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    Screenshot Contest #1 Announcement

    So, the first SS contest is over and the winner is @TDU Iceman! Congratulations bro! Thanks to @fhqwhgads, @Redwave121, @CastleDandelion and 神風 __ 忍者 for participating!
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    It have always been, to be honest. That's why i drive slow cars anyways. I don't take TDU as a competition, so, i don't mind the 3000hp BMW's. lol Will you make those mods for us? And you should look better, because the GT-R Nismo is added. I've made the performance of the vehicles match their real data. TDU messed up on that on a lot of vehicles, like for example a bone stock R34 doing 0-100 under 4 seconds. Lol That's unreal. Some of the Time Trials i really edited to be harder than usual, such as "The Perfect Driving Line". As the name hints... you gotta hit the perfect driving line in order to complete it with a stock vehicle.
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    I quite enjoyed running with a handful of folks today. I was driving a yellow 308. It is my all-time favorite exotic - but it is a trifle slow. As Milli surmised, the 308 that I drive is a hybrid. It would have to be to keep up with her 355. My driving skills leave a lot to be desired, so I apologize if they offended anyone. I would like to know how you guys can race, navigate, avoid traffic, and put text messages on my screen, all at the same time. It boggles the mind of this old dude. Perhaps the game converts speech to text, (if one happens to be using a mic), but nowhere have I found any confirmation of this. Would someone elucidate? Maybe I should invest in a combo headset. Thanks for the fun, and slowing down for me sometimes.
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    StarGT: 1953 Jaguar C-Type [XKC017]

    1953 Jaguar C-Type [XKC017] for TDU2sharemods.com/73msqy8mubw2Converted from FH4Replace Lotus Esprit S3Converted by StarGT
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    Screenshot Contest #1 Announcement

    Congrats Iceman I've only just noticed how relatively massive the flowers/bushes are behind the van
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    Screenshot Contest #1 Announcement

    @sti228 let's update the social media cover (you can revert it back after a while
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    TDU - Countdown mod replacer from NFS:HP2 View File This replace the default "Three, two, one and go" with the one from Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. To use this mod, all you have to do is to replace fe_snd.bnk in Euro\Bnk\FrontEnd\sounds Make sure you backup fe_snd.bnk. Enjoy :3 https://streamable.com/yt3xp Submitter KemonoGamer75 Submitted 07/30/2019 Category Others / UI  
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