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  1. 2017 Nissan GT-R Premium The facelifted 2017 Nissan GT-R may just have recently been unveiled at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), but already it's availability virtually will begin from tomorrow, in Need for Speed. Making its video game debut in the game this latest - and possibly the final version - of the R35 generation, known as the Nissan GT-R Premium 2017, will come to the PS4 and Xbox One on March 24th and March 30th for PC. Even though the R35 did not take the 'Skyline' name it is still seen as one, and the name is synonymous with street racing culture and it's no surprise to find many of them in a game such as NFS which centres on this. And within the trailer you can see many of these icons with the years of that model shown on their number/license plates, from the R32 of 1993 and R34 of 1999, right up to this newest 'Godzilla' of 2017, but strangely missing out the '71 original??? No R33 though, which is my personal favourite. With games it is easy to fall into the What's the difference? thinking when a new model of what is more or less the same car already included is released, as we cannot experience the new changes except for what we can see: like a few styling cues, a speed increase and perhaps a different handling feel, but nothing too drastic to the previous. If this wasn't free then sure that would be an issue but seeing as it is then it's something new for nothing and I'm sure many can live with that. >The GT-R's award-winning 3.8-liter V6 24-valve twin-turbocharged engine – each unit handcrafted by its own Takumi technician – now delivers 565 horsepower at 6800 rpm and 467 lb-ft of torque, representing an increase of 20 HP and 4 lb-ft, respectively, from last year's model. - Nissan Press Release Ironically for this game due to the lack of an in-car/cockpit view, one of the main updates to the 2017 model is a much improved interior making it a more welcoming environment for the driver -- one of the jokes about the R35 was about how if you were driving you wouldn't have to look at it but the interior itself was never kept in high regards to its aesthetics or styling either. Despite this, you could never deny the performance and handling of the car which would put a lot of the more expensive options to shame in a drag race or a few laps round a twisty circuit. Yes it may be another 'Skyline', but we're not anywhere near approaching Gran Turismo territory. (though we wouldn't say no to an R33 guys!) UPDATE: A few official images added. [gallery link=file" ids="4540,4541,4542]
  2. The ball is in your court, Sony/Developers Hello friends and welcome to my new series: Open Letters! In this sporadically posted column, I will write open letters to things relating to the gaming community while tying in news you may now know in a very informative, yet somewhat humorous manner. Our very first open letter is to the software giant Microsoft's gaming division, Xbox. Microsoft. Synonymous with Bill Gates, Tablets, Phones, Phablets and Windows Vista (I shuddered too it's okay). And just last week, Xbox announced they would support cross-platform multiplayer with both players on Windows 10 and Playstation 4. In fact just EARLIER this month, I criticized Xbox themselves for potentially destroying everything we know and love about games. Now they've come full circle and decided, GAMES FOR EVERYONE! This is a great success for all gamers, allow me to elaborate. What exactly has been done? Well, Xbox has said they're all good to go for developers to create cross-platform multiplayer, as in Xbox will support this going forward. This is unexpected as ever since the formation of Xbox Live, it has been very restricted to Xbox only content. Now that we're seeing the boys at MS let up, this could literally change everything. Xbox has stated that the developers of 3rd party games (ex. Grand Theft Auto, Destiny, Call of Duty) can create cross platform multiplayer which means those friends of yours who got a PS4 instead of an Xbox One? You can in the future hopefully play against them despite your console preference. What about those elitist PC players? Yes you too, can face off against PCMASTERRACE in whatever game tickles your fancy. Now, I say hopefully very sarcastically because we're not quite sure where this could lead. Sony has responded to Xbox regarding the cross-platform play -Sony Worldwide Studios' Shuhei Yoshida suggests there's no technical issue preventing cross-network play between PS4 and Xbox One. Rather, the debate will revolve around whether it is in Sony's best interests to allow it. So onto the topic of this post - an open letter to Xbox: Hello, Xbox The recent news that you're willing to allow cross-platform support on games is astonishing and not something I ever expected from either side of the aisle. Thank you for knowing what your fans want, thank you for being willing to take whatever risk to promote this and to hopefully make it a reality. Those things I said last time I wrote about you guys, I was mad you know how these things go we all say things we don't mean.. so basically what I'm saying is.. *gets out flowers and goes down on one knee* make this a reality..? For me? Thanks for reading guys at Xbox, I hope this inspires some serious fan-fiction that we can all laugh about in the future. (I never said this was a LONG open letter) In closing, in all seriousness - this has a long way to go, so far we only have Xbox's word that they're willing to go along with this, some may call it an empty promise, some may call it the future. But until we have a concrete answer from Sony and game developers about how the science of this will work out - it will remain a pipe-dream. Happy about the news? Tell us over at the forums, or in the comments down below. Also please don't send me fan-fiction, please.
  3. Project CARS March DLC The teasing of what is to come next to Project CARS this March has started with some images being posted on the official instagram of the game. The first of these shows an outside the window shot from "the next free car", which seemingly from some noticeable clues such as the door and mirror shape, door opener, yellow pullover fabric strap and probably the most telling - the AMG branding on the bottom, signals that this will be the oft-rumoured Mercedes-AMG GT3 finally making its appearance. Next up is something we only recently learned about due to the announcement of the Project CARS Game of the Year Edition coming out this Spring. And if this next car is what we believe it to be then it's a real gem of an offering as despite them trying their best to conceal it, there's one image available online (thanks GTspirit) where working out what it is becomes easy and this is because it shows off all the branding the car had on it before it was removed for some reason. It is this edition that SMS appears to have recreated for the game when modelling the Pagani Zonda Revolucion. It's entirely possible that the March DLC will be that of what is to come with the GOTY edition, along with the addition of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 to keep up the 'a free car every month' that has become commonplace. There was talk of March's DLC being a "track pack" and two of them being mentioned but maybe this was just a cloak and dagger way of keeping the Nürburgring GP + Nordschleife guessing away.
  4. Project CARS Of The Year Project CARS has had a decent impact on the racing genre since its release, taking the fight to Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo and giving those on PC yet another sim-racer they need to find time to play with amongst their Assetto Corsa, iRacing etc. Looking glorious on the PC has always been an easy selling point for the game, and with the proper wheel support and providing the consoles a more simulation based racer compared to the usual offerings the title has done well in introducing itself and giving others something to think about. It's had its problems sure and it's not had the best PR due to some of the more outspoken members of the team but you cannot deny that the post-release content support by way of their On Demand program and its pricing has been anything short of rather good. For the cost of a typical DLC Pack from the others you could grab yourself 2 or even 3 of those for pCARS and the assortment provided with them caters to a far-reaching audience, from the GT racers to the mad for it Drifters. The free stuff was pretty damn good too it has to be said. If however you have held out this long in grabbing the title, or have actually been waiting for what is now becoming the inevitable Game of the Year/Complete/SUPER AWESOME CHICKEN NUGGETS edition to drop, then get ready to scream in delight stingy, as it's coming in the Spring! Comprising of all the content and updates released for the game so far, the GOTY edition will also include 2 new monsters from the stables of Horatio Pagani: the Pagani Huayra BC that was only recently shown in Geneva and the road-going even more extreme version of the phenomenal Zonda R, the Zonda Revolucion. As for the tarmac faithful, the news that the combined Nürburgring Nordschieife + GP circuit will be showing itself is likely to go down well. Project CARS GOTY Edition Contents Featuring all the elements that made the original core experience a runaway success, the Game of the Year Edition will add even more to what is already the definitive racing sim:​ An additional 50+ cars (125 total) 4 tracks (35 unique locations, 100+ layouts total) 60+ community-created liveries 500+ features and improvements that have been added since launch In addition, the Game Of The Year Edition will feature two distinctive and exclusive items: The iconic Nurburgring Combined Nordschieife + GP circuit Two Project CARS exclusive vehicles from Pagani – the Zonda Revolucion and Huayra BC unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show Despite how it all sounds from above the additional new content is not only accessible to those who buy a full copy of this new addition. That would be completely unfair to those who already have done and continue to support the game, so it is reassuring to know that all of that stuff will be available for existing owners too, as was clarified by the game's official twitter account. Project CARS Game of the Year Edition will be available in Spring 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
  5. Project CARS February DLC out in March Please bear with me a second while I smash my head off the desk. *WHACK* All right, over the past few days we have provided information on what the next Car Pack for Project CARS would be and delivered the media and release dates seen from trusted sources. So it's really annoying (in a funny way) that today it has been announced that the - whatever! final name out of 'US Car Pack' or 'US Racecar Pack' they choose - DLC for February will be out now on March 1st, due to making sure that Patch 9.0 will be "out on all platforms before the Pack [is out]". It's only another week to wait from the original date so not a huge issue, unless of course you have to return to your home planet on Feb 29th or something. In which case, sorry. Source: Project CARS twitter
  6. Need for Speed PC Specs Need for Speed is quickly racing towards its PC release, and as is helpful for those of you with them there computer things the specifications in order to get a moving image, right up to 4K* super-fine super-sharp and super-clean visuals have been revealed, along with the Wheel support to come on day 0. The 'Minimum is set to net you a lowly-playable 720p at 30fps, whereas the 'Recommended' will have you highly-enjoying silky-smooth 60fps at 1080p. For those of you with monster machines you will be the envy of many in your ability to place those ticks in and drag those sliders as close to the top for as much as your hardware will permit. We are absolutely salivating just at the prospect of the screens and videos you creative bunch will be able to snap and produce. Minimum Requirements for 720p30 at low settings: OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later Processor: Intel Core i3-4130 or equivalent with 4 hardware threads Memory: 6GB RAM Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB, AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB, or equivalent DX11 compatible GPU with 2GB of memory Hard Drive: 30 GB free space Recommended Requirements for 1080p60 at high settings: OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 or equivalent with 4 hardware threads Memory: 8GB RAM Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB, AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB, or equivalent DX11 compatible GPU with 4GB of memory Hard Drive: 30 GB free space Need for Speed PC Supported Wheels Logitech G27 Logitech G29 Logitech G920 Thrustmaster TX Thrustmaster T150 Thrustmaster T300 Thrustmaster T500 Fanatec CSR Need for Speed PC is out March 15th, 2016 *you need much more than the Recommended. Source: Need for Speed Blog
  7. USA! USA! USA! Update: Feb 20th - This DLC Car Pack has now been delayed to March 1st. Update: Feb 19th - The actual name is the US Racecar Pack and a teaser video was posted in the early hours (GMT) of this morning. Update: Feb 18th - The muppet that I am talked about the Ford Fusion Stockcar and yet FORGOT to put it in the contents list. So yeah it's obviously there! More images and information have come out about this months DLC for Project CARS. We knew it was going to be a "car pack" and we've seen the teaser pics and some of the shared screens from the official Project CARS forum, but now we have a date of release. Thanks to the official IndyCar twitter account who tweeted earlier today, the 'US Car Pack' as it looks to be called will be coming on February 23rd for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Shortly afterwards, the Ford Performance account also got in on the act by tweeting about being able to "drive the 2016 Ford Fusion Stockcar in your living room" next week with a screenshot containing a very purple car leading a pack. At this time we haven't seen anything from Cadillac but chances are they will do one too. And the speculation that the free car for the month would be an Aston Martin turned out to be correct, with official images being shown on the official forums of the Aston Martin GT12 by Ed 'Cinematics & Video' Mas who also spoke about having a "short clip up later today". Project CARS: US Racecar Pack DLC Teaser Video Car Packs have usually followed a 4 Premium vehicles included besides a free offering, but this one might be one short, or are Slightly Mad Studios keeping something back? Honestly, we'd say it's probably best to think not and be surprised if so. Project CARS: February DLC Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Cadillac ATS-VR GT3 Dallara DW12 Indycar 2016 Ford Fusion Stockcar Aston Martin Vantage GT12 - FREE [gallery link=file" columns="5" ids="4134,4135,4136,4141,4143,4144,4164,4163,4162,4161,4160,4159,4158,4157,4156,4155,4154,4153,4152,4151,4150,4149,4148,4147,4146,4145] Tired of talking to yourself about racing games? Join our forum and join others who do it too!
  8. Ammazzinngg Race! The people at Slightly Mad Studios have been teasing their fans again about their upcoming DLC releases on their Instagram and the official Project CARS forums. And from what they've shown, it looks like the February DLC pack will concentrate on American vehicles. So far, we've seen pictures of a Corvette C7.R GTE, Chevrolet's Le Mans winning beast, a Cadillac ATS-V.R (am I seeing a theme in the naming department here?), which is Cadillac's GT3-spec racer they used for the 2015 season in the Pirelli World Challenge series, an Indycar, which looks to be the Dallara DW12 and to top it all off, a Ford Fusion Nascar racer. The GT cars will fit in nicely as the GT field in Project CARS is one of the, if not the very biggest available right now (outside modding of course) and the ability to fill up your own Indycar grid with the Dallara or do a Nascar race with a grid full of Fusions is something that will not only excite those fans in the USA, but also perhaps bring a taste of these motorsports to those who may have ignored or even joked about them. There is a problem though, a BIG problem with delivering an accurate representation of the latter two and that is the lack of oval tracks in the game. Back in the early days several ovals were originally planned for Project CARS but they've disappeared silently: According to Ian Bell, oval tracks are "still somewhat up in the air" due to problems with the AI system. Most likely scenario will be that we'll be seeing them in Project CARS 2 instead. In any case, those cars do race on road courses too, so they should provide you with plenty of fun and yet another series or few of vehicles to master. In addition to the DLC package itself, SMS will also give us our monthly free DLC car. In February, the free car looks to be the Aston Martin Vantage GT12: only 100 of these GT3-inspired monsters have been made in real life, so chances are that you didn't get your hands on one. But not to worry, you'll be getting your hands on it in Project CARS once the February DLC releases. [gallery link=file" columns="5" ids="4103,4112,4113,4105,4107,4104,4102,4101,4100,4099,4097,4096] Source: Project CARS Forum
  9. Assetto Corsa Track Updates Kunos Simulazioni began the development of Assetto Corsa back in 2011 and since then they have learned a lot more about how to go about creating assets, modelling and gathering accurate track data via laser-scanning, as well as increasing their staff numbers and financials. And so, some of the older tracks are showing their age compared to their newer counterparts due to missing out on the new found knowledge and methods that are now being used. However in a gesture that you would not usually expect to see, after all it would be easy to leave them as is and commit to making everything from now on to the current standard, Kunos are going to update and improve these older environments. In fact, they have already started optimising circuits including "Vallelunga, Nurburgring GP, Mugello, Magione, Imola, Silverstone, Monza, Spa Francorchamps, as well as the Nordschleife". The upgraded versions of which you can check out some comparisons in the gallery below, will come for free as part of the 1.5 update, currently under development. With the forthcoming console release you could say they had to do this anyway but we like to believe this is the kind of team Kunos are; always wanting to better themselves and bring their new knowledge and use it to benefit not only what is to come, but also the what is already available. [gallery columns=5" link="file" ids="4063,4064,4065,4066,4067,4068,4069,4070,4071,4072] Source: Assetto Corsa Facebook
  10. The Team At Ghost Give Us A Glimpse On Wednesday February 3rd, Ghost Games is going to be releasing the newest update for Need For Speed - the reboot of the quickly failing franchise. This time around all the DLC is free, which is an odd move to Electronic Arts, but an extremely welcome one. Okay I'm done yapping, here's what's in the newest update! From needforspeed.com Snapshot Pro [aka Photo Mode] ...we’re introducing Snapshot Pro, a mode which will allow you to create some stunning photos of your favourite car. Hit start to get to phone screen, then select Snapshot Pro from the phone menu. You’ll then be able to manoeuvre the camera around the car, apply a number of custom settings such as depth of field, brightness, contrast, vignette, saturation and more. You’ll also be able to apply a number of pre-set filters, allowing you to achieve great results in a very short amount of time. ...we can’t wait to see what you do with it! Wrap Sharing ...we’ve constantly been blown away by the talent and creativity being shown by the Need for Speed community when it comes to wrap creation. We’ve seen wraps inspired by past NFS games, comic books, films, and much more. Wrap Sharing has been one of the most requested features to date and because of this we’re adding a new option within the Paint and Wrap section that will allow you to browse and download wraps shared by other players. If you’re a wrap creator then simply mark your creation as shareable and it’ll show up for everyone else. Downloading and applying a community made wrap is as easy as heading into the community wrap section in the 'Paint and Wrap' section, finding one that you like and hitting the download button. Once downloaded you'll then be able to apply it to your ride and even edit and tweak it should you wish. Customization Items Customization continues to be something we see you talking about and requesting more of, which is why we’ll be following in the footsteps of the Legends update and adding another 100+ new customization items in this update. In total, eleven new cars will be getting new parts: Ford Focus RS Chevrolet Camaro Z28 BMW M3 E92 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Ford Mustang Foxbody Ford Mustang GT Mazda MX5 (2015) NISSAN 180sx Type X NISSAN Silvia Spec-R SUBARU BRZ Premium SUBARU Impreza WRX Multiplayer Want to test your skills against other people? We've added a “Competitive” option at the front menu which will see you placed in a game with other players who are also looking to race competitively. Or, select “Alldrive” and you can experience Need for Speed as it is now. License Plates You’ll now have the option to customize the license plate on your car, giving you even more options to personalize your ride. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of backgrounds from past NFS games including; Redview, Fairhaven, Palmont City, Rockport, Olympic City, Bayview and Tri City Bay. Alongside the backgrounds you’ll also be able to apply a number of frames to complete the look. Gas Stations Players of previous NFS games will be familiar with the gas stations and their ability to repair your car. Something we heard directly from you, the NFS community, is that you wanted this functionality brought back. You missed the option of having your car look new again, instead of having to wear the scars of racing until you ventured back to the garage. As such, all gas stations in Ventura Bay will now repair your car, free of charge. Simply drive your car through the station and it’ll be looking as good as new. And to help you out further, we’ll be adding all gas stations as points of interest on the map. New Trophies and Achievements Three new trophies and achievements will be added to the game, go out and earn them all: Filter Addict - Take a Snapshot with a Filter in Snapshot Pro Mode Wrap Artist - Share a Wrap with the Need for Speed Community Climbing the Ranks - Reach Monthly Rank 10 by completing Daily Challenges We'll be seeing you on the streets, kids! Tell us what you think of the update! We are BIIIG fans of photo modes in games and want every game to have one, yes even that one. And we hope that you will come on by the forum and share your outstanding pics you have captured with this new mode. [yop_poll id=5] All images courtesy: needforspeed.com
  11. Agent 47 Gets A Sitcom... Kinda No, it's not a TV series but it acts like one. The new installment in the Hitman franchise will be released as “episodes” - with one coming out each month, featuring Agent 47 in a new environment each time. This means one month you'll be in the vineyards of Italy, the month after you'll be on the hard streets of Chicago in America – after that you may find yourself in Morocco or Thailand. Why like a TV series though? Developer of Hitman, IO-Interactive released a statement from Executive Producer Hannes Seifert: “(we) wanted to release Hitman in increments so that they'll have more time to work on each chapter and make it the best game-playing experience for hardcore Hitman gamers - releasing the video games episodically gives (us) and the players the chance to see the storyline of the famous assassin evolve in an organic way.” If you're not a fan of getting your game-playing experience one month at a time, Square Enix will release a boxed set of all the games for those who would prefer to wait and get all of the episodes all at once. Square Enix (producer of the Hitman franchise) announced there would also be live events and additional content to the games in-between episodes, which further expand the story of the series. A live beta is set to release on February 12th for gamers eager to check out what has been done so far, all fan feedback will be taken into account before the game launches so there is time to make adjustments. Hitman is the sixth installment in the franchise and will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in March of 2016. Images credit: Kotaku.
  12. No News Is Good News? Hello Friends! Let us get straight to the meat of the situation today, there is still no news at all about the new NASCAR game that's “supposedly” in development by the new developers Dusenberry Martin Racing (Dmi). This will be the first game that Dmi will be making in the franchise and is looking to be a welcome change as previous developers Eutechnyx's games were riddled with bugs, making the series unplayable for many. What is Dmi? Well to put it plainly, their CEO's Tom Dusenberry and Ed Martin are both responsible for running previous iterations of the NASCAR games. Dusenberry previously headed up the NASCAR Heat games, a high point in the franchises history; Martin himself was a previous executive at Papyrus (the original NASCAR game developers), Atari and EA Sports (of whom held the NASCAR license from 1996 until 2009). So why no news? Why are we left in the cold? The only answer we've been given is that Dmi has been hard at work fixing all of the mistakes and bugs in NASCAR '15 which was originally done by Eutechnyx. They have confirmed that NASCAR '16 will be coming out in 2016 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and for PC and that is all the news we've gotten. They've also stated that the game would be far more simulation than the previous entries into the franchise – notably those made by Eutechnyx, which had an extremely arcade handling system. We are still early into the year, so here is hoping we get some news soon – those of us who are NASCAR fans have been waiting for a true experience for a very, very long time. Image credit: Kotaku (the boys down under) AU
  13. StanceWorks And The Twisty Roads Of Scotland Come To Project CARS The latest upcoming release as part of the On Demand program from Slightly Mad Studios is an exciting one. This will mark the 7th pack to bring new cars to the game, and the 4th containing a new track. This month, the madness of StanceWorks comes to pCARS in the form of two epic BMWs, and as if that's not enough you'll also get a side order of Scotland's best roads. The Cars BMW 2002 Inspired by the legendary FIA cars, the 2002 features Group 2 bodywork with boxed fenders, nixed bumpers, and M1 Procar-inspired mirrors. The paintwork rocks a Lowly Gentlemen livery. For shoes, only the best Fifteen 52's forged 3-piece Integrale SC wheels. Inside, the car is stripped out, with only a set of vintage bucket seats, a true to form roll cage, and a MOMO steering wheel. The only sign of luxury in this beast is the Alpina-style gauges. Under the hood you'll find a BMW M12 engine, quite literally a Formula 2 engine, pushing out 260 of Germany's finest horses at an insane 8000rpm. BMW 1M A sort-of spiritual successor to the classic 2002, StanceWorks turned the 1M into a purpose-built, GT3-inspired racer. The bodywork is inspired by other GT3 monsters from the BMW line-up, such as the E92 M3 GT3, Z4 GT4, and M6 GTLM. It features a hungry-looking, massive front splitter, a not-so-subtle rear diffuser with four fire breathing exhausts, and the wing of a 777 on the rear giving a massive downforce of 350lbs at 150mph. Under the body sits a set of Fifteen 52 Formula LTW. Much like the 2002 the 1M's interior is completely stripped and set up for racing with some bucket seats, full cage, and a Motec display. Under the hood remains the original 1M engine, a 3.0 litre turbocharged straight 6. However, thanks to the addition of a new intercooler, exhaust and higher manifold pressure, the 1M is now making 460 horsepower. And to deal with all that extra oomph you get bigger brakes and H&R Coilovers to sharpen that handling. Also coming to Project CARS is Mad Mike's RADBUL Mazda MX-5, the KTM X-Bow R, and the Ford Falcon V8 Supercar as a free car. More details on these next week. The Track Also coming in this month's DLC is the long awaited, years-in-the-making Scottish Track. Named Bannochbrae and seen in the photos of the StanceWork's beemers, this track is a fictional road that gives you a taste of the best driving roads in Scotland. Long, winding roads, twisty bends, hairpins, and scenery that will make you think you're watching Game of Thrones. The pictures are reminiscent of the iconic Loch Ness, even showing a building that looks similar to Urquhart Castle. We can't wait to see it in person.. digitally. Check out the rest of the pictures below and feel free to join us in the forums and let us know your thoughts! [gallery link=file" columns="4" ids="3885,3884,3883,3882,3881,3880,3879,3878,3877,3876,3875,3874" orderby="rand]
  14. Is it Fixed? Yes it is! The first official patch for Just Cause 3 is rolling out in Europe for the PS4 this evening with the other regions along with Xbox One and PC starting tomorrow. Significantly improved loading times Optimizations to online stats General stability fixes Fixed an issue related to challenges, wherein vehicles sometimes disappeared when starting a challenge Fixed issues related to screen resizing and closing the game window before the game has fully started up [PC ONLY] They have also given a couple of tips that they hope will help players who have been struggling with the game. The main one being that chaos items when taking over a town or a base appear on the map screen. So if you're struggling with that last billboard or speaker tower you now know where to go!
  15. Assetto Corsa: Brands Hatch One of the more famous racing circuits of the UK, Brands Hatch (Brands), is coming to Assetto Corsa in the fast-approaching Dream Pack 3. Brands, according to Kunos Simulazioni, has taken 6 months to produce from thousands of reference photos and Laserscan data and will be the fourth track to be released this year for the title, following on from Nurburgring, Zandvoort and Barcelona. Ever continuing to bring the goods to its players in the way of popular circuits being added to the ever-growing official track list available to the game. A favourite among motorsport fans, Brands hosts all manner of racing series such as the BTCC, DTM and even the British Superbike Championship and with corners such as Paddock Hill Bend, Druids, Dingle Dell and Clearways, there are plenty of opportunities to pass, but if you're not careful these can also make you look a fool and have you crawling through the gravel traps. More about Dream Pack 3 is due to come in the coming weeks and days, namely the cars and like you, we are hoping for some treats! Dream Pack 3 is due for release on December 15th, 2015 via Steam. Source: Assetto Corsa Facebook
  16. An Adventure Through The Commonwealth I am 50 hours into Fallout 4, I have beaten the main storyline not once, but twice and one would think that after such a period that I've finally found enough of my time to come write this review. This is absolutely not the case, I wish nothing more than to be playing Fallout 4 rather than sat here writing these words. Despite closing off the main story line (which is much longer than I had expected) twice, I still find myself wanting to go back and explore every inch of the world that Bethesda has hand-crafted. Let's delve into what it's like during the first 50 hours and for those of you who haven't played - this is an entirely spoiler free/honest review of my experience with Bethesda's new offering. Let me begin by saying that Metacritic is not an informed place to make a decision on purchasing a video game. I say this due to the abhorrent reviews that Fallout 4 has received since it's launch with many players choosing to give Fallout a 0/10 which has completely bombed the overall score; no game deserves a 0/10 - no matter how completely disgusting it may be. Therefore take the following images with a grain of salt - the professional reviews have a much higher score than the user reviews, as you can see with your special, special eyes. At the beginning of Fallout 4, you glimpse into the world of 2077, the year the bombs dropped and The Great War began - for reasons I'll leave out (spoilers!) you wake up 200 years later after exiting Vault 111. The first thing you notice about Fallout 4 is that, unlike predecessors, this game is vibrant and full of colour. The vibrance does not stop at the colour scheme, immediately upon being thrust into this new wasteland you notice all of the nuances that make it a Fallout game. The songs on the radio, the characters you meet, the places you visit all feel familiar but they don't feel re-used which is a trap Bethesda games usually fall victim to. Speaking of traps that Bethesda games fall victim to, gun physics in previous iterations have been clunky. This time around Todd Howard looked to other games for inspiration: "In a new story by Game Informer, “The Making of Fallout 4,” director Todd Howard admitted that Destiny was a perfect template because it shares some crucial technical similarities to Fallout 4. Specifically, how Destiny presents action at 30fps, the exact framerate that Fallout 4 will run. Bethesda also hired former Bungie developer Josh Hamrick to concentrate “intently on tuning firearms." Source Bethesda's new acquisition proved to be a success as each gun in Fallout 4 has its own weight and feel to it as you shoot; this, along with all of the modifications you can make to the guns included in the game, will have you testing what works best for you long into the span of the game. Leaving out the Main Storyline, the side quests for the games 4 factions along with the all new Settlement Builder feature (think The Sims: Wasteland / Junk Scavenger 2015) will keep you busy until the DLC comes out starting in early 2016 and Mod support coming to Xbox One/PS4 in 2016 as well: “Just like Skyrim, there are mods that can break your game pretty wildly, and so we have some safety things on the console for that, but at the same time, we are going to let people break their game,” game director Todd Howard explained to IGN. Source The Settlement Building is the dark horse in Fallout 4, initially it didn't appeal to me all that much - however once I began to build, the rest of the game became extremely unimportant to me. Needless to say I spent four hours building a castle and then realized I ran out of components to build with. Finally, all of the discarded coffee cups and wrenches you run into have use as you can scrap them down into materials to build a settlement for the settlers of The Commonwealth. Allow me to finish with this: Fallout 4 is not Fallout 3. It is not New Vegas. And yet, it feels like an extension of those games - it takes the good parts of previous iterations and improves upon MOST (famous Bethesda bugs not withstanding) of the issues that plagued the series in the past. If you are a fan of Fallout, you may not like this game, simply for the fact that it is indeed, different. If you have never played Fallout in your life I encourage you to give it a chance - in fact even if you have played Fallout I encourage you to give this game the time to grow on you before you give it a 0/10 rating. With that said and done Fallout 4 gets a 9/10 - do you agree? Oh yeahs! New gun physics bring new life to fights Features like Settlements add new gameplay elements Mods coming to console Oh bollocks! The normal glitchy Bethesda offering Companions have little back-story What do you like/dislike about the game? Let us know below or on the forums! [gallery columns=5" link="file" ids="3627,3628,3629,3633,3634] All images obtained from Fallout 4 Wiki
  17. Free R8 V10 Plus A new update has been released for Assetto Corsa bringing the title to version 1.3.5 and along with the typical fixes and improvements comes the Audi R8 V10 Plus as a free bonus car. The latest patch fixes a number of cars, including their tyre textures and alignment corrections, along with server performance, multithread physics improvements and everything else you see below. 1.3.5 Changelog New Audi R8 V10 Plus bonus car Fixed Nissan GT-R Nismo fuel gauge Fixed Mercedes SLS GT3 default tyre texture Fixed Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Hard tyres name, causing issue on MP tyre compound restriction acServer: fixed issue with timing who caused session skipping ksEditor: Added fuel and brakes script tools Corrected Alfa Romeo 4c alignment and setup values Eliminated wrong tags from Ford GT40 Works on the tyre heating model continues with new surface rolling heat generation on some cars Performance optimization on car multithread physics New improved smoothing and “anti lag” systems for both client and server UPDATE: Shortly after this update was available a 1.3.6 hotfix patch went live, remedying the below issues. 1.3.6 Changelog Audi R8 V10 Plus cockpit changeable brake balance disabled Tweaked the default Alfa Romeo GTA setup Ferrari F458 S3 on V6 tyres and small electronic diff tweaks Client side anti-lag improvements Removed chatty debug log messages in MP Tweaked “default” Post Processing effect Fixed limiter sounds for Pagani Zonda Assetto Corsa is available via Steam and current players just have to start their games up to grab the latest updates. And don't forget! You can talk with other PC racing muppets like yourself and share your screens on our forums.
  18. Patch 6.0 Is Live On Steam! Slightly Mad Studios have released yet another update to Project CARS. This patch brings a whole bunch of bug fixes, small tweaks, and new features to fine tune and improve your racing experience! Totalling at over 2GB, it's likely this update includes the supporting files for the upcoming November track pack. Online has received new features to give the host greater control over the session, such as the ability to kick a player from their server, enforce a mandatory pit stop, or set the race length by time. Another new feature is a dynamic race-end timer in which the timer is 50% that of the slowest lap time in public races or 75% in private races to add a bit of competition to the competition! In addition to this, the career mode, vehicles, tracks, physics and GUI have received bug fixes and tweaks to improve your experience. Oculus Rift users will also be able to enjoy some improvements to the HUD position/rotation/scaling editor and the movement keys layout, which now has two modes: movement mode and rotation/scale mode. Read the full log in the forum for more details.
  19. No Longer Delayed, The Modern Masters Update Is Out Now! Codemasters have dropped the latest update for DiRT Rally, which includes a number of new cars and a new class, as well as the latest handling updates and new features. The release was originally scheduled for last week, however Codemasters hit a roadblock with licensing one of the featured cars, which delayed the update for an uncertain amount of time. As many of you will have already known this week didn’t go entirely to plan. We had originally planned to release the Modern Masters pack however we were unable to do so as we hadn’t received all the necessary permissions to feature one of the cars. I know it’s been frustrating for you guys as the dates on the website have been changing and the messaging has been pretty mixed but suffice to say we are now extremely confident that we will be setting the update live early next week. Source: Codemasters Blog Thankfully, the update is indeed here this week. The Modern Masters update introduces two rally legends from the last decade, the Citroën C4 Rally 2010 and the Ford Focus RS Rally 2007, arguably two of the best cars in recent rallying history and famously driven by world class drivers such as Sébastien Loeb, Marcus Grönholm, and Mikko Hirvonen. With their powerful 2 litre turbocharged engines, they're sure to be good fun out on the dirt. Also being featured in the Modern Masters update is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and Subaru Impreza WRX STI, which will be part of the newly introduced R4 Class. With some of the richest rallying history between the manufacturers, it's not hard to understand why Codemasters have featured these two icons of modern rallying. Included with the additional content will be a number of new features, such as stage distances & elevations, manual headlights, and windscreen wipers. Additionally, the Group B 4WD and Group A classes will receive the latest handling updates, as part of Codemasters' commitment to Early Access, and a number of known issues have been fixed. DiRT Rally: Modern Masters is free to all Early Access players, and available now. Check out the trailer and pictures below. [gallery link=file" ids="3366,3365,3364,3363,3362,3361]
  20. Low Rider, High Spender GTA V has been out for a while, but luckily Rockstar decides to update the game once in a while with new content and challenges to make you visit Los Santos again. This time, a new FREE DLC has been released with a strong focus on vehicles. Before we look at the DLC, a warning might be in the right place here for those who play on Xbox 360 or PS3. Rockstar already announced a while ago that they would eventually stop bringing new content to those two consoles because of their hardware capacity. Well, that time has come. From this DLC onwards, you’ll need the PC, Xbox One or PS4 version to play with the new content. Enough about limits, back to possibilities. Enter Strawberry, a lower-class industrial and residential area in Los Santos. Few people live here though, industry rules most of the property here and whoever does live here most likely had no choice. But we’re not interested in Franklin, or whoever lives here, we’re interested in somebody who bought a big building so he could spray the front of it with bright colors, fancy letters and weird characters. His name is Benny, and he is the new customizer in town. You will be introduced to Benny and his shop by Lamar. He will call you to do a mission which starts and ends at Benny’s Original Motor Works. After that introduction, there will be more missions Lamar will have ready for you to invest in ammo for. Benny’s Original Motor Works is a new shop that specializes in low-riders. Don’t look for racing kits or off-road enhancements, this is not Los Santos Customs. What you can buy from Benny looks special and sounds special. [caption id=attachment_3330" align="alignnone" width="800] Meet Benny, the new customizer in Los Santos[/caption] Benny likes to keep his work exclusive though, and you can reach exclusivity easily through two factors: availability and pricing. Yep, it’s not available for every car. Benny's first principle of exclusivity teaches that he only works on 6 cars of which 2 are new: the Declasse Moonbeam (with sliding doors!) and the Willard Faction (Buick Regal GNX). The 4 existing ones you can customize are the Vapid Chino, Albany Primo and Buccaneer and Declasse Voodoo. The cars can be bought through Benny’s own website for prices from $5500 to $225,000. [caption id=attachment_3326" align="alignnone" width="800] All 6 cars you can customize in Benny's shop.[/caption] Then comes the fun and slightly awkward bit. You can’t just drive in and upgrade. Nope, Benny needs a custom vehicle base to start with, hence why you have to upgrade the car to a 'Custom' version. This is where you meet Benny’s second principle of exclusivity: prices that make you pull your hair out. Although in all honesty, Benny prefers cash or credit cards rather than hair. [caption id=attachment_3321" align="alignnone" width="800] Yep, you have to spend this money before customizing a car.[/caption] After upgrading your car to a Custom version, which adds stuff like new wheels and a base hydraulics system, you can start customizing the car. The DLC has added over 30 new wheels which are only available through Benny’s shop, as well as a lot of new ways to change your ride. Liveries with pin-striping and complex graphics, improved sound systems, various interior options, bobbleheads, hydraulics and even a set of wheels the LNER Mallard engineers could only dream of. You don’t have to choose Benny’s low-rider wheels though, all the other wheels in the game are also available to choose, including custom tires (several types of whitewalls!) and the big color choice for the rims. [caption id=attachment_3325" align="alignnone" width="800] Steam engines would be happy to get those[/caption] [caption id=attachment_3319" align="alignnone" width="800] You can change interior designs and colors.[/caption] [caption id=attachment_3320" align="alignnone" width="800] One of the optional hydraulic systems[/caption] [caption id=attachment_3318" align="alignnone" width="800] Engines can be fitted with valvecovers, turbochargers and airfilter housings.[/caption] Thankfully the DLC is not just pure low-rider parts, but a combination of new content, fixes and new features. The Interaction menu has been expanded and now allows for instant purchase of ammo. No body armor though, that you will still have to buy at your authorized Ammunation retailer. There are 2 more new features in the interaction menu, both vehicle related. You can now get out of the car, turn the engine on, turn the headlights on and even choose the radio channel that should be played. All of that as a bit more immersion for the low-rider show-off. You can also open doors, trunks and bonnets, all at a time or independently from each other. That way you can actually show those engraved air filter housings, or that neon-illuminated sound setup. And for a change, these features are not just exclusive to the 6 low-rider cars… [caption id=attachment_3322" align="alignnone" width="800] An example of a custom Primo[/caption] [caption id=attachment_3331" align="alignnone" width="800] Opening cars remotely works on all vehicles you own.[/caption] In addition, the DLC now allows you to own a fourth property. Don’t mix this up with an actual new mansion or something being added, you can just buy a fourth apartment or garage from the ones already available. In my opinion this is a neat DLC but at the same time perhaps a frustrating one. At least let’s put it this way: you have reasons to spend in-game money again. The available options for the 6 cars Benny will work on come in huge numbers so there’s always a combination you’ll like. It’s nice to own four properties now and the Inventory allowing you to buy ammo directly is a useful support in those tight situations. At the same time though, I wonder why Rockstar went so far with all those customization options only to limit it to 6 cars. They also chose a weird combination of those 6 vehicles since there is a van in Benny’s list but not a Tornado or Peyote. I’m also sure a lot of owners of sports cars and luxury cars would like to change the interior colors or add some new engine parts. Maybe this is something that will be added later, if the Banshee, Peyote and Cheetah in the shop are anything to go by. Happy Halloween! The Low-rider DLC also prepared GTA Online for the just-released Halloween update. This adds 2 more vehicles: the Franken Stange hotrod and the Lurcher Hearse. Note that these two are cars for Los Santos Customs, so don’t expect Benny to do his magic on these. The update also adds dozens of new masks and facepaints as well as a flashlight which can be bought from Ammunation. Yes, it’s a weapon too, one strike to the head takes half your health away. [Ed - guess you could say it makes you light-headed!] The Low-rider DLC and the Halloween DLC are free updates for GTA Online only and is for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
  21. Laser-scanned Hell More than a year after it was originally announced that iRacing was to bring a laser-scanned version of the Nürburgring Nordschleife to their racing title, do we now have an end date for the tracks actual release of this coming December. For more than half a year, work has been busy on the development of the track where the aim is to make their rendition the *WARNING! buzzwords ahead* "most definitive" version available in a racing game to date. Earlier this year back in April, the Nordschelife and the Grand Prix circuit were already modelled from the laser-scanned data and information that had been collected. Most of the work since then has been in combining these to make up the combined circuit, creation of all the smaller world elements such as barriers, buildings and the scenery; including a petrol pump that has a valid reason for being 'out of order'. Those of you who have been lucky enough to experience the Tourist laps, a Ring-Taxi ride or who have simply caught a glimpse of the Nürburgring webcams will recognise the Tourist centre area. And in a nice touch, iRacing will give players the chance to participate in the tourist lap experience before jumping online and racing against others or perhaps even as a practice session before taking a trip to to tackle the real thing. With the video informing that the footage being seen is still in development and that the polish phase is currently on-going with more visual improvements to come in the "final polish", what is already being shown looks impressive. And for the almost roller coaster like ride the Nordschleife is said to provide it will be one iRacing players are likely to thoroughly enjoy.
  22. Feedback Aplenty Thanks to Codemasters, Broadcast Journalism student and 'Motorsport YouTuber' Andre Harrison was exclusively permitted to record his limited gameplay session and share it with the world. His praises the development team for taking a step backwards towards the original Race Driver GRID title in terms of content and handling. It's a little hard to judge ourselves due to his, erm... aggressive driving style (at least in the touring cars), but do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also showcased is the sharp menu interface and the replay system that Codies are particularly proud of. Oh and Ravenwest are back. Is this title on your 'must-have' list for 2014? Is being similar to GRID 1 a good or bad thing? Is there room for GRID Autosport and Project CARS to share the market? Do you think Codemasters made the right call releasing early on current-gen consoles? These are the questions - scroll down and submit your answers! GRID Autosport is due for release on PC (Steam), Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on Friday the 27th of June 2014.
  23. Let's See If I Remember How to do This Blog Thang Did you know that we haven't published an article full of Project CARS screenshots since July 2013? Never mind that we haven't published ANY articles in 10 months. But we love righting wrongs so much that we occasionally have to create those wrongs ourselves- that's just our style. And with only 30 days remaining before launch (hopefully), now seems like a great time to share some of the latest screenshots posted by the WMD community. Media [gallery link=file" size="gallery-thumbnail" columns="5" itemtag="div" icontag="span" ids="2759,2760,2761,2762,2763,2764,2765,2766,2767,2768,2769,2770,2771,2772,2773,2774,2775,2776,2777,2778,2779,2780,2781,2782,2783,2784,2785,2786,2787,2788,2789,2790,2791,2792,2793,2794,2795,2796,2797,2798,2799,2800,2801,2802,2803,2804,2805,2806,2807,2808,2809] Project CARS is scheduled for release in May 2015 on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Release dates for Wii U and Steam OS will be announced later.
  24. The Ultimate Driver Journey WMD member Halcyon is renowned for his video trailers, so much so that SMS have hired him as a member of staff to create further video productions. Combined with Dr Stephen Baysted's rendition of Lux Aeterna, this latest video gains 'official' status. The trailer also confirms a release date scheduled for November 2014. When it comes to next-gen visuals, world class physics, racing authenticity, career freedom, and variety of content, Project CARS remains the most anticipated and premier choice for race fans. Jump into the seat of a kart and forge a career with the aim of one day winning a prestigious 24hr race in a LM Prototype car, battle bumper-to-bumper for a third consecutive championship in the world of Touring, or simply take an exotic supercar out for a beautiful drive along the coast. Whatever your journey, Project CARS is your destination... MEDIA:
  25. Get Ready to Show Off Your Awesome Driving Skills The next update of Assetto Corsa Early Access will include the multiplayer mode and was previously scheduled for tomorrow’s release; our work in the last two months has been strongly focused to complete and deliver this feature properly. We have also made investments to set several free public servers for our users and a proper lobby for servers created by, users, leagues, sim racing websites and so on. However, due to local 25th April celebrations, we might have some issues to get the best possible support from our Italian based server provider, right on launch day. Multiplayer is one of the most awaited features for a lot of sim racing enthusiasts, but in order to properly test in public the multiplayer mode, we need to get the best technical support possible; for this reason, and also in order to improve multiplayer functionality and to develop some additional features, tomorrow’s release has been shifted to Friday 2nd, May. This delay will allow us to release the multiplayer on a working day, getting fast and proper support by our provider, if needed. We are pretty sure you understand that we are working at our best to provide the best gaming experience we can. Thank you for your kind support and attention.
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