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Doctor G.

Doctor G - Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE sound (Farboud BNK)

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Yes this sound is very difficult to recreate


I myself had to made almost 5 versions of it !


You did make a good joob on the samples but i think that the sound its too low volumed wich make the sound become "weak" it seems that the car dont have power... anyway :


Sugestion :


- try to make the sound in other bnk file ( i recomend Lambo_murc wich has a very loud filter (CARVST.xmb)))

You just have to pitch again the samples and increase volume a bit

try to distress the sound too a bit (for you to recreate this sound perfectly in game you need to add a bit of distorcion directly to the samples)



If you need help mate just send me a pm i will help you (i have time now to make sounds dont worry !! i know i have failed with you once)

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Thanks all for feedback and suggestions. About the pitch it sounds even higher than in the original audio (it reaches the breaker at a lower tone already), so I don't think I'll change anything about it. Maybe it doesn't sound too "powerful" or something I don't know, but it's as close as it can be from the audio source, that source has some gain in it and a weak audio volume. But I don't want to apply filters or anything that will make the sound more synthetic, I just added some bass, amplified dynamics and volume, applied hiss and pop/click filter ; I already made 4 different beta versions before posting this one so i'm done with it for now.

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Tombass this is the defaut turbo sound in that video. If you talk about my custom turbo sound that I have used in some other videos (like this one :

), it's not released so far, but if you are interested I can create a specific thread to share it.

Note : I just posted the original video so you can compare the sounds, notice about the redline.

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