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  1. There's a mod right on turboduck called 298 races or sum like that. It adds multiple races to the game and allows you to modify any of the races to allow any class or restriction. You would be able to modify this race as well, and even change the layout or add more laps to it. I would only say to use it after you completed all events tho, as the speed traps etc all get converted to races. This is the only way I know how to modify races
    Truly great, will be spending some time on this section of roads for some time. Is there any way to add traffic to the road? I think that would make it even more spectacular
  2. Okay so I was able to solve the problem, the race is called 500 hp of happiness and replaced it with the version that the game came with originally and it no longer crash. Seems the one in this mod was corrupted or something. So just replace that one in the lge folder with this RMFE0048.IGE
  3. I recently restarted playing tdu from scratch, finished all the races etc then I install back this mod. There is a race that always crash the game whenever I go to click on it. I had the problem before but I can't remember what I did to stop it. By chance can you tell me the name of the race so I can delete/edit it. It's a little bit on the upper left corner of the pearl harbor race
    Been waiting for this one, now I can finally buy and race with the Urus
    New update is really great, if this is a demo of what to come then final version will be awesome. The only issue I may have is with the ai expert bots, some are too fast and as such can't go around corners at times, running completely off the road and some cars should probably be faster in the straights but besides that the ai bots are good enough to be a challenge. I should of also mentioned the bots are slow most times in straights, especially class A bots.
  4. Can someone please share the tdu platinum aiconfig, I seem to have misplaced it after replacing it with another.
    This is really good and so far my favourite tdu 1 texture mod. Makes me wanna just drive around the entire island to experience it.
    Had to rewrite this review, I do quite enjoy this however one thing I have noticed is that not all the races actually appear on the map, especially concerning those that are named The Road is Mine. I went through them in the editor and it seems they can only be accessed through there, which sucks because yeah they aren't found on the map. There are some races that basically aren't completed. I think one is named Mission Honolulu, the name for it is just there, but there isn't a route for it and even if you create one it can't be accessed via map regardless which also sucks. Edit: understood regarding the Honolulu mission. Regarding the road is mine races, I did zoom out and still couldn't find all. One such example is the smf00021 race. That one cannot be found on the map. There are a few more but I can't remember them all. Edit: okay I think I didn't explain what I meant clearly so my bad, when I say the race cannot be found I mean the icon isn't on the map, it's like the race doesn't exist apart from when you go into the editor.
  5. I want to know if it's possible to somehow reset ref.score in tdu for races etc. Is this possible? Without of course restarting the game
    Can anyone tell me how it works? Please. It says data base not found.
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