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What are you listening to?

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Guest RB26DETT

Here are some albums I recently downloaded and listening to at the moment.


Album - Band:

Seasons - SEVENDUST (not new but still my favorite)

Bleed The Fifth - DIVINE HERESY

An Ocean Between Us - AS I LAY DYING

Leave a Whisper - SHINEDOWN

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These guys are awesome.  

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I'm just flicking through my iPod and there's one hell of a random selection on here... To name a few...


Arctic Monkeys

The Avalanches (Diablo posted this song somewhere on the forum)

The Beatles

Bob Sinclair

The Clash

David Bowie

Franz Ferdinand




The Kinks



Nancy Sinatra feat. Audio Bullys


Scissor Sisters


Take That



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I've started listening to this stream more and more lately as it chills me out and helps me work. It's Vocal Melodic Trance (not Hard Dance or Happy Hardcore) and if you like the old vocal trance of the early to mid 90's then this place plays a lot of the classic Dance and Trance and none of the rubbish pop-dance that is around at the moment.


Copy this into Winamp.

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Playlist files:


1. Six Feet Under - Feasting on the Blood of the Insane (4:31)

2. Behemoth - Daimonos (5:15)

3. Behemoth - Kriegsphilosophie (4:23)

4. Cryptic Wintermoon - Bonegrinder 1916 (4:44)

5. Cryptic Wintermoon - Thrashomatic Overdrive (3:18)

6. Cryptic Wintermoon - Synthetic God (3:50)

7. Exodus - Scar Spangled Banner (6:41)

8. Exodus - War Is My Shepherd (4:27)

9. Kataklysm - Let them Burn (3:20)

10. Kataklysm - Like Angels weeping (The Dark) (4:27)

11. Vader - This Is The War (2:49)

12. Death - Evil Dead (3:01)

13. Pantera - Where You Come From (From "Official Live: 101 Proof") (5:13)

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I really hate it when people choose to listen to game music, if it's by an actual artist it's mildly acceptable but otherwise it's a level of nerd above where I'm prepared to go.


There is so much good music out there, really there is no need to willfully listen to game music outside of the game it was made for.

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"Me gusta marihuana, me gustas tu." :D

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