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The Queen

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Well I thought it was about time that a topic was made to see what films members of this forum have watched and if they are any good and could be recommended for others to watch. I am aiming for this to be a popular topic, as a successor to "What you saw recently?" and that many people will post so I will start the ball rolling. ;)


Been watching a few films as of recently, some which I should have watched ages ago. If anyone wants to find out more about a specific film then search it up on imdb as on this website you are sure to find any film out there!


You don't have to give descriptions for each film if you don't want to, i'm only doing this to start off. ;)




Transformers - A really nice action packed film with plenty of special effects and a good storyline. If you like action films then this is a good one to watch out for!


The Invasion - Starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. Appeals to me as a softened down "28 days later" and with a slightly different storyline where a virus strain effects the worldwide population. A good film if you like monsters and blood and guts. A reasonably good plot and imo a really good film.


Death Race - An epic film starring Jason Statham with plenty of action packed scenes and an interesting storyline. Plenty of gore and blood and guts till your heart is content!


Madagascar - A cartoonish film with some great acting and a good storyline. Definitly one for the family!


Transporter 2 - Not nearly as good as the first film with some ridiculous over-the-top scenes and effects but if you really like special effects then it's probably worth enduring.


Cube 2 : Hypercube - Watched this a second time and it's still probably my favourite Cube film. It's a typical example of a film where the main cast are stuck in a difficult place and their aim is to get out. A very good film, even if some scenes are slightly...boring.


I am Legend - A very moving film with a fantastic storyline but with a very dramatic, unexpected ending which I still don't understand. A good one to watch if you like monsters and zombies and lots of action packed scenes!


The Blues Brothers - An absolutely brilliant film with lots of car chases and action packed scenes. The storyline is very well thought out and it's really worth watching if you like lots of action and well played scenes. It is also be quite ridiculous...especially nearer the end of the film.


Convoy : A real classic film that has a brilliant storyline. If you like big american trucks and chases with lots of action then I would highly recommend this film!


GI Joe : The Rise of Cobra - Went to see this tonight at the cinema and I will say that I had no idea what the film was going to be like. It really changed my expectations and was really nicely put together especially with the Hummer chase through the streets of Paris and the collapse of the Eiffel Tower, as seen on Top Gear a couple of weeks back. Lots of different locations in the film as well, ranging from the Sahara Desert to the Polar Ice Caps to Washington DC in America. A great watch especially if you like a super hero type film with plenty of action packed scenes.

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Transporter 3: I thoguht it was action packed and was full of great car chases. I would recommend it.


Red Line: The plot sucks, but its full of tons of Exotics.


Gone In Sixty Seconds(Remake): Great plot, Awesome cars, great dialouge. I would recommend it


Fast and Furious 4: Very entertaining. I would recommend it.

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Nice idea for a topic.

Death Race - An epic film starring Jason Statham with plenty of action packed scenes and an interesting storyline. Plenty of gore and blood and guts till your heart is content!

I am Legend - A very moving film with a fantastic storyline but with a very dramatic, unexpected ending which I still don't understand. A good one to watch if you like monsters and zombies and lots of action packed scenes!

Was Death Race any good? I've been thinking about buying it when the prices go down. Also, I really wanted to see I Am Legend until I saw that it had zombies and stuff in it :P


I haven't seen much films during the summer, so I'll try and list them.


Christine - 1980's 'horror' film. Wasn't much horror really, but a good film and a nice car anyways :D

Death Proof - One of the most confusing movies I have ever seen. I have no idea what the story was all about, and it was like... bleh.

Rush Hour 3 - All of the Rush Hour films are epic, and number 3 is no exception. :D

American Pie: The Naked Mile - Well yeah... hum.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Saw it today in the cinemas actually, one of the best films in the whole series and I really liked it.

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Nice idea for a topic.


Was Death Race any good?


Yeah it was brilliant. Definitly one of the best films I have ever watched. I can honestly say that I didn't think much of it when seeing it on adverts etc... but the actual film is really good. Some really nice cars converted into killing machines such as a Mustang, Dodge Ram and Porsche 911.


Also I would recommend "I am Legend" although I would say it's not for the faint hearted. It has one of the best storyline's I have seen in a film though.




Just remembered another few I have seen over the summer.


Underworld 2 : Evolution - A really nice sequel to the first installment of the series. I personally prefer the second to the third but thats only my opinion. This film doesn't dissapoint with various action scenes and a really nicely thought out "love scene"!


Underworld 3 : Rise of the Lycans - Another good sequel although I feel it lacks a bit of the storyline with new characters in this film compared to the previous one. Had me confused a little but packed plenty of action and stunts!

The Ruins - A typical horror film where the story is set on a group of teenagers venturing into dangerous locations and getting cut up and killed etc... Although this one has a twist as it is not the usual monsters or inbred creatures but plants. Had me on edge throughout and was a really enjoyable watch. Again, definitly not for the faint hearted and younger viewers.

Gran Torino - Many people don't like this film but I absolutely loved it. The storyline is great and I love the ideas behind the success of the film with the story following a grumpy old man with no friends ending up saving someone elses life. A very moving film with some great acting and various action scenes.

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Well... Where do I start!


Currently on a full 22-movie Bond Fest!


Transformers 2 - Very bad compared to the first. I didn't think much of it at all.


Death Race - Seen it countless times, never gets old. One would think that movies involving guns and fast cars to just be a linear plot, but this one really did have a convincing storyline to it.


Eight Legged Freaks - Bloody funny film! Acting isn't terribly good, but when you have gigantic spiders overrunning a city and a plot which is on the comical side, you just can't go wrong!!


Fast and Furious 4 - Fairly decent film, good to see Vin Diesel make a return. Still as emotionless as ever, of course. Decent car scenes, so-so plot.


Hitman - Favourite film, ever! Timothy Olyphant just has the edge to be the Hitman. The plot is very well written, and the CGI is hardly noticeable as CGI.


Terminator: Salvation - Avoid it like the plague. Awful film. Everything about it would see the end of SkyNET (and the Terminator franchise)


Taken - A very close favourite to hitman. Liam Neeson makes a fantastic return into the box office with this film. Plot is very, very addicting and the action scenes are performed with extreme choreographics.

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Watched another film last night.


Deja Vu - A brilliant film with an excellent plot and great acting. Starring Denzel Washington it follows the story of plans to blow up a car ferry by parking a car rigged with explosives on the ferry. A very different film to any I have seen before. Whoever thought it was a good idea to base a film around moving from the future to the past is a genius. Definitly one to watch and I really enjoyed it from start to finish. ;)

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Ice age 3 was good, ish, but you could tell that the writers were running low on inspiration, the puns and just pointless random moments were testament to that


can i be outspoken here?


I Am legend was passable at best, everyone seemed touched by it but i found nothing likeable in the plot, just didnt grip me at all.


which brings me to my next point




Words cannot describe the retardedness in the world when they hailed this weak, farfetched, slow moving grog as the second coming of christ. i don't want to go on another rant (i've been hating this film for about 6 months since i saw it) but i'll leave you with one thought.


The guy and the girl get together, he's always after her ass no matter what they do. now consider that they meet when they're about 7 years old, she's lost her parents and the two boys had just lost their mother, they end up sticking together, fending for themselves, this instantly says 'sibling relationship' considering the circumstances. all their youthful memories are together. which makes the whole film seem incredibly wrong to me.

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Taken (96hours here in germany). atmosphere is very great in this terrific movie

Harry Potter 6 - worsest movie of all HP movies

Pinneaple Express- Great Movie I love it. Seth Rogen at his best.

Reservoir Dogs- First film of Tarantino an one of the best movies i saw

My bloody Valentine 3D - GREAT

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The Girl Next Door - I'm not usually one for chick flicks but I just couldn't miss out on this especially as Elisha Cuthbert is one of the main stars. It was much much better than I thought it was going to be and there were some great scenes and acting in it. Shame though...as my attention was focused on Elisha the whole way through. :o :drool:


Definitly not a film to miss! :D

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Taken: Awesome movie :D great action scenes, and intriguing storyline

Schindler's List: Had to watch this for English. I actually really liked the movie, though quite sad.

Bad Boy's 2: Was okay - original was better though had great action scenes

Up: Just plain wierd.

In Bruges: Another strange one, but I enjoyed it :)

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Went to watch Orphan at the cinema today. Was rather crap. I'd say it was a waste of my money, but I get in for free. It's always good when you know someone who works in Cineworld.


A friend of mine went to see this and said it was one of the best films he had ever seen and that it was really well done, but different people have different opinions. ;)




Anyway, watched another couple of films over the past few days. :p


Disturbia - One of my favourite films to date. I really enjoyed this as it's not your typical horror film. Sarah Roemer does look extremely hot in this in various scenes. Lots of moments in the film which make you jump. Overall I really enjoyed this and would recommend it to anyone who likes horror or frightening films!

I have watched this twice now, once on my own and once with friends in the space of 24 hours. It makes a bit more sense watching it twice as you start to realise some things that otherwise wouldn't occur. I will admit, I don't recommend watching it at 3am in the morning. That seriously gave me the creeps. :D


Good Luck Chuck - Reaper said this film was good and that it had Jessica Alba in it. So I went and watched it and it was actually not too bad. The story wasn't great but the more sexy scenes etc.. were interesting to say the least and some parts actually made me laugh. A good watch if you like chick flicks or mild comedy!

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Urmm Lets see:


Naked Gun 33 1/3: Im going to have to say the funny movie in the known universe, its not really jokes but stupid comedy.


Quantom of solace: Good the first chase scene was great and was half excepting the alfas to break down, They got trashed so no harm done.


Fast and furious 4: Good, nice storyline relating to the first movie.


Tokyo Drift: For the 46th time, getting boring

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