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  1. The content is subjected to update, for latest info see here This update is focused on our core modding community, with another big update coming soon.. stay tuned! Download section enhancement: The goal here is to have a simplified layout that's organized and easy to access, instead of digging through multiple sections to find and/or post content. * Forum categories now have been re-structured to match file categories. Topic creation has been disabled on all mod post forums. Instead, please submit your file through our download section You can choose to upload files to our server or submit a link + All moved topics have tags associated with previous forums added. We recommend you make use of the tagging system, which helps others discover your content. * File Categories are restructured and the page will now show all sub-category files. - Comments on files are removed; we recommend using the auto-generated forum thread for support. * Old generated support topics will be merged with the original thread started by the author. + Each support topic now has a button to the download page, with new template. + Each support topic's content won't get overwritten on file update. The author now auto-subscribes to it based on his/her setting. Tags are still sync'ed. Wiki enhancement: + Added new guide / how-to wiki (which open for all members to edit with stored revisions). + New listing and display style for News. General improvements: * Consolidated and added icons for menu items. * General style update. * Members will now be able to free up space by removing files directly from the attachment page. + More sidebars are being added across the entire site, which display relevant info and enable quick access. Also, in case you don't know yet, Test Drive Unlimited Platinum has a big update coming soon. Subscribe to its topic here. VintayTime.. (We are bringing more collaboration between the two sites in the future). - Remove website option on commenting.
  2. make sure you didn't download wrong file check you firewall, file maybe deleted or quarantined
  3. there are discussion around issue with detecting wheel input, maybe you can start by searching
  4. might as well turn it into a guide https://turboduck.net/guide/
  5. I wish I can join the conversation but I got nothing to say, maybe we can race together in this game someday
  6. Diablo

    merge topic

    merge content
  7. welcome, you can ask that to individual mod support thread
  8. Some of you might already know, that our site is operating at loss Some of the costs associated to running the site are: Server, Application license, Domain, SaaS fee, 3rd party plugin/module/theme, Human resources Just recently a loophole of the system has given me unexpected bill Me personally also need to spend lot of time maintain and develop the server and system Therefore I have made the uneasy decision of shutting down TDuck in 24 hours The domain will live and used for my project which transform into search engine that compete with Google In the meantime, feel free to come hang out in our discord server For those of you want to download the mods, message me I will ship you an USB containing the files Diablo / Eudemon 4/1/2020
  9. Know a game / tool / service not listed? feel free to edit limited to time sensitive / temporary free (aka used to cost money items) * denotes optional field [region]* Title{link} [start - end date]* 100% Orange Juice [ - Mar 30] 200% Mixed Juice! [ - Mar 30] Acceleration of SUGURI 2 [ - Mar 30] Rayman Legends (Uplay) [ - Apr 3] Pinball FX3 Care Package (3 free DLCs) [ - Apr 8] Assassins Creed II (Uplay) [ - Apr 17] PAC-MAN™ CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 [ - May 10] Total War: SHOGUN 2 [April 27 - May 1]
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