trip that and the weather was fantastic!

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I checked that thread today already. Don't worry it's only the staff who get confused, everyone else should be fine.

I think there was another older thread for that game earlier as well that was more successful - just can't find it.


Ozz - you have to have your car/bike (or at the very least yourself) in the picture.

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Cool, I'll drop the 'must include your car/bike/pogostick' rule for you since I'm assuming you don't have personal transport in NYC???



I was a little bit naughty this afternoon. Got a few 'what on earth are you doing?' stares from dads but their young kids thought I was really cool riding the motorbike (very slowly and carefully) on the footpath. I gave one kid a wave and rev as well, you should've seen his face light up. Awesome! motorcycle19.gif.pagespeed.ce.1Z2IbicftU.gif




I've also got a pic of one of the kids riding their bicycle past it I think there's a law against photographing other peoples children without permission. (There's probably a law against riding on the footpath too but ignore that - although to park on the sidewalk in the city at work I do have to briefly ride where pedestrians walk as do all other motorcyclists.)


I'll wait 24 hours more for new pics, if there are none Ozz can pick the next theme (go easy while we're starting out though).

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