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if you want sensations, choose 206 RC... much better chassis mate.



thanks for advice mate,I will think about that :smig:



@ bigs hahaha i know bro, nice i wish u all luck getting it soon,

I hope the insurance and the tax are not to expensive ^^


thanks for your wishes,I really appreciate it.... according to my plan,I hope it is going to happen in upcoming spring,we will see...

ps:about taxes and insurance,well, it isn't gonna be like punto 1.3 jtd:D But,I'm truly petrolhead and I know what I want and what I love:smig:

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^^ np bro i rly hope its not to mutch for u bec u neva know

I pay for my 98 Golf MK4 1.6sr all 3 months 200€ Insurance and 105€ tax ones in a year

yh i know how u feel dont worry im the same xDD, i also started saving some good amaunt money for my supra so i think in 2-3 years wenn my Insurance % got a bit down i can finaly get her

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taxes,registration and everything for 206 RC 2.0 petrol or Leon Mk1 1.9 TDI Top sport in my country are something about 250e....too much, too less or something between ,I don't know....but I simply can't imagine myself buying and driving anything else than this two cars except my first love:BMW....and my BMW story is similar your Supra story:some day :nods:


anyway,sorry if I personalize this thread,let's back to subject:Cupra for TDU :drool::drool::drool:

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