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D999G: Time_Cycle '2013 [Day to Night mod]


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Description:Hi guys, this mod i made for myself, but i decided to share with you.

I worked one month on this mod. I hope you like it.

The mod includes changes the cycle time, and also reflection and shine of car.

Reflection and shine will be on your car now always, even in the night,

only if you drive next to buildings and trees, because they reflect of light from the moon.

The roads also illuminated from moon. Looks nice.:)


Installation inside archive



Link2:Time_Cycle[TDU1]'2013 by D999G.rar





Sundown and sunrise (fast time) video:


i am sorry for bad quality video.

In the game, it's looks much much better

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It's work with paradise island!!!

You have to first install paradise island, after that install Time_Cycle '2013 and don't forget switch off graphic settings HDR in the game!!!


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Don't uninstall paradise island if you like this mod. Just install Time_Cycle '2013 again. Installation: put the files d3d9.dll and enbseries.ini in main folder,

files Weather.ini and WeatherDesc.ini put in Euro/Bnk/FX and give agree on replacement files.

And you will get paradise island with Time_Cycle '2013;)

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I tesed ... This is great, great, great mod .. Evey part of day is quite beautiful and at night a bit luminously lit road walls and vividly visible taillights of other cars make my driving quite enjoyable .... and now My TDU has just became a totally DIFFERENT game ..Thank you very much for this mod.


--- Post Updated ---


Now we only need a mod to keep Headlights always on :P


I think you can drive with the Headlights always on with your present settings... ..All we need to do is keep pressing selected buttom down before entering "CONTROL" and click WARNING FLASH and then release the buttom up and it's done




Here we go, the first one :P

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