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Knyazev : TDU2 Universal Launcher [v3.6]

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i only had 3 car rims in the game for my Mercedes nothing else i only have rims for my SLR also i was playing online last night with the rims i only did a new install because the new DLC when i got that message the server was down i was thinking it was because the mod rims i downloaded from here but it was not that at all also my game is working fine i only have 12 million 2 cars and 2 houses after playing this game for a year half and i never used any hack only the rims that are better then the game ones ;-) i think they are going after money hack people and race time cheats i seen people with 2 billion dollars how can you get that kind of money ???

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Patch server of TDU2 now works fine! link - http://patchserver.testdriveunlimited2.com/ (you can ping it) You can download game updates via original UpLauncher.exe  But now I works with

I think, it's problem with TestDrive2.exe file.    In future I want create the new version of the Launcher with support the Online Mode.

The funny thing is if we didn't have all these mods they'd relase new content quicker since they wouldn't be wasting time on the anti-(all these tools) updates and testing. :)


As of now PC owners must have the latest version of TDU2.exe to play online, so you're choice is either to play with mods offline, or play online as without mods (until they are updated, if the modders decide to update it, if they aren't already banned.) :)

Obviously Atari really don't want us to enjoy this game. :p

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Personally, I think it is a SHAME how Atari acts against modders! They accepted it for TDU1 and now they are fighting against modders, which are the ONLY REASON for me to play this big-beta-bug! Atari tries to stop all the things which make the game interesting.

They ignore all important request from the TDU-communitiy (in the official Atari forum) and the DLC2 - to be honest - is a bad joke! It´s like "TDU2 players, we give you DLC2 so please STFU"...


Really, I will NEVER buy TDU3 if it would ever be released.

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So, Knyazev, what you are trying to say it`s that we want be able to use your launcher anymore because it has a different program code than TDU2 launcher?


What do you mean?


Current UpLauncher contains same functions (exactly: mutexes), which uses now in my Universal Launcher (v1.5 or early versions).

These functions for launching game in online/offline mode. Works fine.

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Nobody panic your not going to get banned only if you use money hack the servers are funny one min they down then up and it makes you think your banned i am not going to unpack my game for a bit as Atari will make a patch soon i think after this new DLC so i will wait to see what happens

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