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  1. Diablo

    Site satisfactory survey

    the CSS can't be override because it does not belong to any style, it is set inline with the content, if you check the property you will see that portion is background-color: #fff
  2. Diablo

    New site discovery

    there is a full blown editor field for you to add anything for as many line on your profile page if you want an editor field with bbcode (basically translates into HTML) for EVERY SINGLE post you make, the answer is NO i want to keep it simple and clean, site being easy to use and good visibility I am even considering removing more fields like post rank, let alone adding more
  3. Diablo

    Site satisfactory survey

    that just default behavior of copy pasta trying to preserve the style of original text it is best to paste as plain text when prompt
  4. Diablo

    Report problems

    just tested i can edit text there also not sure if it is the one you refer to, one of your calendar post has nest double quote going on
  5. Diablo

    Site satisfactory survey

    registration stats since day of migration @Milli @Ryzza5 @TIMELESS
  6. Diablo

    New site discovery

    you already have text field as Title and WYSIWYG about me page in your profile
  7. Hi there, how i can tread in BB codes ? how to switch on BB

    1. Diablo


      It's not available on this platform anymore, I will update you if I find out otherwise

  8. Diablo

    Report problems

    try move your cursor to the end of quote and then tap enter twice
  9. Diablo

    Site satisfactory survey

    Remember I asked you whether people should get notified on when reply to a post and you said no ? lol Move select to outside of spoiler and double tap on delete or backspace depending you're left or right
  10. Diablo

    New site discovery

    Adding limitation basically adding character count, people can still be clever by using it to embed image, or bunch new lines
  11. What feature do you like best ? What would you like to see improved ?
  12. Diablo

    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    Would you like me to add a wiki guide and everyone can participate?
  13. there is no join button for public there is join button for open both show content to people without joining if it is private then you need to join to see content