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  1. Since messages have been deleted on Discord server (accident or not, when things get heated sometimes people skips evaluation process), it was difficult for me to investigate. So I spoke to few witnesses, and they think that the action taken by mods are justified your attitude toward the mods afterward isn't helping helping your case, bridges are burned, before I could give you second chance to be back on the server
  2. nicely done, added you to modder group
  3. Hello Diablo. Sorry that i disturb you, but i want to ask you something. I was want today to upload the beta version of our Autopack 1.85 here, but there is a limit of 50MB of all sectors for TDU2. The beta version is 226 MB. Are is possible to upload the archive here in the turboduck and if it is, where?

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    2. Diablo


      yes, when you submit a file to download,  there is an option to add file by URL

    3. mitkop81


      Well we do it like that, but looks like some people have issues with downloading from this pages, that's why was my question are is possible to upload the project directly here.

      But still thank you for the answeer and sorry that i answeer so late.

    4. Diablo


      People have issue downloading from download section?? first time heard of that, if you look at milli's mod, there are over 30k downloads and no1 complained

  4. @sti228 let's update the social media cover (you can revert it back after a while
  5. Tduck has official discord https://discord.gg/vMKPujc
  6. I approve this community started contest, will feature winner screenshot in gallery and our social media page If participants is over 10, winner will get VIP for half year Any question feel free to ask here or join our discord channel https://discord.gg/vMKPujc
  7. I meant the story, it didn't end and yes Shingeki is good one, season 4 is suppose gonna end all btw I have the physical manga
  8. it didn't end at all, there are sequel movie still in production right now if you like the anime I suggest you check out the three movies that are already out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebuild_of_Evangelion
  9. added to Modder group, welcome to Tduck modding scene

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