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I have a 9500GT, just don't want to have to use it.


All the pins have ripped themselves off now from me trying to get the fan to turn, and the little metal pin that they latch on to somehow managed to sink into the enclosure.


Found a temporary solution, though.


Took the two 80(?)mm fans from my old PSU, attached them to a molex plug from old cold cathodes, and bolted/duct taped them on to the heatsink. Temps are down from idling at 95, to around 47 right now. Slowly rising, but hopefully not enough to kill it.




Just tested it under EVGA OC Scanner X. Hit 89 under full load, which is only 10 degrees above what it was before.

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At least you still have Ms. Right Hand. Super jealous girlfriend = none of that. :p


Also, update to my graphics problems: The idle temp is hovering around 42 now, so I think the new thermal paste has set in. Going to burn it a bit with EVGA OC Scanner next time I go to the can, see what temps I get, then maybe play some Skyrim if they're low enough ;D

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Guest MrLolololXD

I don't see why people get all fussed and excited about Valentines day


If you love someone, shouldn't it be for the whole year? Not just go crazy on one day? I dunno


Either way *see forever alone picture above*

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A car parked over the road from my house got broken in to two nights ago. Came home yesterday evening to find a note had been pushed through our door explaining when it happened and what was taken from the car. The time it happened didn't add up to me because they think the car was broken into at 9PM which is when I would've been at home and closing curtains/shutting doors for the night and I never saw or heard anything. Even so the owner of the car said that some of their important paperwork was found in our bins outside and around the rest of the street.


Problem is now is that I feel completely unsafe and every tiny noise I hear makes me paranoid that someone is trying to get in or jump the fence to get around the back of the house. I was trying to sleep last night and every time I heard a noise outside I'd be wide awake again, so I really struggled to sleep last night and have been suffering because of it all day.


Saying that the note did mention that the thief stole a laptop, two mobile phones and a couple of other things. The only way they could've known these things were in the car was if it was all on display, in which case they are probably chance-thieves rather than someone who steals for a living so to speak.


So the message there is don't leave anything on display inside your car, unless you dislike your car and can't get a scrap-yard to take it. In which case you might as well just leave the door wide open with the keys in the ignition. I'm sure one outstanding member of society will oblige to take your car off your hands that way.

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